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Yesterday I was bragging how thankful I am for this one thing.. but now, with that one misunderstanding, I changed my mind and heart.

I wonder why explaining your side become so disrespectful.

People can really be mad when you don’t just nod and follow them.


They all have their reasons.

Perhaps, authority.

Or my reasons and excuses are just really lame.

I understand.

It’s not so hard for me to accept criticism so why not say sorry.



I will follow.”

Maturity hits when you don’t want to make things worse, so you make peace and just move on.

At least you explained, self.

You speak yourself.

You speak the truth.

It’s okay.

Everything will be okay tomorrow.



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982 🍃

My last week’s recap/higlight/sharing that I am truly grateful for:

  • Mustered up my courage and enrolled in #daretosharechallenge2018 on Instagram woohoo! If you’re interested, follow @purposefulcreative there *more details soon
  • Received 4 badges already in Credly! Thanks to vabootcamp! *honor your progress ♡
  • Upgraded my blog to Premium !!!!
  • Met new friends in Hangul Gyosil, Acoustic Night, and at the feast 💓
  • Pamper meeee time
  • Attended my last day in Hangul gyosil and took our final exam

Thank you so much Lord!! 💖

Always be grateful 🌷



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I’ve been silent and just acting cool or neutral whenever there’s “something” that happened..are you like that too? Not to “big” deal a thing..? Me, sometimes – it depends on the situation or my mood.. but last week before I took my weekends off, I passed my complaint report to our HRD. Then this afternoon, the HR staff talked to me and asked what happened. I told them my observations, verbal to non-verbal cues that I felt that there’s some angst and rudeness to this involved man..

I don’t know what should be my reactions now after being so brave today, but I’m glad I did speak up.

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974 💜 (ISeoulU)

Hi friends!

I had so much fun in South Korea and I am still dreaming of being there huuuu ㅠ but hello back to reality Monday 🤣

Of course, I will share my Seoul Trip here day by day. I miss everything about my trip waaah.I love i loved itttt !!!!

Just hang in there.

  • Edit photos
  • Edit videos
  • Draw
  • Journal + Tracker
  • Transpo in Seoul ☆ wanjeon daebak 😙

Always be grateful 🌷



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Airbnb invitation link 😊 Yes for discount!!!

Hi friends! 😉

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Happy traveling 🌻