Today’s simple joys:

  • Made a zine/ fan art-letter for a friend
  • Finished all our laundry
  • Video call with my sister using my laptop
  • Prepared my salad for dinner
  • Being honest with my feels


Always be grateful ❤






Today’s simple joys:

  • Celebrated Mass and The Feast ❤ “Seek God First” ❤
  • Teacher Joy of the day for Awesome Kids
  • Bonding with my lola ❤
  • Fed my fangirl feels on Twitter! I miss you BTS!! Thank you for inspiring us always with your beautiful music and soul!!!


Always be grateful! Happy Sunday, everyone!






Today’s simple joys:

  • Grocery day with papa 👨🏽
  • Read articles on elite daily 📄
  • Bought new nose pad for my eyeglasses, colored contact lens, contact’s solution and birthday gift for Clark’s upcoming birthday 🎁
  • Catch-up date with graceey @ Sta.lu mall 🐯 (korean dish x melona x original glaze doughnuts)

~ Supported one of my fave gurl, graceey, even though she’s so late hahaha balak pang mang-talk**** eh haha joke luvvyuu 😝 and Woohoo! Finally, she claimed her Love Yourself’ L & V version from CNA store, plus as in wooowwwwwwww, she got V and JK photocards (omgeee taekook shippin 🐯🐰❤️)!!! Joy overload, besh!! I’m getting so excited for my albums too..hihi 

Some of our snaps inside the Korean resto 😋

Goodnight, universe!
Always be grateful 🌷




I know it’s Saturday already but I just want to share some of my Friday the 13th moments!

Owdie and I went here: 

I spilled my Oreo milktea on my clothes, my  clumsiness, my fault, but the staff there had helped me and gave me a new one. Thank you! 

Sending finger hearts despite my clumsiness and being doubly soaked by heavy rainfall. However, I’m so thankful for this girl today. Chingu, saranghae~ my cutest, kindest, and koreana buddy after class at Niner Pcampa.
Always be grateful 🌷 




Good morning, it’s Friday the 13th 🌸
Today, I’m an hour early for our Final Coaching class at Niner P. Campa branch. I’m still sleepy, yet I’m thankful again for my dad who’s been my best supporter ever. I’m not late (yey!) and I have a smooth ride compare to my experience yesterday. Hopefully, I can learn a lot from this class that after this, I will be more hyped to practice and study smarter. 

I’m back to socializing with my girl tribe on messenger. I didn’t went online for a day hehe just because blah, but I’m happy to be reconnected with them. It’s my day 5 of no social media and korean related thing.. and I don’t know with myself that I am missing the latter more! 😋

Have a nice day, friends!

Take care! 

Always be grateful 🌷




My realization today: My dad is missing his morning daily routine (preparing delicious breakfast and packed meal everytime we have to go to school/work). I’ve told him yesterday that I need to wake up early because I don’t want to be late again on my Reading SE class at Niner Guadalupe, and he did woke up around 5am today. I asked him why he’s up that time, he replied, he refused to sleep again. Hence, He don’t want to fail me. We ate well, I made him coffee, I brought the snack he prepared, and despite the hell of a ride MRT experience, I’m not late. Yey! Thank you, pa! ☺️
I know he’s battling every day with self-pity because of being jobless for almost three decades now. He’s not a failure but he always think that way. In fact, he’s a responsible and caring dad ever! That’s why, it’s sometimes heartbreaking to see him sad and alone at home. So everyday, I’m telling him how grateful I am for all his efforts, big or small. He really means a lot. 
Love you dad! ❤️
It’s not father’s day (haha) but I’ve just got an impulse today to remind you (yes, you) to appreciate your dad. He’s one-of-a-kind, and he values you 100%. 
Always be grateful 🌷


The Power of Reading: Readers Respond


Last week, we highlighted Ann Morgan’s amazing reading project, Postcards from my bookshelf. For each month in 2017, she’s selecting a book and mailing it to a reader somewhere in the world.

Readers had much to say about Ann’s book-labor of love. Here are a handful of their responses.

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None of my friends or family read and I sometimes feel disconnected from them because of it. It’s almost as if I have discovered insights and ideas they cannot possibly comprehend. But when I do find someone who shares my love of reading, we talk like we’ve known each other for years. There’s an immediate bond that forms and it’s quite magical to discover.


I’ve been so impressed about this project that I want to take part…

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