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1019 🇸🇬🎤🎶 The Year I Met You (BTS 💜) • Love Yourself in SG 011919🌟

Hello! Annyeong! 😊

We all have stand-out moments in our lives, periods which influenced small or profound changes in us. I can think of one life-changing moments for me: the year I was born and the year I met you. (An excerpt from the book, The Year I met you by Cecilia Ahern)

Perfect timing to blog my 1st ever concert experience, meeting bangtan, after I read her book 😊

Let’s start my sharing ^^

Two days after my 26th birthday in Singapore, Grace and I were trying our best to purchase our ticket for the upcoming LY in SG and it’s so hard to book when you’re in PH… queuing till we make it… good thing, Grace’s friends was able to get our tickets!!! Huhu!! (Special thanks to sis Mai for offering your ticket to Grace!!! 😭) 102718 – I got a Blue 2 (Q5012) vip standing ticket. Thank you Lord 🙏

Although I’m really feeling on top of the moon that time that I still can’t believe that I will be seeing BTS soon, I did a countdown on my phone and tried to have a fan project countdown (but I failed ㅠ ㅠ) anyway, here’s a glimpse:

Four days later after we got our concert ticket, 103119, Grace had booked our accommodation for P5822 in Fragrance Hotel – Crystal (20-30mins walk from the National Stadium tho 😅)

On 110819, after our daily stress on finding cheaper flights… I booked our airfare tickets for P13,748.76(2pax) thru Cebu Pacific. See our flight details:

The early Monday flight was good though I want a bit earlier flight next time just to get away from Manila’s rush hour.. whereas, our Thursday flight was quite a bad booking ? huhu… we arrived around 2:05am and it’s raining… so we booked a cab and we were left with no choice but to have our early check-in in our hotel which was around P4000+ (2pax) 😭

Lesson learned: we must manage our flight bookings wisely 😅 so we can’t be in a big hassle again……..*money/budget wise*

On 011119, we tried our luck for the BTS studio.. unluckily, we didn’t get an email from bighit on 011519 😂 (we’ll try again next time)

Three days before our flight, I was on my sick leave due to a flu. Wrong timing. My excitement needs to rest a bit perhaps 🤣

♡ The Year I met You ♡

On, 011719!!!!!! Our red eye flight to SG! Woohoo!😍 *window seat again, yey*

Bye Manilaaaaa!!! See you soon BTS!!! 💜

Day 1 ~ 011819 (Our arrival & ocular visit to National Stadium)

Woke up from a good nap we deserved and we’re ready to go 😊 *Rainy/ Humid Friday*

My heart, my life, my soul omgggg!! we’re here!! 😭 excitement level for tomorrow💯💯💯💯 gigantic stadium, indeed!!! Grace, Erielle and Sis Mizelle got their physical tickets today too.

We also met a PH army too, Hi Val from kpopsicle PH! So kind + strong independent woman 😊

D-Day ~ 011919!! LY in SG! 💜

1st agenda : line-up at 5am for Merch! *things we do for BTS ❤*

It was a peaceful morning around 5-8am that I was able to finish watching Burn The Stage the movie while waiting (Thanks, Cami for the downloadable link)

So around 8-9am, we ran as fast as we could to make it in our original line (thanks for the nice Singaporean ARMY who really ran faster than us for us to make it in our line wooh)… yup, there’s a chaos but thank God we’re safe.

We were able to get inside the merch booth around 10am? we waited for 2 hours, it’s bearable to wait because the place had an AC unit (yesss) and we were seated on the floor, and hello PH ARMYs who were in the same line with us with may pa-giveaway na candies 😍. I think we got our merch around 1230H and we were so haaaappy!!!

I got 2 LY shirts (ivory), JK image picket and JK premium photo and ARMY Bomb + batteries. *rip money*

After our merch agenda, we met sis Mai and she helped me to get my physical ticket too huhu thank you so much for your kindness!!

After I got my ticket, Grace and I went home to leave our merch and fix ourselves haha 😅

We came back in the concert venue around 1400H to make it in our queing inside the olympic stadium, holding area for ARMYS 😍

Kudos to the organizers of Live Nation SG!

Around 1630H we were guided already to go to the venue. I didn’t have my lunch that time, tho I had bread and water which I ate before I entered the indoor stadium because it’s not allowed to bring water & food. Overall, I’m satisfied with my queing experience in SG.

Q5011 (Sannie) and Q5012 (me) 🐰🐰

We’re going in!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Am I still dreaming huhu 😭😭😭😭😭

It’s hot/humid and we’re like packed sardines in our pit but we can bear all these for Bangtan!! Waiting now and we’re doing our fanchants! *too excited now 💯💯💯*

♡ 1900H – LY in SG, D-Day I met You ♡

My first time to be part of this majestic purple ocean 💜😍😭

One of the best night of my life! I won’t regret this beautiful moment! I will forever treasure this happy memories with BTS! 💜

First, they performed IDOL ~ they were so energetic like their burning passion and love radiates in the stadium. I can’t express how they made me so happy and emotional huhuhu. I am watching them live. I felt like I’m still in a dream. I didn’t record and I only stare, sing and dance with them that time.

To Kim Namjoon,

You really look so manly and gentle. You’re so tall and you’re such a good-looking model!!! my gosh!!! I really can’t move on from the way you passionately perform to us esp during trivia love!!! I really live to love!!!! Thank you so much RM for all the meaningful songs you make, for your big love for music huhu thank you!! 💜❤💯 you are very very handsome pls and your english skills woah amazing pls huhu my heart will gonna explode!!! You make me so happy!!! I love you ❤

To Kim Seokjin,

To my 1st bias before JK, You are extremely handsome and talented!!!!!! Ottokkke!! I’m seeing your wide shoulders haha you are indeed a good-looking model too!! Everytime you act cute and send kisses to us omg I just want to melt huhu 😭 you make us laugh and cryyyyyyyyy a lot esp during Epiphany!!!!! saranghagoshipeo…. ohhhhh in this world ……. I’m the one I should love!!! Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh I am in love. Thank you much Jin for making us extra happy and loved through your existence! I love you ❤

To Min Yoongi,

How can you act so rude and adorable at the same time!!!! I love your sincere passion to make music and most esp. in making good relatable lyrics in life!!!! Huhuhu pls suga tell me how to move on from your seesaw performance!!! 😭 You are really hot and cute every time you’re performing. Your music and presence deeply connects with us huhu. I love you ❤

To Jung Hoseok,

Our hope, our hobi, our ball of sunshine, your bright and positive energy really radiates in the venue that night!! You are beatifully glowing!!! I can’t fully describe it but you are really the amazing dance God I saw esp during Trivia Just Dance!!!! Wow!! I am so happy to cheer your name so loud j-hope! J-hope! J-HOPE!!! I hope we made you extra happy too cause you had brought us so much positivity and joy to us. Thank you so much, hobi!! How can you be so cute and handsome at the same time!!! I love you ❤

To Park Jimin,

Wow!!!!! As innn wow JiMin!!!! How can I even breathe properly the moment I saw you and what more when I saw your Serendipity performance!!!!! Gaaaaah let me love let me love youuuuuu!!! You really look like an angel, fairy, so precious huhuhu I want to see you every day 😭 I don’t know how to move on after seeing you sing and dance my goshhhh your Serendipity performance was very very beautiful! Thank you so much for always giving your 1001% best every time you perform. I love you ❤ I will never forget how you replied love ya to (me) us haha after your Serendipity performance and for serenading us with your Promise 😭

To Kim Taehyung,

I want to stop the time and stare at you. My goshhhhh ottokke our ethereal king!!! Words can’t describe how perfect looking you are 😭💙 most esp. with your blue hair!!! You’re so stunning, cute and so rude esp with your facial expressions!!!!! Help, how to move on from your jaw-dropping even my heart’s dropping when I finally saw you perform Singularity!!!! Thank you so much for everything, V!! You’re ending ment for us really meant a lot to us, ARMYs will always be part of your memories and sceneries 😭😭💜💜 borahae!!! 💜💜

Most especially, To my Jeon Jungkook!!!! 🐰

My golden nochu, my euphoria, my cutest bunny, my gcf king, my favorite man, my multi-talented and most adorable guy in my utopia, omgggggggggggg!!! I want to meltdown on my knees when I saw you. I want to freeze every moment with you. Your smile, your laugh, your presence were the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Thank you so much for always going to our area in Blue 2!!! Huhuhu!! You’re so sweet and I’m so overjoyed to meet you. You are the most incredible and soulful performer I have seen esp during Euphoriaaah and you really makes my soul, my heart jumps for joy. You inspired me a lot as i continue to admire you!! Thank you so much for your touching ending ment that night, we really felt your genuine love to us. I love you so much ❤

To Bangtan Sonyeondan,

Thank you to my biggest love, BTS! ❤ thank you for sharing beautiful and meaningful music to this world. For the special connection of emotion of love you have given, thank you. I’m so grateful to be part of this generation, where you are born, I’m extra extra happy to spend my young adulthood phase with you. Thank you for giving us this special connection, warming comfort, undeniable strength and strong motivation every time we listen to your music. Thank you for letting me experience this best night of my life. It was my first concert ever.. being with you is the most memorable and enjoyable thing!! The setlist are the best, though I really want to see BS&T, Spring day and Not Today hehe (next time)

I will always vividly remember these precious moments with you.

“So show me, I show you!” 😭💜

Thank you and I will see you again!

보라해 방탄소년단 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜



“From the day the universe was born, ARMYs love our destined”.

*Special thanks to livenationSG staff that they provided us water to keep us hydrated during the concert!!*

Best concert ever!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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981 ~ Thirty But Seventeen : My review 🌙🐰🎶🎻

Have you watched this kdrama?

If not? …..

Please find time to watch it, friends 😉

I will briefly run down 10 things WHY I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN:

(In random order ☺ spoiling u a bit ✌ )

Are you ready?

Let’s start!

  1. From the beginning of episode 1 , you will fall in love immediately to 17-yr-old Woo Seo Ri and Gong Woo Jin!!!!! They are a perfect match!! 😍 You will be satisfied to watch more because of its unpredictable storyline (claps, claps why I admire watching kdramas)
  2. The OSTs will give you so much feels *Just Stay and The Perfect Moment are my favorite*
  3. It reminded me of an anime show in Animax when I was a teen, I forgot the title of it but the girl is also playing a violin. With her charming personality and talent, she shines the brightest like Woo Seo Ri ♡ *secretly I still dream of learning how to play a violin.. someday..* It’s really calming and comforting to play/listen, esp when someone plays Canon 🎶🎻
  4. The W.O.W of Jennifer as in Words of wisdoms ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ She will make you cry a lot huhuhuhuhuu be prepared.
  5. Maturing, growing up, and chasing your dream is never easy but “DON’T THINK, FEEL!!!!!!!” 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
  6. Being aloof, blaming yourself, punishing yourself, hiding and distancing yourself from the world ?? That’s me at some point in my life ~ so this drama will give you a good reality slap on your face – stop it now, forgive yourself, and show the world who you really are. You are the most genuine and warm person in the universe 💖
  7. Adorable Fang/ Deuk Gu and chick junior scenes 😍
  8. Woo Seo Ri’s – Gong Woo Jin’s – Chan’s Awkward and cute moments ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
  9. How music can really heal and give comfort to our soul 🎶💯 *I did a research about this when I was in 3rd yr college – alleviating pain thru listening to music 🎧🌟💖
  10. The way they value and cherish each other amidst of everything!! Every meal time they shared together will make you hungry – thanks to Jennifer haha waaah as in I love this family!! I love their workmates too *dab* Thank you Woo Seo Ri ! Gong Woo Jin! Chan! Jennifer! Deok Su! Hae Bum! Fang! Chick Junior! All casts!! For making me laugh and cry a lot ~ ~

“If you muster up the courage, and walk towards it, you might find your door to happiness” – Mr. Gong

Screenshots: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Okay noted self ( ㅠ ㅠ)

This is really a feel good kdrama about life and dreams in general so 9/10 highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thank you for reading!

Always be grateful 🌷



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973 ☕🌼

Joyful Thursday, friends! 😉

Woke up cheerfully coz todayyyyy is my last hustle day at work for this month of August!! And then helloooo freedom !!?? Joke hehe. Vaaacaaaaatiiioooonnn yesss~ #simplejoys + Pastel pink skies morning too

I will proscrastinate later as I finalize all the things I must bring in South Korea! In my pocket notebook, I made a checklist already and wow it’s 5 pages long?? Haha don’t worry I’m not gonna bring my whole closet. I will organize everything later, so help me God. I’m also wondering if I will go to a salon after work to have my hair trimmed hmmm for P50 haircut whyyy not? 😂 let’s see..

Also later, I will try to buy a concert ticket of BTS on Aug 25(Day1)! Huuuuuu this is my last chance, at least thank you thank you so much bighit for this last chance!!!!! I hope I can get a ticket even though there’s a very loooowwwww chance coz ARMY’s soooooo powerfulllll huehue haha. Plus I’m also praying to win in their raffle draw ~ just a pocket of positivity, let’s believe and dream hihi. Why not??

Whatever will be the result from the above, I’m still happy and excited to experience every bit of South Korea for 9 days ~ I will share my itinerary(made w/love and lots of research) here after my trip. Stay tuned ♡

Now, I’m gonna be artsy and creative as I will be making letters for Bangtan and JK *just in case I met them personally haha *asa me self ~ hanggang panaginip na lang ba ? haha*! Anyhow, let’s do it! Aja!!!

It’s been awhile too, to receive a comment here on my site.. so this is my simple appreciation fanart to @coffeeandcream 😊

Thank you for dropping by ~

You may check and follow her humble blog here: CoffeeAndCream ☕💖

Always be grateful 🌷



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972 ✌

Hi! How are you?

I hope you’re doing great 🙂

Two days from now, I’ll be flying to South Korea!!!!!! indeed one of my dream destination as a fangirl by heart hehe and I’m so excited!! But with my excitement, I tend to overthink and overanalyze random stuff since I got my entry visa, so I lack sleep for more than 2 weeks already and that’s why I’m having a major breakout HUHUHU. I know it’s bad to conceal my pimples because it will prolong its healing but I shyly want to admit that I am not confident anymore whenever I don’t put on my makeup for work. Ugh remember this mantra — #Embraceimperfectionself #NotetoSelfx100

Well, I’m sincerely sorry for not blogging for awhile ?? (almost a month!!!?).. hmmn.. though I’m not that super mega busy adult, I just chose not to blog. I have a lot of to-do lists on my plate such as studying my VA course, applying for CAP, attending hangeul classes and etc. Unfortunately, since August started, I did maybe just a 10% progress? That’s kinda disappointing.. I’ve been so preoccupied this month and I can’t focus. L4d2. Kdrama. Fangirling. Social media. Tsssss. Excessive exposure to these can lead me to being an unproductive adult ~ I hate it, I love it but in some cases I can be extremely happy and sad about it. Breath. I don’t know why but sometimes I just want to stop and escape from everything, esp from this phase of being an adult. Can we just play/enjoy all day? Hehehe.

Why I’m suddenly being dramatic here, self? Hehe na-carried away ~ but tbh I’m just thankful to be free, vulnerable, honest, outspoken woman in this platform. I’m back again hihi ♡♡♡♡♡

I do really pray that I can learn and reconnect with myself during my 1st trip to South Korea. Though it’s not a solo trip, I hope my friends and I can make wonderful memories too esp with Bangtan💜

I’m thinking of a unique hashtag for our trip hehe. 도와 주세요! ㅠ ㅠ

In a nutshell, Always accept and love who you are, be gentle with yourself and be grateful!!! 🌷



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971 ~ Got my 1st single-entry visa to Korea 🇰🇷💓

F I N A L L Y ! ! ! Thank you Lord ♡

Sharing this good news to everyone ☆

Back story: Before I’m just the girl who read blogs and watch vlogs about traveling to South Korea. Yes, I have read and watched tons of it!! I even make notes 🙈 I also tried to apply last year but I got so afraid to be denied so I just kept my application and watch kdramas to help me move on. Then huhu okaaay this is it, my fangirl soul is really happy to have a korean visa *insert this is the moment 🎤* (first time sparkling kilig moments) #simplejoys😉

My friend and I were very very anxious because of my COE, I’m only in my 5th month on being employed – on probationary period(!!) when I applied for my visa. Though, the usual they will say that you must ensure you have more than 6 months or 6 months at least in your job for you to have a “strong tie” in your country, yet I still pushed through it (YOLO lol coz we already booked for our tickets last May 2018). Nonetheless, Your COE must have the complete details of your company/institution that the Embassy is requiring so you will have no problem. As for me, I tried to pass my COE w/o salary compensation and the agency did not accept my application. On my 2nd attempt, I didn’t know that my company’s email address is not included in my COE but still I submitted it anyway, huuu luckily they accepted it ~ as long as it has valid contact telephone numbers.

So what else is in my application for me to get a granted visa that may be helpful to you? (I heard you, so here it is)

  • Applied for 4 days stay (leisure / vacation) *just to be safe*
  • Budget: 800 USD
  • Has travel history in my passport, SG 2016, HK 2014 (excpt Saudi 2016-2017 for work)
  • Of course, ITR, COE, funds, Bank statement and Bank certificate
  • Applied visa together, with a friend who went to Korea (April 2018) and has strong tie in the Phil(employed too). Hi Grace~
  • Applied in TravelPros in SM Megamall with a fee of P700 for korean visa processing(lol not sponsored🤣)

Check out these links for more info:



🐇 Work hard to have a travel fund.

🐇 Pray diligently everyday and imagine you are getting there.

Now I’m researching again for sample itineraries in Korea hehe I’m so excited!! 😊

Aja! Fighting!! Goodluck to your application too ☆☆☆