Welcome back to toxicity!!! After my four days off, hello toxic shift! Full house. Wow. Three trans-out. Patient A, have severe bleeding; Patient B, have fetal distress on CTG; Patient C was previous 2 CS, breech, and in labor! Got admissions and discharges too. What an epic comeback, self. Thank God I’m with Sister Neena and Sheeba! ~ grateful indeed!

Few more days left and I will not be able to see these doctors that made me curse my job. I do really hope that these doctors would be more nice, respectful and caring for nurses too. I just wish them good karma in the future. 

Inspite of my toxic shift that I got home at 1730H, all my sisters here in our flat celebrated Ate Analyn’s birthday at La Paz. Thanks for inviting me. Hihi. Happy Birthday! ~ my gift will be to follow na muna. Thanks for being so kind to me, Ate!

What a day. 

Always be grateful 🌷





Pretty sums up my life so far 💫

Just slept my day off. Recharging my energy to work again for another six straight days. It’s Nurses Week, and Mother’s Day on Sunday. I don’t know why I am that sad again today. I must put a smile on my face because I need to. Perspective, darling. Tomorrow, is a new day. 🙌🏼 

I miss my mom, I love you mama! You’re one of the reason I took up Nursing, you are my role model since before, I love how you love your profession. I hope one day, I can really love 100% everything about my chosen profession the way you do. Happy Nurse’s Week!!!!! 

I’m Your Nurse Nj, happy to serve!!! 💉

Always be grateful 🌷




Jiving and grooving tonight makes me happy and hyper even more!
After watching the movie, Mirror, Mirror. This freely feeling had made me dance on the floor! Haha! 🙂
I am absolutely beautiful-looking today 🙂 thank you Lord!

I am supposed to study but I indulge myself to not so school-related stuff, and yet I still enjoyed my night at home 😉 I’m really in the mood to the dance! Yeah! Yeah! 😉 spreading some good energies to everyone! Heads up! 😉

Too many inspirations for today! I will affirm it, I will pass the NLE! I will ace it on the top! We will get a 100%! Ace up high, Achievers! 🙂 we will claim it! 😉 100% positivity and faith! I will not boast nor too confident, but I will give my all in this NLE on July 2013. Just a months away already, we can do it! 🙂 so, first, I must get some sleep now because we need to wake up early for tomorrow for our group study with my group buddies! 😉 let’s go! Aja!

Prayers help significantly to us, pray for us to go and work for our goals and dreams. Altogether, pray with each other 🙂 either YFC member or not, we are still a family 🙂 no fears and worries just love.

God bless friends! Goodnight!