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887 πŸ“š

Reading inspirational books is one of my simple joys! 😊

All of these books had motivated me to be confident, optimistic, and enthusiatic to increase my financial income and literacy (Yesss, para sa future at ekonomiya). In addition, it had helped me gain back my self-esteem most esp. in facing my fear, failing the OET test.. I doubted myself everytime I could’t get my target scores during my self-review journey. Huhu.

Yet, I am reminded that God is so merciful that whenever I felt down and demotivated, I grabbed and read these books. With this, I am empowered again that I am made to be victorious and to be a multi-millionaire in the future!

Think long-term.

Take risks.

Be guided.

Be an eternal student.

Always yearn to learn.

Apply the 10-20-70 principle.

Tithe with a joyful heart.

Have faith.

Dream big!

*Hope you could invest time to read these books too β™‘β™‘β™‘

Always be grateful!



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885 πŸ’œ

I’m bringing this baaaaack!!

Today’s simple joys:

  • Listening to BTS’ Love Yourself: Tear Album β™‘
  • Saw HD fancams and pictures of BTS during BBMAs β™‘
  • Chill morning duty
  • Inspired from 2nd Gold Masterclass and quick start seminars!! Happy to be a TRC member!!!
  • Paid P129 for 3 months Spotify premium! Yeyyyy ~
  • Ate kasoy from Antipolo
  • Received cheesecake from Ate Lhen
  • Had a Positive vibe all day
  • Saw pastel skies again

Always be grateful 🌷



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881 (Love Yourself:Tear)

Today, I just decided to rest from studying ~ so I read Paper Towns while on duty and as I waited patiently for BTS’ comeback preview show, Fake Love Official MV and all Love Yourself: Tear album !!!!

It is really worth the wait!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed and appreciate their immense presence and overall impact in the whole music industry and also esp. in my world!!!

I can’t thank you enough! Words can’t describe how thankful I am for all the music you sincerely produce/compose for us ARMYs and to everyone!!

Their amazing talents, humble personalities, unique friendship, and powerful perseverance are my hope and inspiration.

I’ve been a crazy fan who was trying her best to keep her chill but can’t control her joy so she kept on smiling the whole time while watching and listening to their cb and songs!!!! Happy mood Friday!! β™‘

So, I wander just like Namjoonie on my way home today.. while listening and streaming ~

I liked how these photos turned out ~ I used Verniece preset from lightroom class Ph site – hihi thank you masternim 😊

Always be grateful 🌷

Have a nice weekend ahead!

Let’s support BTS joyfully!!! β™‘β™‘ THEY DESERVE OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT β™‘β™‘



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Hi friends!

Today, I’ve given my time and effort to learn about blogging and making an online course. It’s really overwhelming if you try to digest all the meaningful tips and hacks in one day. I am really sorry – that I even dozed off during the masterclass. HUHU. Let me clear it, I’m just sleepy and tired coz I came from my 8-5 job, had my work out and other stuff – physically tired.

Honestly, I am learning a lot from Ms. Marina’s book and masterclass – I had it all in my notes and screen shots on my phone (I hope I can apply it too). I’m not yet done reading her e-book though, but IΒ  realized how she had given a powerful impact to women to pursue their passion to achieve #workfromwherever. Who wouldn’t want that career in the long run?

One thing that really hit me and kept me thinking is this, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN EXPERTΒ  TO DO THIS”. (ex. Oprah from being a reporter to being a talk show host) – Once you learned it, you can copy it but ensure to reinvent/remodel it, you must insert your personal touch into it, your own unique style, and YOU CAN DO THIS, too.

Ms. Marina is so generous and kind to teach and empower women. I hope I can stop overthinking and conquer my fear to just get out there (courage zone).


Goodnight, friends! wooh! tomorrow is another day to study and research again ~


Thank you God for all the learning and blessings!


Always be grateful πŸ™‚




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Hi, there!

I felt like I’m still on top of the moon every time I think of my OET results that came out yesterday. I am really, really, really grateful that I got B in SPEAKING, READING, and LISTENING for my first attempt, and even if I failed to get a B in writing, it’s totally okay, I am trusting God that He has a purpose for that – the best is yet to come! I started to believe in myself again that I can do all things and achieve my dreams for I have an amazing God and I have faith in Him.


So since last week, when I opened an account in COL financial and entered the stock market, I’ve been thinking a lot on how can I grow my income so that I can invest more and start my journey to financial freedom. I even joined Truly Rich club, too, to guide and mentor me professionally here in the stock industry.Β  I don’t know if I am really ready for this but I know this will all be worth trying!

I’m having a slow, baby step progress right now, but I know it’s okay. I will still get there, no rushing and pressuring myself. Teehee.


Back to the HOW CAN I GROW MY INCOME.. You all knew that I got so many ideas, likes, passion, hobbies in my mind all the time, one of which is blogging, and I want to give it a chance, a focus, time and effort for me to grow as a blogger(wow, self – “blogger <3”). So aside from having a 8-5day/night job being a company nurse, I want to start to take a big leap towards my courage zone, I want to learn more about blogging ❀ (thank you, self *finally*)

From my desire and dream to be a blogger, the universe had helped me unexpectedly as I stumbled this Ad on Facebook,Β A Lifestyle Blogger’s Guide To Your First Week Of Blogging – Digital, $5.60 USD –Β at first, I thought it’s free but it’s not, but if I really, really want this, I need to commit myself into this – I must buy it for only 5.60 USD (294php). I was so shocked for its affordable offer! Also, the good thing is that even if I don’t have a credit card for the mode of payment, I just tried to use my payroll debit/savings card (w/ visa on it) *1st time to use it for online transaction*- and wow, it worked, they have deducted the amount from my account (I still need to check my remaining balance tomorrow though *trust issues* lol)


I am going to make an update tomorrow about the book that I purchased. Stay tuned!? hehe.. giggles~


Thank youuuuu Lord for all the blessings!


Always be grateful πŸ™‚






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878 β˜†β˜†β˜†

Hello, friends!

I hope you’re doing good tonight.

I knew that it’s been a month since I’ve stopped posting here. Okay, too many roadblocks to mention for now. Teehee.

But, I’m happy to share to y’all that I almost got all my target scores in OET on my 1st attempt, 3/4 subjects I got B – To God be the Glory!! #bigwin #simplejoys

I cried. Yep, tears of joy.

Its in the most unexpected times that miracle could really happen, more than I can imagine tonight. Father God, you are truly amazing. I know you are always with us. Thank you for sending me people, fam and friends, to help and encourage me with my OET journey. Hehe.

– Made this tonight, posted it and embraced my flaws in calligraphy and to all aspect. #YouCanBecomeSpecial #Donotletfearwins

Always be grateful 🌷



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Life is so precious.

That’s why God didn’t allow me to pass my driving written exam today.

I still lack knowledge and skills in driving, so He will not give me my non-pro license instantly.

He will not let me drive and be involved to any accident prematurely.

Because He loved and cared for me and his people.

I’m sorry for being too confident that I can pass the exam as easy as pie that I didn’t take LTO’s reviewer before our exam. LOL yan kasi xD

I was slapped really hard when I got 29/40, and the passing score is 30, that of course I felt disappointed and embarrassed til I reached home.Β LOL yan kasi xD v.2

I doubted again myself. What if my fate is just to be the sleepy passenger for life? What if I am not really for this. What ifs and so on.

But, I am always reminded ofΒ  thisΒ “Everything happens for a reason”.

This failure was a deserved slap on my face to wake me up and realize how immense and challenging is to be a driver in this world most esp. in the Philippines!

This is just my First Attempt In Learning.

I must seriously learn to drive wholeheartedly.

Because life is so precious.