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Welcome back to toxicity!!! After my four days off, hello toxic shift! Full house. Wow. Three trans-out. Patient A, have severe bleeding; Patient B, have fetal distress on CTG; Patient C was previous 2 CS, breech, and in labor! Got admissions and discharges too. What an epic comeback, self. Thank God I’m with Sister Neena and Sheeba! ~ grateful indeed!

Few more days left and I will not be able to see these doctors that made me curse my job. I do really hope that these doctors would be more nice, respectful and caring for nurses too. I just wish them good karma in the future. 

Inspite of my toxic shift that I got home at 1730H, all my sisters here in our flat celebrated Ate Analyn’s birthday at La Paz. Thanks for inviting me. Hihi. Happy Birthday! ~ my gift will be to follow na muna. Thanks for being so kind to me, Ate!

What a day. 

Always be grateful 🌷