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28 Jun

I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. All for God’s glory! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Today’s simple joys:

  • Watched Fight my Way’s Episode 11 & 12!! I got butterflies and lot of giggles from Dong Man and Ae Ra! But I got affected too much on Sul Hee’s emotional heartbreaking scene and to Father-Son moments of Dong Man!! Huhu! (I really wanted that someday my dad and my brother will have that deep conversation too someday, that my brother will respect my dad’s advices and lessons.. haaay) I really loved what his father adviced to Dong Man, “You can’t save your youth anyway. So, fight, take challenges even if you got beaten, live the life you wanted, okay?” I cried!!! Seeing your parents cry. 😭
  • I also loved this Dong Man!!! – “If growing up means your dreams fade, I’ll give up on growing up. There’s no need to pretend to be grown up for others” – real talk huhu
  • Me and my dad were in good terms already like nothing happened yesterday.. (story: I got irritated with him because he kept on calling and saying rants ughhh *my bad, sorry dad.. I just can’t tolerate many negativity yesterday!!!)
  • Everyday catch-up with my sister, *much longer time for VC today.
  • Went out at Aseer Mall with Ate Analyn, Grace, Angelica, and Cheryl. 
  • I bought one knitted cardigan, two branded watches for sale and two perfumes. Got me 267SR!!
  • Ate dinner with my flatmates, plus we shared table with Ate Leslie and Ate Aileen. Burgerl meal x chicken for dinner.
  • Watched ROS Song Triplets Ep6&7!!!! Cuties forever. The mud. The meals. The bday gift. The torch. πŸ’–
  • First time to try Fresh Burger’s Burger meal for 20SR, as my midnight snack. It was good esp. the bun and the fries’ sauce. #thisiswhyImFat

Thank you Lord for today!!!!


Always be grateful 🌷




27 Jun

Have you tried making a zine? 

Actually, what is that?

Here’s a very helpful link I stumbled on Youtube after I ate my lunch: 

How to make a Zine πŸ’–

How was it?

Are you inspired to make yours too?

Me? I got inspired!!! Even if I didn’t have enough materials with me.. I still did give it a try. I used my old cute wrappers, colored pens, old floral washi, glue stick, scissors, and pink colored paper. I just searched cute drawings and quotes from Pinterest!!! At first, I don’t know what will I put with my zine.. I paused for a moment while searching in Pinterest. Then, I decided to make a zine for my closest friend here in KSA, Cheryl. So, 2-3 hours I spent for making this zine. Yes. Eight pages. Because I’m thinking and searching at the same time for my content. I’m happy for my first-ever zine though it’s not perfect with my drawing and designs..but I’m thankful that Cheryl liked it! I kept it inside her wallet(the one I gave to her) and told her to read it after some time.. hihi. 

Thanks to Miss Jordan’s Youtube Channel and Pinterest!! 🌸

I want to spend some of my vacant time doing artsy stuff and watching k-dramas(obviously). Andddd, I want to watch BTS’ Bon Voyage S2 too huhu!!! Linkkkk pls? *free and with Eng Subs??? army ❀ 😍
Thank you!

Always be grateful 🌷




24 Jun

I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. All for God’s glory πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Today’s simple joys:

  • 10 hours of sleeeeeeep!!!!
  • Again, n a p for 2 hours ??? while listening to music. #myfavehobby 😴
  • Listened to music all day esp. Fight my Way’ Osts, Blackpink’s As if it’s your last(goshhhhhh!!! LSS FOR DAYSSS! It’s so good, I want to learn their choreo while singing this songggg!!!! Ughhhhh jebal ~), and watched other MVs and Vlogs on Youtube Channel of Ellie G, Hiam, Kris Lumagi, Laureen Muy and etc!
  • Pampered with tea tree mask and aloe vera soothing gel!! (Very relaxinggg! I hope they will help me minimize my pores…..and the smell of aloe vera plus the txture on my face ughhh πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š)
  • Sweet for today: ice cream!!!
  • Snack for today: cucumber! ☺️

Gooodnight, loves! I’m so thankful that I’m back and I finally updated my blog.. so sorry for not updating this for more than a week because I’ve been busy(okay, lamest excuse I know). Now, the OC in me is happy to see my journal track calendar is filled!
Always be grateful 🌷




23 Jun

This coming Sunday will be a special day for Saudi people, and all Muslims, Eid celebration! So here, we prepared decorations in our ward! Thanks to Cheryl, Anusha, Ate Leona, and Neena for helping me. Success! So happy that I was able to draw and use my creativity to decorate again. As you see, I love rainbow colored theme. I only used my available scrap materials that I kept. I drew this mosque, not that perfect though because I just sketched fast then marked it with black pen. It’s like that I went on mornin duty because I went home together with Che. Creating art is simply my happy pill. I love creating. I love decorating. I love designing. I love arts as general. Even though it was creepy to walk alone early in the morning, literally feeling that I’m walking on a deserted island alone.. croo croo. This decorating stuff is not an obligation that I must do, hence I already resigned, yet, I volunteered to start decorating. They became motivated to put decorations when I arrived in our ward. Hihi. I’m really thankful to people who appreciates my simple efforts to make art. Just thank youuu!!! It’s fulfilling on the inside. My artistic soul is happy! 
Always be grateful 🌷




21 Jun

Part two of my cooking series.. charrr!!!

Who wouldn’t love spaghetti!!!!??? 😻

Nope. Not me. One of My f a v e 🍝

So.. what’s for today.. hmmm.. let me be a cooking master for today.. haha! 

Ingredients that I used: (me, sounds like a pro hahaha 🀣)

  • Minced Chicken (supposed to be I will use beef but we forgot to buy huhu)
  • Oil
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Cheese
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Pasta/Noodles
  • Hotdog
  • Secret add: condensed milk (But again, I didn’t used today because we forgot to buy!!!! Huhu)

Let’s start cooking! 🀣 Thanks to Youtube, *ofcourse, I watched again before cooking 🍝 just to be sure that I will not forget the steps..

  1. Thaw that chicken and hotdog.
  2. Heat pan, then add oil.
  3. Slice into small bits that onion and garlic.. *but since I’m afraid with using knife.. I’m unsuccessful on cutting the onion into small and thin cuts 😒 
  4. Saute your sliced garlic and onions, then add the chicken, then the hotdogs!! *I love the smell while saute-inggg..
  5. Add salt and pepper while cooking.
  6. Add the sauce.
  7. Add the sugar and cheese.
  8. Taste the sauce according to your preference (me, I want a sweet sauce) and it’s done!
  9. On the other pan, boil the water for cooking pasta.
  10. Add oil on boiling water.
  11. Add that pasta.
  12. When pasta is slightly cook, add salt.
  13. Check pasta if it’s soft, all cooked, and it’s done! 🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝

They liked my spag, it finished fast 😳 I just ate one plate of it !!?? Okay, but I’m thankful that my flatmates liked it 😻

Never stop learning, ayyy never stop cooking.. advice on my twenty-four years young self! ✌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷




19 Jun

I am grateful I am Alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Today’s simple joys:

  • Officially unemployed again. Why simple joys?????? Because I can finally have my all time to rest and think about my dreams again. 
  • Bought three watch for dad, brother, and myself. 
  • Binged watched on k-dramas again as always!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Always be grateful 🌷




16 Jun

Last morning duty – day 2/4!

I’m so thankful that Sis Anusha paired my schedule with Cheryl!! As I’ve told you on my old posts, or maybe I forgot to mention.. that in our ward, we were only two Filipina, the rest were Indian and Saudi. So, until my last day of duty, I’m with my favorite human!!!!! Yes, who’s happy? Both.

We had our long overdue date at Assir Mall. I’m so thankful that I’m with bes, I am very comfortable and happy when I’m with her. No dull moments huhu. Spontaneous date as always! We even went home at 0200H!!!! Can’t forget that we’re both eating our take-out Max food( fries x chicken) at the waiting area while waiting for our driver. We couldn’t resist the smell of newly-cooked fries and chicken, and we’re both hungry again even though we ate dinner when we arrived at the mall. Haha. So as always, she bought many stuff again compare to me that I only bought one bag that I really fell in love with even if it’s a bit costly!!! Here:

This bag will be a memorable one because my gyne family contributed to buy me a send away gift, since Cheryl was with me and she was assigned to buy me that gift, she just supported me to finally buy this bag!! πŸ’™ Thanks to my gyne family 😘
Always be grateful 🌷



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