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1021 📷🏞 풍경 by V of BTS 💜

Listen to 풍경 by V of BTS by BTS #np on #SoundCloud

~ Beautiful music to our soul ~

013019 @ 10PM

Dearest V,

You made us so happy tonight. You genuinely blessed us with your beautiful music. I can’t stress enough how comforting and soothing Scenery is, I can’t describe and contain my happiness right now.

The lyrics are so creatively, poetically, well-written. Your voice really matches with the melody/tune and feels of this song. My heart could melt everytime you sing the chorus part and the ah ah ah ah ah ah part 😭 (send help)

Please, I would also like to praise you on how you added extra sound effects esp with the film camera. It’s so you, It’s your happiness. Photography. Vante. It’s you taetae capturing our hearts 😭

I am truly proud of you. You diligently and passionately composed every bit of this song while thinking of us, ARMYs ~ as part of your memory and scenery 😭 and for that I am eternally grateful and blessed again to be alive. I still remember your ending ment during LY in SG, the way you deliver it with so much enthusiasm in your heart 😭 huhu you are the sweetest, purest, and precious taetae that we admire and idolize!!

Thank you so much for everything 💜

May you continue to do what you love, for art and music, and in every creative path you take, we will support you taetae!!

Highly appreciated 10/10. Nostalgia 101.

Every time I will look in a beautiful scenery in the future, I would think of you. I would wonder, wonder beautiful story. I would wander, wander best part.

My favorite line:

If you leave now only leaving your footprint, I’ll keep that warmth. I’ll keep it in black and white.