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890 🍭

Today’s simple joys:

  • Sunday service in the awesome kids ministry at the Feast! I brought Sophia, my niece, with me hehe! Karla and I teach the kids about God’s new creation. Then, the kids made their own versions of butterfly. All of them were very cooperative and creative! I hope we can empower these kids to create more art in the future! β™‘
  • Finished watching A love so beautiful β™‘β™‘β™‘ it’s a love-hate kindaaa feels because waaaah I loved this drama, I hate that I finished it already!! I thought it’s kinda liek a remake of It started with a kiss but boiiii I was wronggg!! On a diff lvl this story is too adorable, funny, and inspiring. I admire all the characters too β™‘β™‘β™‘ plus the OST, I fell in love with it toooooo wahhhhh out of 10, i’ll rate this 9.5, season 2 pls!!!

I am shipping their friendships #goals β˜† haaay!! Prayin for their friendship to grew stronger until infnty in real life!!!

Thank you Chen Xiaoxi, Jiang Chen, Wu Bosong, Lu Yang, Jing Xiao β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

Always be grateful 🌷



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677 – TaeGi πŸ˜

(Another fangirl-venture!!! *game! πŸ€—)

(What you’re lookin at?? Β *mah heart πŸ’–)

(Soooo beautiful huhu!)

Sharing three snaps of my day! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Grace and I attended Douleur Exquisite – TaeGi Exhibit!! πŸ’– Our second time to attend an exhibit for BTS!! It was so good! Our money was worth-it! Our eyes were blessed today. Huhu. Thanks to all the organizers there. Successful event! From the venue, too many beautiful pictures 😍😍, too many cute stuff from ARMYs fanarts x photobook 😍😍 and approachable staff. All in all 10/10!!! My smile was like glued on my face for long hours! My heart just kept calm from their cuteness. Ugh. I loved it! ☺️
We found out that there’s Dogs and cats expo too from Hall 1!! Andddd it such a nice view of adorable dogs!!!! 😍

(Can I bring you home? *No 😜)


Thank you Lord for nourishing us with food today:

  • Lunch @ Holy Cow. *I will never again order Beef Strips meal πŸ”₯
  • Snack @ Hobing. *Tried Mango Cheesecake πŸ’› must-try! And we tried Cibo’s toast bread & spinach dip! πŸ’š must-try too. ☺️

I’m just guilty when I got home today for not celebrating Sunday Mass.. but it’s not gotta less my belief and faith with God if I didn’t attended mass today. So, cheer up. I’m always grateful to God for this Kilig Sunday while Fangirling!! ~ I may not saw Park Shin Hye today at SM Megamall, maybe I will see her in Korea this year.. *positivity, self ☺️

Lastly, thank you Grace for today!! You know what it is! Haha! 😘 Who else need a photographer, when you already got a friend who can take your nice snaps! Haha.

(πŸ“Έ: Grace D! *pretends a stolen shot for this 😜)

~ My fangirl-self is just happy today, I hope I can stop growing up for now. No responsibilities or no complicated drama/ relationships. Wehehehey, back to reality again, dear.
Dream on.

Goodnight! πŸŒ™

Always be grateful 🌷