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Njoy’s small but certain happiness list:

03/06/2019 –

  • Kuya’s fried rice (yey!)
  • Papa’s pancit with love (yey!)
  • Growing Investments ^^
  • Instead of buying 2 packs of Chips Ahoy (Chunky and Chewy) and Stik-O as a reward for myself, I decided to donate my money to the orphaned kids and street children (SOPE Charity Event <3) #Happinessisdoubledwhenshared ;’)
  • Visited BT21 Pop-up Store !!!!! (I didn’t buy though hihi)
  • 52893616_278156849747120_1160454387617759232_n
  • TxT’s Crown and Nap of a star songs ^^
  • Journaling and Devotional Wednesdays ~


Always be grateful ❤




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998 #DearBlog

Hey againnnnn – it’s been a long time since I last posted here. What happen to me?

How are you?

How’s your October?

Hope it all went goooooood!!!

Happy Halloween!!! 👻👻👻👻👻

To your ghost blogger here(boo), I am truly sorry for not sharing my ganaps in layf on my dearest blog. I’m haunted everyday to blog but I am swayed by playing games or zzzz sleeping.

To make bawi, here’s my October Highlights: (ups & downs)

  • Two consecutive weekend family bonding with Gonzales clan ❤
  • Had my loveliest birthday celebration in Singapore with my siblings ❤
  • Reunited again with ate!!!! 💖💖
  • Survived Dare to share challenge
  • Got my Beginner Certificate of Completion in Learning Hangul *Tesda certified!!! *선생님 감사합니다!! ^^
  • Bought movie tickets for BTS Burn The Stage next month!! 💜
  • Secured 1 concert ticket of BTS LY tour in Singapore on January!! *thanks to Grace! 💜
  • So blessed from BTS updates and new music this month 💜
  • Had frequent visits to Lola at the Heaven’s gate cemetery 😊
  • Received my COEs from my different employers
  • Received my authenticated board certificate from NZ embassy
  • Pigout almost everyday but I still managed to maintain my weight
  • Sudden change of sched but it was not approved (yey) **ehem crybaby alert*** Thank you AMCI ~ also our groupchat was created so we can voice out our concerns to them immediately (ok kilig)
  • Got rejected from my previous employer regarding my professional reference letter (move on na lang tayo self)
  • Got rejected from the blank agency because I was not able to secure a good standing certificate from Saudi council
  • Got frustrated with my initial registration because of my Saudi clinical experience.. so I stopped fixing my papers two weeks ago.. I allowed myself to think again and ask God for strength and motivation (indeed, God is merciful!!!!) “Keep moving forward”
  • I was unable to finish the book that I was supposed to read this month
  • I was not able to create my Upwork profile (why I am so afraid to try again self🤔)
  • Had my 1st derma and Obgyn consultation d/t my PIMPLES on my face ㅠ ㅠ thankful so far and I’m feeling positive that the soap and clinda solution will work!! I still hope that I don’t have any PCO…huuu… tbh, I’m quite afraid of my upcoming pelvic utz examination(1st timer)…. inhale exhale ok lang yan self ~ kaya mo yan!!🤗
  • Had a free haircut and hair treatment after almost a year woooh thank u ate 😘 though I really didn’t like how my hairdresser cut my bangs, color my hair and his attitude 👎…….. I’m still thankful because he fixed my roots without any extra charge.
  • Tbh ~ there were a lot of things I started to do /accomplish this month but anyare na wala naaa I’m still good being inconsistent ㅠ ㅠ (inktober, editing pics, editing videos, creating blogposts, journaling)

Bday month rating: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Always be grateful 🌷



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977 📸👶👫

I have attended a Christening and a Surprise marriage proposal both in one day – which is today. Yes, my soul is happy to witness both events but there’s a 30% reality slap that had hit me. Boom. You may know what it is based from my age & NBSB background. Oops. It’s kinda not easy not to be bothered at some point and act cool with it. But I keep on reassuring myself, it’s fine × 100x ~

Let me share some of my snippets that I edited(TY for the blythe preset #lrclassph):

I forgot to overthink because I just eat and eat and drink and drink for 4 hours. I would recommend this place for celebrating any life events, 8/10!! Hihi 😊

Last sharing: I AM REALLY REALLY HAPPY TODAY, for I have received my OET’s SOR and got a humble badge for completing a skill!!!!! Praise God!! Thank you!! ❤

That’s it for now ~

Goodnight! 😉

Always be grateful 🌷



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972 ✌

Hi! How are you?

I hope you’re doing great 🙂

Two days from now, I’ll be flying to South Korea!!!!!! indeed one of my dream destination as a fangirl by heart hehe and I’m so excited!! But with my excitement, I tend to overthink and overanalyze random stuff since I got my entry visa, so I lack sleep for more than 2 weeks already and that’s why I’m having a major breakout HUHUHU. I know it’s bad to conceal my pimples because it will prolong its healing but I shyly want to admit that I am not confident anymore whenever I don’t put on my makeup for work. Ugh remember this mantra — #Embraceimperfectionself #NotetoSelfx100

Well, I’m sincerely sorry for not blogging for awhile ?? (almost a month!!!?).. hmmn.. though I’m not that super mega busy adult, I just chose not to blog. I have a lot of to-do lists on my plate such as studying my VA course, applying for CAP, attending hangeul classes and etc. Unfortunately, since August started, I did maybe just a 10% progress? That’s kinda disappointing.. I’ve been so preoccupied this month and I can’t focus. L4d2. Kdrama. Fangirling. Social media. Tsssss. Excessive exposure to these can lead me to being an unproductive adult ~ I hate it, I love it but in some cases I can be extremely happy and sad about it. Breath. I don’t know why but sometimes I just want to stop and escape from everything, esp from this phase of being an adult. Can we just play/enjoy all day? Hehehe.

Why I’m suddenly being dramatic here, self? Hehe na-carried away ~ but tbh I’m just thankful to be free, vulnerable, honest, outspoken woman in this platform. I’m back again hihi ♡♡♡♡♡

I do really pray that I can learn and reconnect with myself during my 1st trip to South Korea. Though it’s not a solo trip, I hope my friends and I can make wonderful memories too esp with Bangtan💜

I’m thinking of a unique hashtag for our trip hehe. 도와 주세요! ㅠ ㅠ

In a nutshell, Always accept and love who you are, be gentle with yourself and be grateful!!! 🌷



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936 💡

Good morning!

It’s almost 5am(PH time), I had a very peaceful night shift(yaaaaaas!!!) and now I’m sleepy already. Huuu~ but as much as I want to sleep, I can’t coz I don’t want my mascara or eyeliner to smudge and cover my eyes, like 🐼, and I still have to attend our training in Makati at 9AM!! 🙈 zzz

There are times in my life that I want to be consistently productive and motivated whenever I go to work, hehe apart from always watching kdrama series or listening to k-music esp. if there’s heavy traffic, so I listen to inspirational or educational podcasts on Spotify or TED talks on Youtube just like yesterday.

Another “I-stumbled-on-YT-worth-sharing post”:

This is so trueeeee!!!! Huuuuu >< it’s not that we can’t make time to learn but it’s really because of our emotional baggage as our barriers.

If you still haven’t watched this video, you may click this link 20 HOURS !!!!!

Thanks for this Mr. Josh Kaufman! Hope I can succeed too (one language/skill at a time for 20 hours – at least 45 mins *100% focus* per day) ~ cheers to all learning junkies!!!

Always be grateful 🌷



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933 🙈

BTS World Tour : Love Yourself • 1st Ticket Selling @ 2000H KST 070218 ~

Yesterday, I went to work early, an hour advance than my usual sched(1st time), just to try my luck to purchase a ticket online but gaaaaaah it’s so, so, so difficult(intense!!) from accessing the site to logging in and so forth waaah my ARMY heart is struggling!!!! Huuuu ottoke!! My heart sank when I saw “0 seats” after 30 mins !? 😭😭😭

uuuuuwwwwwuuuuu ><

Maybe I should read some tips of ARMYs on how to secure a BTS concert ticket huuu ~

Any tips, unnie!? 🙈

So, moving on(must move on and go back to work), Grace and I will try to buy tickets on their 2nd selling!! *ughhhh • fighting*

Anyway, my takeaway from going to work early yesterday:

  • Yummy lechon for dinner! Thanks Papa, even we ate early rin hahaha around 5:30pm 😅

– Ortigas @ 1845H 💙

Always be grateful 🌷