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1022 💭

Where are you going?

Is it where you’ve been dreaming of?

Or are you heading where your heart belongs to?

Hope you are happy.

How many steps are you gonna take?

How many endless roads you gonna cross?

For how long you gonna make it?

Hope you could endure every bit.

Look up.

Stare at me.

Just breath and feel my warmth.

This is my present to you.



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Since I didn’t have the chance to watch the concert of BTS Wings tour in Manila, I’m happy that all Army, esp. my friend, and BTS enjoyed! ❤️ Thank you, BTS!! 

(All photo credits from Twitter BTS Fanpage. 😘 BTS feat ARMY PH Flag Ocean! 🇵🇭 Everything was amazing! Please come back again soon 😭)

Back when I’m in my teenage years, I was never fond of watching concerts because I have no money and if I have money, my mindset was just to buy another thing instead. I thought why people would spend big just on buying tickets and watching their favorite artist/ group performed? If you’re a fan, you can just listen and watch to their songs all day. Sometimes, it’s just a hassle to come at their concert. And in generation today, all our using their phone/camera just to show people that they were there having fun, rather than enjoying the moment by singing and watching them. All people were using their camera to capture every performances. I don’t hate what they’re doing but sometimes you cannot see very well their performance if all you see was their phone/camara up, it’s blocking your view, right? Huuu. So that time, I never wanted to go to concert. Butttttt, nowwwwww I came to realize that people are going to concert for a wonderful and beautiful experience just like this!! ❤️ Wow. I’m eating all my thoughts and words before. Concert is not just about money that you’ve wasted. Attending to this just added another memorable moments in your life. I wish I was still in my teens, younger, and without much responsibilities as an adult now. I wish we can all be young forever. Hehe. But, fangirling has no age limit! Yey! There’s nothing wrong by doing crazy stuff like fangirling much haha as long as your heart is happy, go girl! I encourage everyone, including myself, to just do it, whatever makes us really happy, follow it and pursue it. 💕

Always be grateful 🌷



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Crumple any negativity before you go to bed. Yes, you’re reading it right. It helps a lot. Claim it now that you will have a good sleep and tomorrow will be more differently amazing than today. Start being grateful for the little things until you finally sleep. I know this will be hard for some, but you could try a bit. Smile, beautiful. Much more bloom and joy for tomorrow! Yes, it will be. Keep positive.

There will be some down moments that you just want to drag yourself on bed all night, and you just can’t help it. But, there’s a whole happy world out there afterall! Live in the moment, choose to live today and step closer to your dreams! Yes, it will be a hard battle and rocky journey. But, keep pushing.

Fight on your unhealthy thoughts. Win, to be healthy and happy in every aspect because you deserve it.

Happy 1st Sunday of November! 🙂
Goodnight! ❤


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Waving my hand invisibly, saying “hello, my old friend” loudly in my mind, and skipping a beat with inevitable joy to welcome back myself on blogging. Hi! 🙂

Starting on, I just turned twenty-one years young this month. On the process of “growing-up” and understanding the life cycle of being a young adult. I got to say that many things had changed beyond my control and expectations. Never realized the time have been running really fast. People already changed, so am I. Better version of me.
The more I can shut up, listen, and understand things that is coming my way. I am striving to be productive while I am working on my goal to be a staff nurse. It is not impossible to achieve for God is with me. Hehe. Yes, I believe.

Let’s hold on, keep doing good, and continue life full of faith and optimism!


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Particular happenings come along the way. Unexpected and expected events. Are you ready? To face? To fight? To conquer? To have a strong faith? When we we’re born, we are indeed pure, enthusiastic and modest. Simplicity touches every soul. Delightedness of His creations embraces every human. Earthly and Heavenly as above. No matter what you can’t see there, doesn’t mean you don’t have to believe on what is there. How would you know. To go or not to go. To chill or not. To be stressed out or not. Quite confusing worrisome, and distracting. You need to choose. You need to lead. You need to pray. >:D<

Choose your happiness.


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Wednesday evening, rain pouring, music playing, and silence endearing the four-cornered space. Could have been great to sleep, and just forget what happened today and all the past. Resting as if, it’s been too long, to chill again. Enduring the fact of belongingness, each and every day, became a strange challenge. Controlling patience, anger, negativity and temptations.

Random day.
Thank you, Father God! I passed the quiz/long exam earlier! Got 3 mistakes. Hoho! Truly thankful! And I’m glad for our batch mate that she was only the one who got a perfect score! Winner! 😉
That awesome feeling! 🙂 hohoho. Missing that same thing. ;p alright, need to study again for tomorrow’s CPR return demo! Woohoo! I hope my nerves will cool at its best, to focus, be alert, and be an effective real rescuer at the moment. Haha! Need to embrace my chance, my moment, because for us nurses, “we save lives”.

God bless for all of us tomorrow! Last day of C.H.E.E.R.S. 🙂