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1040 💛

Hello! How’s your Saturday?


I may not know what you’re feeling right now, but hold on ~ you’re doing just fine. Acknowledge your emotions.

Breath in, breath out.

You are not alone.


Today, I’m feeling thankful (as always 🥰). Dearest Lord, My Wonder worker, Dream giver and Great Father, Thank you 🙏

Here’s what I am thankful for today:

  • I overslept! Not that oveeer though ~ it’s just 6-7 hours ? 😅 this has been the longest – since the past weeks? That’s why I have lots of extra endorphins today hehhehe. The other good thing too was despite me being late during our conference call this morning, my client is so understanding but ughh sorry ✌
  • Feeling appreciated and valued from my US clients ever since I started working from them! Thank you!
  • For the constant blessings I am receiving ~ that’s why in return, I want to help other people too #kindnesscycle 💞
  • Saturdate w/ papa bear!!!! He accompanied me to buy new eyeglasses (we went to three different shops *it’s too hard to be picky afff* thanks for your patience papa haha)
  • Small but definite happiness ~ eating delicious pinoy meryenda !!!!! *yep that’s the featured photo above my post hehe! #PUTOATDINUGUAN EYYYY #BILOBILO EYYY 🤤
  • Appreciating my eyeglassess sponsor over the past years since 2015 huhu thank you so so much ate!!!! 🥰 #unconditionallove #thebestsiate #iloveate #foreverthankful love you ate 💞
  • First time: got a blue specs hihi *I firmly believe we really have the same taste sisssss hihi super thanks for virtually helping me to decide what to buy!!!!! #girlproblems haha
  • Pretty sunset 😍🌥
  • Lastly, my boys in #BTSinShizuoka!!
  • Haaaay love you to bits 방탄소년단 💜 you are all amazing & glowing!!! You are our LIGHTS!!! Aaaaaa SPeak Yourself concert dates in ASIA ~ pls ? Hihi thank u luv luv 💜

Thank you for reading!

I hope you do the same before you sleep – get your gratitude journal or just a pen & paper ~ write it/ type it on your phone hehe because there is always something, something to be grateful for 😉

Goodnight! 🥰



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1025 ✉

Dearest friends,

I pray that you conquer this day knowing that You are not alone⚘

This day may not be as perfect the way you’ve imagined/planned, it’s okay to feel sad. Breathe. Let it out.

It’s not your fault.

Nobody’s fault.


Tomorrow will be another “fine” day.

Ordinary day.

Self-Love day.


You can simply treat yourself or your loved one or a stranger (yes, y not)

It’s Friday and a gentle pat on the back to yourself for surviving this week will help you get through another week.

Rooting for you!

Always be grateful 🌷

Spread love and kindness 💕



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1024 ~ Happy Valentine’s Day💕

A short love letter to my most precious daughter,


Hi! How are you?

You are so beautiful and charming today!

Look at You.

I see you smiling sheepishly right now.

You don’t need that mirror.

You don’t have to believe in me either.

Just believe in yourself.

You are beautiful.

You are complete.

You are loved.

I like you as “YOU being YOU”.

Because I made you.

Wonderful as the sun.

Pretty as the skies.

Majestic as the ocean.

You are enough.

You amaze me everyday.

Happy Hearts day, my dearest child. Continue to love good and bad people in your lives as I have loved them purely. Lift up your worries to me, I will strengthen you, always.

Your proud and loving admirer,

Jesus 🍀

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993 ~ Work in progress, it’s okay 😉

Right now, I’m embracing every learning from my mistakes from the past and in the future, coz why not?

It will help me to grow and mature to become what God wants me to become.

That no matter how I try to conceal or resist something, God will always find His way to unfold and respark it.

For instance, Joining the #daretoshare2018. It was quite easy at first, but boyyyyy I was so wroooongggggg haha – “hello me, you started this so you must finish thissss!!” I’m struggling what to post/share and how to muster up my courage to show up. I am just a random gal with random goals, so please excuse me jokeeeee xx whuuuut ano naaaa ? so, I’ve ended up using my time to read other’s heartfelt posts and insights etc! The community in this challenge is filled with creative and passionate women – almost worth to follow tbh!! Overall, they are an inspiration!!!!!! 💯💯💯 *I took some screenshot + jot down notes from their posts hihihi 😉

I didn’t managed my time well yesterday…. uhmm that’s why I missed the 9-9:30pm virtual party on Instagram ~ but it’s okaaaay “better late than never ika nga” so here it is for my Day 1/5 #daretoshare2018.

This challenge reminds me of my blog, is this really worth-sharing?? Hmmmnn..

  1. For almost 7yrs, I’ve been hiding this blog (except to some of my closest friends?) coz I am anxious and afraid of rejection (yes, I do feel that – it’s normal, right!?) English is not my 1st language. Actually, I started this blog to hone my writing skills….*please feel free to comment below my grammar mistakes* (TIA)
  2. I blog about everything that make my heart jumps for joy #mysimplejoysinlifeonlinediary

☝️ 50% of what I enjoy doing or I am proud of ~

I told myself before that I will only share my blog freely to everyone once it’s fully established hahaha can u relate with me!!???

I will let go of that now.

As I have said, I will embrace my journey of learning how to improve my blog, engage to my readers and hone my writing skill in English. One step at a time 🎤

Yesterday, I edited my bio, out of curiosity i switched into business account, and I linked my website address “again” on my Instagram. Inhale, exhale – It’s okay.

If you’re still here reading and following my blog, thank you so much!! Have a nice day ~

Keep on learning! Keep on creating!

Always be grateful 🌷



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977 📸👶👫

I have attended a Christening and a Surprise marriage proposal both in one day – which is today. Yes, my soul is happy to witness both events but there’s a 30% reality slap that had hit me. Boom. You may know what it is based from my age & NBSB background. Oops. It’s kinda not easy not to be bothered at some point and act cool with it. But I keep on reassuring myself, it’s fine × 100x ~

Let me share some of my snippets that I edited(TY for the blythe preset #lrclassph):

I forgot to overthink because I just eat and eat and drink and drink for 4 hours. I would recommend this place for celebrating any life events, 8/10!! Hihi 😊

Last sharing: I AM REALLY REALLY HAPPY TODAY, for I have received my OET’s SOR and got a humble badge for completing a skill!!!!! Praise God!! Thank you!! ❤

That’s it for now ~

Goodnight! 😉

Always be grateful 🌷



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970 🌟

Hey! How have you been?

Time flies really faaaaaaast, waaah ○.○

Hello August!! 8/12 ●.●

I’ve been on a hiatus here for more than a week without a note because I was so caught up with my business again perhaps.. ? ok ehem excuses.. I’m sorry.. But I hope you are continually practising to be grateful daily even though it’s super duper hard in our world right now..

There’s a lot of earthquakes, floods, and killings.. HUHU it’s terribly heartbreaking as always but we need to move forward, pray for them, and fight for our lives.

I do hope that you’re pampering yourself enough by simply choosing not to focus much to all the “negatrons” in your life.

I have two goooooood newwwws, friends! Just bear with me for now as I compose my blogposts for you, guys hehe(f na f ko talaga nuh lol haha). I’m really extra thankful for all the blessings that I am receiving this month!!!! Thank You Lord! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Doodling Ms. Nichols’ message for everybody. “Keep trusting and waiting to see what the Lord has in store for us.”

~ Time to sleep coz I need to be early for work tomorrow.

Goodnight, my friend. I miss you 🐇