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17 Aug

Honestly, at the beginning of our morning class for writing task 1, I got embarrassed with myself because I don’t know how to interpret statics well. There’s a lot to learn again from subject verb agreement, syntax, pronouns, conjunctions, punctuation and many more. I need to expand too my vocabulary and to read journal and annual reports from stocks. Where’s my motivation to study right now? huhu.


Tomorrow is my first day of intensive review. I must focus, listen, and jot down important notes. It will be a longggggg day, 9am to 6pm. Goodluck, self!


*Thank you Lord for my accommodating dad for my food and transportation. hehe.

*Thank you Coach Daryl for imparting your knowledge with us today



Always be grateful ❀





16 Aug

Today, I’ve attended free IELTS orientation. Only three students came this morning, including myself. 😳 Our teacher was Sir Daryl and he has a good British Accent even though he was a pure-born Filipino who grew up in Tondo, Manila. He will be one of my coaches on my intensive review this coming Friday. I’m getting nervous already!!! Haha. Hoping I could survive this review! 
I’m so esctatic to be a student again πŸ“š I love to learn more while I’m young. I’m excited to share all my learnings here.
Goodnight, friends! I had a hectic schedule today, from my class at Santolan, to UERM Hospital for Papa’s check-up, then to supermarket and bought some grocery supplies, and finally we went home!! *relax and journal time. Yay!! ☺️ In addition, I felt relieved that my dad’s histopath results was benign. Thank you Lord!! πŸ’•
Always be grateful 🌷


693 – first day of class

15 Aug

On my first day I’m almost late. Wow, self. Hehe, Luckily, I still have a sit left and the class didn’t started yet. I was embarrassed as I entered the room. I sat on the corner, front row. Beside me was Imelda Gonzales, *same surname with me omo! maybe we’re relatives because she came from bulacan too..hmmm*. She was in her mid-thirties or forties already. After awhile, one woman came and sat next to Imelda’s. She was Dana. She was 27 years young and we’re on the same boat. We’re both having no direction phase at all. No definite target country to work at as of the moment. I will just focus for now on my review to get my target band scores. So help us God ❀


I enjoyed our today’s lesson on Content Speaking with teacher Nadine. She’s a cool teacher that I forgot to yawn in her class. Cheers to my sleepy self for not napping during her class. Hehe. By the way, I’ve created a playlist on my Youtube Channel where I will upload my progress in speaking the English language. It’s not a public playlist because I’m shyyyyyyy to do so. I’ve uploaded it in Unlisted mode. Hehe. I do hope to post everyday on my Youtube channel, same as I post here as I practice my writing too.


Goodnight! Thank you dearest Lord ❀


Always be grateful ❀






14 Aug

Hey Monday!

I woke up on the right side of my bed and I’m grateful I’m alive and I’m healthy, all for God’s glory!!! Thank you Lord. My spiritual soul was fed and fueled full yesterday. I will not be afraid. I will not be afraid. It’s a reminder to me that everyday we must not be afraid because God is always within us. Yes, everyday, like 365 times that this reminder “Don’t Be Afraid” was told in the Bible ❀


Boxing session 3/12 today. Kam and I, did boxing while my brothers did their workout at the gym. I sweated a lot and got really tired. Wooooh! But heyyyy! I lost almost 4 kilograms already!!!!!! Wow. Hehe. Let’s push harder to tone my muscles and get fit, self. Thank you Coach! And thank you my dearest self for controlling yourself too!!! * ehem chocolates Haha. I’m happy after our workout session because we got time to have a brunch with my cousins. For our brunch, we all ordered just salad!!!!! except for my cousin, Ate Jaylyn, who’s not in diet. Hehe. I hope we got closer together this year and the next years to come. It’s nice to workout together, then we got plan to hike too!!!! I hope we pushed that plan to climb at Mt. Daraitan soon after the weather becomes cooperative. *Please!!!

(I bought my own gloves and hand wrap, hehe tagged my sister in this photo because it’s all matchu matchy pink, her fave color)
On the afternoon, even though it rained hard, I pushed through my enrollment at Niner, and packed my notebook and pens. When I went there, only the office was open and there’s no class every Monday. I wanted to avail they’re latest promo for September, for 7500php, you will have an intensive review with inclusive unlimited review and materials. Yet, Ma’am Aileen told me that there’s two more slot for August intensive review during weekends. After I asked many questions to her. I agreed to avail the August promo. She asked for a picture, I gave her my 1×1 picture from my TIN ID card. * when I got home, my dad said..Β “Buti may picture kang dala..”Β and I replied..” Syempre ako pa ready eh..hehe joke lang, tinanggal ko lang yung picture ko sa TID ID ko papa.” πŸ˜›

(She handed me all of these!! – I will start my review tomorrow!!)


Another epic day I’ve been through today aside from the rain, I wanted to settle my payment for EMS and shipping fee to Ms. Cheska, I ordered BTS Summer Package 2017 to her *VERY WRONG MOVE, SELF HUHU. For a total of 2400php (1850php + fees [400php] + almost 150php of Paypal Fee!!!) *I’m crying :(( worst decision for my first ever purchase of BTS package. I should have calmed myself and not excitedly submitted a form to her without waiting for CNA Phil to sell this package, coz at CNA, it’s only 2025php all in. 😦 *sorry for being thrift here, I’m unemployed btw. huhu. So, back to my epic day.. I walked to our nearest LBC branch without a wallet and a phone, yes only money and paper I brought with me. Wrong move. If you want to send money thru LBC, you must present an ID. okaaaay, I didn’t know that :< or I just really forgot it!!!! *we must really bring our IDs all the time!!!!! *I’m really not that girl scout of the day.. Of course, I went back home and got my SSS ID. I went again at LBC and waited for almost 20 minutes.. the staff called me to have my picture taken then he said their system was offline!!!!!!!!! He gave me an LBC ID where I can use to any branch instead and he said sorry. OKAYYYY. This is my day. Things I do for the love to BTS haha ❀

I still love this day because my dad prepared tuna salad for my dinner; my brother gave me an office chair which was part of his business; and I was able to update my blog!!!!

Thank youuuu!!! ❀

I hope I can finish to update my journal too!!! ❀



Goodnight! Thanks for reading about my day.



Always be grateful 🌷










13 Aug

Got so sleepy while trying to update my blog last night, my progress was just so slow. I decided not to attend the Feast this morning because I am so sleepy. I felt disappointed with myself as I woke up. I just said a prayer to God and ask for forgiveness. Then, I started to watched Vlogs on Youtube which I enjoyed. While watching, my friend, grace, texted me out of boredom. haha. she said she wanted to visit me at my crib. Both of us have lazy genes by the way, I don’t want to go out, and same with this girl too. haha. so at the end, both of us just spent our Sunday at our own respective caves. haha.

I tried to continue blogging while eating chocolate cookies and pringles. Huhu. It’s been four days that I’m having a cheat day!!!!!! Ughhhhhh.

While I’m busy blogging, my dad asked for my help *several times to fix our karaoke system. After we both figured out and fixed it, I told my dad that I will only sing one song hahaha. but it’s a  lie!!!!! I’ve sang more than ten songs hahahaha! I’m happy to sing for my dad, my number one hahaha. My brother joined us also and he even brought a box of donuts!!!! *okay, RIP diet!!!! I’m just hyped to sing again yesterday with my family hehe. at 1730H my brother scolded me already to stop and prepare fast because we’re attending mass then will have a jog after at Camp Crame, together with his girlfriend’s family. * actually I didn’t know at first that I will be attending mass together with them all.. I only thought that I will only meet his girlfriend, Kam. Oh yeah my brother was so great. My inner introvert self and shyness were shaking. However, I’m very thankful because of Kam’s family. They were welcoming and kind. I prayed and gratefully thanked God for giving my brother this wonderful gift, Kam. Kam was like an angel brought from heaven to my brother’s life and also to us now. We’re one family. I do really hope they will never ever break and hurt each other. I witnessed how my brother had mature. He can’t even resist me when I have favors. Like whoaaa!!! “walang lagnat at walng sakit pero ang bait!!!!” haha. I’m happy that I was able to bond well with my brother ever since I went home from KSA. Thank you Lord!


We ate a lot, thereafter we burned a lot too. Jog around Crame. *it was my first time to celebrate mass and jog around Crame.

(Sharing to all of you a snap on how I ended my last to the last songs hahaha, I sang Ocean Deep hehehe)

Goodnight. Blessed Sunday, indeed!




Always be grateful ❀







12 Aug

BTS won’t let me sleep soundly because they dropped another poster again for all ARMYs in the world!!!! Save my precious heart, oh Gosh! I’m not watching any K-DRAMA series lately. I just kept myself updated with all ARMYs, BTS and Bighit posts most of the time. It’s weekend but I’m just in my own cave updating my blogs and sketching some drawings. *I’m very sorry if I lack sincerity to some of my blog post for the sake of “mema-post lang” HUHU. I’m guilty. I’m sorry. I’m just that lazy and also my left wrist was not cooperating well with me. I’m quite battling too with my sadness and moodiness because of my post-menstruation phase that just ended the other day. Nuff reasons, self!!!


So here, I’m emo again with their heartbreaking posters again. I’ve fallen deeply in love with these angels.




I’m so grateful to BTS, Bighit and the teams behind this concept, LOVE YOURSELF.


Always be grateful ❀








11 Aug

BTS started to drop posters for their concept Love Yourself. They were always beautiful in my eyes. huhu. My inner fangirl feels is crying. I can see them act maturely with this concept. I’m emo. I’m not okay. I wanted to teleport at South Korea right now and hug them all. Pretty please? 😦


Why is BTS ruining and inspiring my life at the same time. I love these angels so much.


How can I unlove them!!!!????




Always be grateful ❀





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