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921 – My ConSuka Hair Treatment Review (post-workout hair)

Hi, friends!

Have you heard about ConSuka as hair treatment? It’s actually becoming a trend since May.. or I’m just late to know this too haha xD

So, I don’t know what really urge me tonight to make a review after watching these ConSuka videos on Youtube: (the name ConSuka sounds really funny to me hihi but yeah catchy)

(Maybe you’re curious right now, so click the link, watch it and try this too)

A little back story: Before, I used to spend a lot to make my hair straight and shiny(just like the other girls in our class), so I opted to go to a salon and rebond my hair every year since I was in highschool. Growing up, I want to take care of my hair but boyyyyyyy, I’m tooooo laaaaazzzyyyy as in huu. Struggle is real. Frustrated every bad hair days. So again, I had my hair rebonded last September 2017, I’m hoping that it will also be the last time..*fingers crossed*

9 months later, my hair is not in good condition anymore, the wavy, dry and frizzy hair is back. I don’t want to have a damage hair again and again after years of hair rebonding, so why not try to pamper my hair at home and give this a shot. (My girly me, let’s go)

Ok, going back to ConSuka, here’s the things that I used:

Credits to google (Price range: Php 350-370 ? )

I used this conditioner with Ceramide-keratin-complex (Idk the price hehe but credits to my sister for buying this)

Bought this last year at Savemore (Price range: Php100-130 ?)


1. In a small bowl, mix the conditioner, (approx. 2 1/2 sachet for my thick and long hair) and Apple cidar vinegar(2 1/2 tablespoon) they said that the ratio must be “2:1” conditioner:ACV – but it depends on your hair tho..

2. Apply the mixture, Consuka, on your hair (I did not use a comb, I just used my bare hands to apply it on my hair – slightly wet hair because of my sweat *ew*) application time: 5 mins.

3. Tie your hair up and wrap it with a plastic bag or use a shower cap, let the mixture stay for 30 mins. (It’s your choice if you want shorter or longer time basta ang importante is mababad mo siya, like in my case, ang oa, I did it for almost an hour!!*daming time haha kasi minsan ko lang bigyan pansin at alaga yung buhok ko*).

4. Rinse it (waaah super smooth and soft sa feeeling).

5. Apply some oil on your hair after shower (optional).

6. Let your hair dry naturally *air dry*

7. Brush your hair.


Excuse my messy room and my wavy hair ~ but still I had fun pampering my hair with ConSuka!!

THE RESULT: My hair is super soft and smooth, no frizz and dry feeling but I can still smell the vinegar on my hair like 2.5/10 (10-strongest smell, 0-no smell) haha maybe because of extended hours of not rinsing it after 30 mins ?? or maybe because of the conditioner that I used(kinda has neutral scent). So on my next try again this week, Wednesday perhaps, I’ll use Creamsilk (blue) as my conditioner which has better scent hehe and let the mixture stay on my hair for 30 mins.

Thanks for reading!

Share your experience too if you had done this by commenting down below.

Pamper yourself ~




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15 thoughts on “921 – My ConSuka Hair Treatment Review (post-workout hair)

  1. Hi! After ba ng consuka treatment pwede ng liguan yung hair the next day? Or maghihintay ng ilang araw? And Ilang days po makikita yung effect?

    1. Hi cheng! Sa youtube vlog na napanuod ko ang recommended nila is babad lang sa hair ng 10-15mins, max 30mins. Tapos banlaw na 🙂 as for me, after ko nabanlawan lumambot at gaan sa feeling ng hair ko 🙂

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Di ko pa natry if kinabukasan pwede ulit. Pero if di naman nag-amoy suka yung hair mo, pwede mo siguro itry. Ang lambot lng tlga sa hair after ng Consuka. Hehe thanks for trying and leaving a comment! 😊

    1. Hello Eunice, ung consuka is “treatment” i think try mo siya kahit 3 weeks after ng rebond tas wag mo masyado tagalan ung pagbabad. Same parin na malambot ung effect sa buhok for sure after consuka. Update mo ko if you will try it ha? Thanks for commenting! 😊

  2. hi d ko pa nitry to perO na pa biLib ako sa consuka…gusTO kong e try kaso 1month pa na rebOnd ung buhok ko..if gagamit ako ng consuka maDAli bang mawala ung straight hair..???

    1. Hi! May kasama bang treatment ung rebond mo like keratin or hair color? If yes, I think you can try consuka because it’s a treatment to clean and soften your hair. As for me, ganun yung effect nya sa buhok ko.

  3. After ko po ibabad hair ko sa consuka for 30mins, ni rinse ko po ng tubig at nagshampoo para mawala yung Amoy ng suka. So nagvary na po ba yung difference ng result if di ako nagshampoo??

    1. Hi! I think nagvavary rin sa shampoo lalo na if for instance, shampoo w/ keratin. Yung shampoo na ginamit ko is palmolive ung shampoo w/ conditioner hehe para mawalan rin amoy ng vinegar ☺️

  4. Hello po after maliligo ba after mag lagay Ng na mix mo Ng suka at conditioner gagamit pa po ba Ng shampoo po or Hindi na po?
    Salamat po💞

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    Obviously your content on this page hits the nail in the head for many reasons. It avoids the usual errors and pitfalls so many fall into: buying ineffective alternatives. Thank you!

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