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11 Jun

As I see this city, I’m feeling a bit down from the inside. Flashback of memories keeps gushing through my mind that I ended up crying in the corner of my bed. Why. I don’t know. Few more days and I’m still not packing. Maybe I’m still attached to everything. This idea of leaving is not sinking in me. I am not regretting to leave because I am following my intuition. But I’m just so sad and emotional. I appreciate every little thing. I realized many things in my life. I am still lacking in many areas. Got so many flaws and lies in life. And it’s okay, self. I will get and feel better in time. Please don’t pressure yourself, instead be gentle.

Thank You God for helping me grow and move forward. I cannot do this alone. 





14 Apr

Dearest Jesus, forgive us for we have deeply sinned against you, for turning our backs, and for hurting you so bad. You were crucified for us to be saved. You gave up your life for us. You died for us. Even if we’re not worthy and good enough, You saved us. Thank you. Thank you, Jesus. 

In my life, I will be grateful. I will stand for you. I will worship and serve you for you have given me this amazing life. I may have struggles, pain and heartaches along the way, I know you will make my faith even stronger than ever. Though I am not perfect and I have sinned, you accepted me. You embraced me. You loved me. Thank you, Jesus!
Thank you for allowing me to listen and to be enlightened thru your words on Good Friday Mass – The Passion Of Christ – The Fourteen Station – Bro. Bo Sanchez’ Full tank Episode today.

I would like to share my Praise and Worship Playlist on Youtube. Though it’s still incomplete. These were my favorites.  Thank you Brothers and Sisters for uploading these songs on Youtube. Listen and Reflect. Feel Jesus. Love Jesus. 

Praise and Worship 🌹🎶🙌🏼

(Beautiful roses from our patient yesterday)

Good Friday Prayer and Reflection.
Always be grateful 🌷




17 Nov

Reading the scriptures everyday, does feel good. But, it does make sense even more to make me feel and feed better, when I sincerely push deeply to understand it. Thought-stopper and reality-biting reading on how you handle the scriptures as baby food, just bland as it taste like. It is true, that the fact we change in transition on how the consistency of food we eat, it does satisfies us even more. The more muscles and senses we use to eat, the more fulfilling and yummier the meal is.
That’s why, I am guilty. Guilty of not moving on, getting ahead, and stepping forward on my daily understanding for wisdom and knowledge to know Jesus, and our God, as a real solid food into my spiritual being. I am inadequate, I am weak, I am easily get discouraged at some point, but He knew everyday how to strengthen me, encouraged me, and blessed me with His sufficient grace.

Thank you, Father, for always allowing me to read an reflect everyday. And, for always healing and restoring my faith, unfailingly. ❤



3 Oct

Nursing Journal on Preventing Falls in the Elderly Long Term Care Facilities

By McCarthy, R. et.al, 2009


One of the vital roles of a nurse is to promote safety not only to their clients but also with themselves. This journal article was indeed, a reality all over the world which an elderly will possibly die because of fall-related injuries that once they had a fracture that may lead them to immobility and dependence, and then, they will eventually passed away. Just like in the case of Nanay L who had a saddened transitional effect, resulting from a fracture to death. As a student nurse, we have a significant role to make a change towards promoting safety provided by our compassionate, holistic and quality services that we may offer to elderly clients at Kanlungan ni Maria during our related learning exposure, and to our family. As long as there’s an opportunity to learn, like in this article that enriched more my knowledge regarding elderly care, I will use this, and I can apply this effectively on my chosen profession confidently and carefully to reduce the incidence of fall among older clients, by intervening with fall prevention and safety measures to the health care team.

Reference – Journal Article Link: http://www.rnjournal.com/journal_of_nursing/preventing_falls_in_the_elderly_long_term_care_facilities.htm


3 Oct

Geriatric Nursing

Journal Diary (Oct. 1-3, 2012) – By Me

Week 2 – Day 1, October 1, 2012

Our life at unexpected time will come to an end justly. When we arrived at Kanlungan ni Maria today, suddenly a news shocked us that Nanay L passed away already around 3 o’clock in the morning. Saddened by the news, after the rain finally subsided and the wet road started to dry, Nanay V and I walked going to the chapel after I got her vital signs that is within normal. We offered Nanay L our sincere prayers for her and then we head back to our home. Just the usual day, we rested after walking, and then played snakes and ladders which Nanay V was always the winner of the game. After, she ate her snack and then we proceed to play bingo with the other grandmothers and grandfathers. We always won, that’s why I am happy to see Nanay V’s smiling face and grateful attitude towards it, and all of the times that I spend with her and to others it makes my heart melt in every bit. Since we have no clinical instructor that assisted us today, we just proceed to our usual routines and activities for them, until we leave the area at 12.


Week 2 – Day 2, October 2, 2012

Early morning we greeted everyone with courteous gestures. We met our clinical instructor for the week, Ma’am Tipon, we had our short pre-conference for the activities and requirements to pass. After, I went to Nanay V and asked her how was she, and she said she was alright and full. When the weather was good outside, I assisted Nanay V for a walk outside and we also attended the mass for Nanay L. Then, after the mass, we went back home, I offered her water and provided opportunity for her to rest. She regained her energy, so we played again, snakes and ladders, and bingo. I’m happy that she enjoyed playing with me. When I took her vital signs before lunch time, all were normal except for her blood pressure which was 150/80 mmHg, so, I waited for at least 15 minutes to get again her BP, and it was 130/80 mmHg. I encouraged her to rest, to cool down and calm at her bed. Before we went home, we had our post-conference with Ma’am Tipon. I am looking forward for the next days to come with them that maybe this attachment that I had, may be difficult to break.


Week 2 – Day 3, October 3, 2012

Today, it rained hard so we stayed safely at home, watching a movie of Comedy King, Dolphy, entitled “Haw Haw de Carabao”, which I brought. There were a lot of people at home because of the Arellano and San Juan De Letran students plus us. We’re just fully loaded at home that even though the weather was gloomy, people were still energetic.  After the movie, it was my first time to see the process of anointing of the sick at home because usually, I see it during our hospital duty. We played bingo after, and we won again twice. I took her vital signs and it was within normal range. Both of us enjoyed the company of each other, I am thankful to Nanay V for her unfading kindness and politeness towards me and to others. Although, the rainy weather triggered her to sleep more instead of participating on the activities, and still, she never fails to attend and cooperate with us. I admired the positivity and enthusiasm instilled to Nanay V, it made me more motivated to care and love everything that I do like it’s worth-it.


2 Oct

Last blast of my late posts for September 🙂

Geriatric Nursing

IV-D   — Journal Diary – By Me

Day 1: September 26, 2012

First day of my related learning experience on Geriatric Nursing at Kanlungan ni Maria, was inexplicably good. Memories had flashed back on my mind during our last duty at Hospicio de San Jose before, when I saw the Lolas and Lolos living there simply and peacefully. With a heart-welcoming smile, they were greeting us back when we entered the facility. I established rapport and introduced myself to different Lolas and Lolos there. I almost knew their names with a census of 20; 14 females and 6 males. Our clinical instructor, Ma’am Peñalba facilitated us genuinely during our duty, we had our pre-conference for the tasks we must do and also, for the requirements that we must pass to her. After our pre-conference, we had our short pre-conference for our group for the patient’s assignments, division of tasks, and plan of activities. I was assigned to Nanay V, I saw her sleeping after breakfast, and then I gave her time to rest for a while. I talked and entertained other Lolas while waiting for Nanay V to wake up. When she woke up, we were able to talk smoothly, and hearing her stories of her life was indeed inspiring. Knowing some of her life’s background, I admired her loyalty and dedication. I am happy to take care of her because she was kind, thoughtful and respectful that she always responds to me with “opo and po”. When I saw that she seems sleepy, I asked her how her sleep is last night, she said that it’s not good because she can’t sleep continuously, and verbalized difficulty of sleeping. She also has cough and colds but it’s subsiding already. I offered her for a short walks outside, but she didn’t want to, and then I offered her a massage, then she agreed with me. I instructed her to call my attention immediately if she feels any discomfort or pain during massage. I applied powder on her back and started the massage while she was in a sitting position. Afterwards, I’ve asked her how she feels, then she said “mabuti po, maraming salamat po”. I’m thankful for offering a simple massage to Nanay V. Then at around 10, she ate snack and after, we played bingo until 11. I took her vital signs in the morning after breakfast and before lunch; the results were within normal limits except for her blood pressure which was 130/70. I also had the chance to get her systolic blood pressure at her lower extremities, hearing the dorsalis pedis pulse on her feet with the use of a device was a cool thing. Finally, we had our post-conference then after I went home tired but happy.

Day 2: September 27, 2012

What we had done yesterday was the continuation of our day 2. We assisted during and after breakfast to the Lolas and Lolos. After breakfast, I ask Nanay V for a short walk outside with me and she said it was okay. I asked for permission first to Sir and to our leader before we went outside. I am thankful that Nanay V had a good sleep last night; she was thanking me for the simple massage that I offered her. She seemed relaxed and pleasant this morning. So we walked down to the chapel and up to Rambutan st. then went back to Lansones st. Nanay V was active and has a high energy for quite a long walk. We prayed at the chapel and continued sharing stories to each other. We rested at the house, and then we played again with the other Lolas. She was cooperative and has a consistent good energy this morning. Before lunch, I took her vital signs, and all of the results were within normal range. After our post-conference with Ma’am Peñalba, I went home gratefully.


2 Oct

Just another late post fr September 🙂 09.21.12

Essay – Reflection – By Me

Underneath a silhouette of homes near the river, hundreds of families were surely there striving for a manly living. Various devastation may they encounter, their strong faith and determination in surviving on their daily lives with a genuine smile painted on their faces had captured my heart humbly. While I was walking inside a tunnel-looking path going to the families for home visits and information campaign, I have seen and knew how risky the families were living beside the river. Whether their living condition was highly hazardous in cases such as floods, earthquakes, and fires, they were still immensely ignoring those dangers. The most significant need for them was just merely meeting their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter on an everyday living. And, when I witnessed how they still normally and happily go on in doing their household chores and personal lives though with these hazards and financial incapability, they can cope and act like everything will be alright again. Due to their subtle positivity and friendly attitude towards life and approach to us, student nurses, I admired them. Appreciating more how God blessed my pleasant living condition now, made me more motivated to educate the community in Kapiligan, Area 81.

First week, I had learned how to be well-equipped in knowledge on helping my group on accomplishing our action plan towards the disaster preparedness of the community during flood and earthquake; following accordingly our activities throughout of day 1-4; started on establishing rapports to the purok leader and the community; preparing visual aids and leaflets, and inviting the community for our upcoming information campaign next week. Second week, our implementation phase, I am happy for the result of my group that we have met beyond our 75% target population regarding our information campaign. I and my dyad partner, Pau, was able to go to nine families for the dissemination of information, almost 6 out of 9 families were able to identify and prepare the necessary things included in a survival kit during flood or earthquake, and due to their previous experiences such as the southwest monsoon “Habagat”, they were now ready and alert. While 3 out of 9 families had panic during the sudden rise of river, we were able to educate them on what they need to prepare, importance of being informed on the news, knowing where to evacuate and having role assignments per family. On Wednesday, I was assigned to report on factors affecting the occurrence of earthquake, though my report was short, I knew I was able to impart additional knowledge to the community. Seeing and hearing the responses of the people during our campaign were very heart-melting. Third week, our evaluation phase, we were able to continue providing free service of getting their blood pressure, and giving health education; and we evaluate the community’s knowledge and preparedness by strategizing games which were full of fun and learning. All of us enjoyed the game because of the community’s magnificent energy and enthusiasm to cooperate with us, so in return, we gave those winners in the games our mini-survival bag. Nothing really beats how the community rewards us, essential experience and pure happiness.

I am grateful to be part of this related learning experience in the community, Doña Imelda – Area81, Kapiligan. Though I slightly miss the ambience, our families, and memories at Antipolo before, still, there’s a significant good purpose to reach out and to extend our hands to the community near our school. The teamwork of our group, D16, made all the possible ways truly successful, despite of the imperfections behind.

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