Hello, lovelies!
How are you all?
How are you coping everyday?

I miss you..

Hope you are choosing to breath and live even if it’s really shitty some days…the virus is still there.. wear mask & wash hands.. stay safe 💕

So here’s my life update ~ ~

After all the obstacles, fears, doubts, frustrations and years of waiting… I’m finally here in New Zealand and by God’s grace I’m now an NZRN too 🙏 All glory and praise to Him 🙏 so grateful to you ❤ I wake up everyday with gratitude in my heart 🌷

Thank you self for not giving this up!!!
Thank you for my parents, sis and bro, relatives and bffs – friends who believed in me and supported me 💕
Special thanks to ate daday, my cousin, who really motivated me and guided me all the way!!💞
And thank you sis ree and dear single woman sisters, The Feast Marikina family and Awesome kids ministry ❤ prayers can really move a mountain 🙏
Lastly, Thank you for all the kind and nice people I’ve met in NZ and helped me in my NZRN journey 💕

I’m currently on my “intermission” phase (going 3rd week) while waiting for my RN job 🙏 Hehe I got rejected many times already but there are still a lot of things to be grateful for and to pray for 🙏🇳🇿 OHN in TDHB Oct/Nov2020 🙏

I pray that on my next life update here, I will be always grateful every bit @ 28 (bday tomorrow haha🥳🍰) and I’ll receive my NZ residency visa !!! 🙏🥳🇳🇿

Keep moving forward ❤

Here’s the things I’ve learned in my 27 🐒 and will keep on learning too 😅

1. Be more patient and understanding.
2. Follow the rules. Stay at home. Wear mask. Follow Social distancing.
3. Stay organized. Update your trackers.
4. Make time to fix your hair.
5. Fix your bed.
6. Stretch/ move your body in the morning.
7. Drink more water.
8. Master the art of being unbothered.
9. Make time to watch anime 🥰
10. Limit your Social media screentime.
11. You can never please everyone.
12. Stop saying yes all the time.
13. It’s okay not to finish a whole book and start reading another one.
14. I really prefer to be alone and do what I enjoy and want. “Me time” 👑
15. Journaling is my mate forever.
16. Make time to Pray the Rosary and Read the Bible.
17. Celebrate small wins!
18. Be grateful everyday. Appreciate all the small & big things.
19. I really can’t live without music & food.
20. It’s okay to not turn on my internet data on my phone when I’m out in the house. I enjoy the view and the people I’m with.
21. Rejections are God’s redirection 💯
22. It’s important to save money. Prioritize your needs.
23. Make time to fangirl 💜
24. Spend time to those who love and care for you.
25. Don’t be shy to voice out your concerns or needs.
26. Don’t use a knife to cut onion on a teflon cooking pan 🙊
27. NEVER PUT YOUR PASSPORT IN THE LAUNDRY. Must check the pockets 1st 😅

That’s it 🐵

Always be grateful 🌷


1060 | Life Update & Things I’ve Learned / Relearned in my Twenty-seven 🌷

Happy April Fools Day! (*≧ω≦*)

Have you fooled someone today? hahaha

I think I’ve fooled my brother hehe because I almost finished his drink (Milo Dalgona) (¬‿¬ )

How’s your WEEK Three at home?

Whatever you’re doing to entertain yourself, keep doing it hehe. Joy in the comfort of our home ❤

D16 (Monday) – I just studied and worked at home (Productive kunware kasi nga MONDAY haha)

D17 (Tuesday) – Started watching Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency because of Kim Min Jae and Park Jihoon ehehehhe but I always wanted to watch this series so I caved in. I’ve finished this earlier (yep, Wednesday Morning) Rating 8/10 (๑˘︶˘๑)

*Feel free to click the photo below for a K-drama review that I’ve found online hehe (⁀ᗢ⁀)

(@^◡^) Ma Hun & Gae Ddong!!!

D18 (Wednesday) – Slept for 4 hours (9am-1pm) after watching Flower Crew =)))

I ate Kare-kare for lunch and dinner; also sumali na rin sa Dalgona craze si kuya haha ~ see pic below (Thanks Kuya)

Milo Dalgona made by kuya ☕😋

I played the piano again (*ノωノ) after asldkj years haha and I tried studying the Chorus only of BTS – Spring Day Piano Tutorial (Thank you, GraffityPiano & Amosdoll Music)

Our more-than-a-decade old portable piano hehe
Here’s my practice version *click link at your own terms*

Hope I can fund myself to study piano lessons in the future (°◡°♡) I know I can learn online but hehe iba parin pag sa music school tas may music teacher you know what I mean hehe but I know it’s not my priority for now.. kaya practice practice lang muna ♡(。- ω -)

May this Month of April bring us to “Covid19-FREE” world!!!!

May we all go back to our normal lives soon..

Stay at HOME! Let’s continue to pray and help our Medical & Essential Frontliners!!!



1058 | D16 – D18 | Enhanced Community Quarantine

Weekend | First love series diaries ^^

How’s your weekend?

I’ve been sleeping really late since this quarantine phase..

So my way of diverting my anxiety & stress is obviously to watch some series on Netflix.

Romantic series/movie Recommendations | A Little Thing Called First Love (2019) | A Crazy Little thing called Love | Extraordinary You

A Little Thing Called First Love - streaming online
Younian & Miaomiao ^^
YESASIA: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (DVD) (English Subtitled ...
PShone & Nam ^^ since 2010!!!!
Haru & Dan-o

Hehe (I think) I’ve never been really in love 100% to someone but I always enjoy watching romantic series esp. on pursuing one’s first love. hehe I don’t know why I prefer this genre but I know almost all titas of kdrama who’s also NBSB like me can relate haha XD

Have you watched all of these series?

It’s all good! ! ! ! ! ! it makes me want to go back to school ! ! ! ! > < hahaha missing my girl friends, ex-crushes and other extra-curricular activities ~ Y O U T H (≧◡≦)

Chinese | Thai | Korean dramas OST are on my playlist (on repeat) ^^ hehe Music has always been related to making me FEEL consoled/ comforted / happy ❤

hehe What’s on your playlist today?

Have a nice and comfy week ahead, friends! STAY AT HOME (っ˘ω˘ς )

Last recommendation:




1057 | D-14 & D-15 | Enhanced Community Quarantine

Hello, how are you?

It’s Friday, D13 at home. .

I didn’t journal and blog daily because I had several mood swings this week but yey! I still managed to wake up, thank our Almighty Father for this life, do routines like chores and work hehe plus Netflix and Played L4d2! so yeah if you’re reading this right now, cheers!!!! we survived! ^^

Here’s my journal spread to summarize my 2nd week ~ literally the highlights only of my M-T-W-Th-F =)))

Quarantine days 🏡

Korean drama recommendation to accompany you this coming weekend: ☆rating 10/10!☆

Itaewon Class (2020) - MyDramaList
이태원 클라쓰

Tell me how Itaewon Class series made an impact to your life!!! hehe I’m curious ~

Just before this Friday night ends,

I really salute all our brave health workers and frontliners!

Art by Dawn IG @brushesandnotes

<( ̄︶ ̄)>
Image may contain: 5 people, text
Stand tall, Stay Strong!
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Stand tall, Stay Strong!
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Stand tall, Stay Strong!

Happy weekend at home, friends!!!


The Lord Is My Shepherd Wood Framed Wall Art | DaySpring



1056 | D9-13 | Enhanced Community Quarantine