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27 Jun

Have you tried making a zine? 

Actually, what is that?

Here’s a very helpful link I stumbled on Youtube after I ate my lunch: 

How to make a Zine 💖

How was it?

Are you inspired to make yours too?

Me? I got inspired!!! Even if I didn’t have enough materials with me.. I still did give it a try. I used my old cute wrappers, colored pens, old floral washi, glue stick, scissors, and pink colored paper. I just searched cute drawings and quotes from Pinterest!!! At first, I don’t know what will I put with my zine.. I paused for a moment while searching in Pinterest. Then, I decided to make a zine for my closest friend here in KSA, Cheryl. So, 2-3 hours I spent for making this zine. Yes. Eight pages. Because I’m thinking and searching at the same time for my content. I’m happy for my first-ever zine though it’s not perfect with my drawing and designs..but I’m thankful that Cheryl liked it! I kept it inside her wallet(the one I gave to her) and told her to read it after some time.. hihi. 

Thanks to Miss Jordan’s Youtube Channel and Pinterest!! 🌸

I want to spend some of my vacant time doing artsy stuff and watching k-dramas(obviously). Andddd, I want to watch BTS’ Bon Voyage S2 too huhu!!! Linkkkk pls? *free and with Eng Subs??? army ❤ 😍
Thank you!

Always be grateful 🌷




25 Jun

People can drain you.

But you got to be strong.

Stay away from that toxic people in your circle. 

Don’t mind their own drama.

Just go and move forward.




19 Jun

I am grateful I am Alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory. 🙌🏼

Today’s simple joys:

  • Officially unemployed again. Why simple joys?????? Because I can finally have my all time to rest and think about my dreams again. 
  • Bought three watch for dad, brother, and myself. 
  • Binged watched on k-dramas again as always!!! 💖💖💖

Always be grateful 🌷




18 Jun

What to feel? 

Sad but grateful.

Excited but scared.

A bit of separation anxiety

But thankful for No last duty symdrome. Received six patients, 1 DAMA, then no admission, trans-out, trans-in, discharge, or absconded. 

Survived my 309 clinical duty experience in KMMCH, all thanks to my Heavenly Father up there!!!!! Nurse NJ, officially signing out..
Always be grateful 🌷




16 Jun

Last morning duty – day 2/4!

I’m so thankful that Sis Anusha paired my schedule with Cheryl!! As I’ve told you on my old posts, or maybe I forgot to mention.. that in our ward, we were only two Filipina, the rest were Indian and Saudi. So, until my last day of duty, I’m with my favorite human!!!!! Yes, who’s happy? Both.

We had our long overdue date at Assir Mall. I’m so thankful that I’m with bes, I am very comfortable and happy when I’m with her. No dull moments huhu. Spontaneous date as always! We even went home at 0200H!!!! Can’t forget that we’re both eating our take-out Max food( fries x chicken) at the waiting area while waiting for our driver. We couldn’t resist the smell of newly-cooked fries and chicken, and we’re both hungry again even though we ate dinner when we arrived at the mall. Haha. So as always, she bought many stuff again compare to me that I only bought one bag that I really fell in love with even if it’s a bit costly!!! Here:

This bag will be a memorable one because my gyne family contributed to buy me a send away gift, since Cheryl was with me and she was assigned to buy me that gift, she just supported me to finally buy this bag!! 💙 Thanks to my gyne family 😘
Always be grateful 🌷




11 Jun

As I see this city, I’m feeling a bit down from the inside. Flashback of memories keeps gushing through my mind that I ended up crying in the corner of my bed. Why. I don’t know. Few more days and I’m still not packing. Maybe I’m still attached to everything. This idea of leaving is not sinking in me. I am not regretting to leave because I am following my intuition. But I’m just so sad and emotional. I appreciate every little thing. I realized many things in my life. I am still lacking in many areas. Got so many flaws and lies in life. And it’s okay, self. I will get and feel better in time. Please don’t pressure yourself, instead be gentle.

Thank You God for helping me grow and move forward. I cannot do this alone. 





10 Jun

June 2017 – ABH, KSA 

There’s a lot of thoughts to ponder. Walking under the sun. Leaving traces. Marking my days. Hoping for a smooth and safe journey until I reach my so called home. 

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