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My artsy self was calling me to grab ABC mag and shop these stuff!!!!! πŸ’–

This year. 

I really want to push myself to do what I want to achieve and to learn. Step by step.

No bucketlist.

No checklist.
Instead, My Growth List!!!!!!!  πŸ’–

No more excuses, please. Yes, you may have a break/hiatus for a moment, but make sure to come back, try and try again. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Don’t worry, I will not be hard on myself. 
I will keep you posted on my progress here. Just wait for a couple of days ☺️
Always be grateful 🌷



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(Reminiscing101: Here’s a throwback photo from our SG trip 2016, where I am pretending to play this 🎹)
I was in High school when I learned to play and read notes. I wanted to learn more so I watched more videos on Youtube. First song I played was Ni Yao De Ai, song from Meteor Garden. I’m a fan of that Taiwanese Drama Series by the way. When Ber Months came, I’m playing Christmas Songs because of its season. Silent Night, Joy to the World, and I forgot what else. Then after, I learned to play Your Heart will Go On, Love is all that Matters, and I Just Called to Say I Love You. When my father saw that I’m playing a piano, he was happy to sit there in our living room and watch me. Even if I’m not good at playing, he’s my number one fan. He believes that I can play more. When that Ondoy Typhoon devasted our house and properties, he didn’t just throw our electronic piano and its stand, instead he fix it all for me. After that event, He urge me to practice everyday and play for him but due to my laziness and busy-busyhan activities, I didn’t play it anymore. 😞

I remember how I put smile to my father whenever he hears me play this thing. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone who believes in you even if you think you’re not that good at playing piano. Sorry dearest self, and father for neglecting to play again for years. I do really hope that this year, I can enroll myself to learn and play a piano. Please, I don’t want to have regrets in my youth on not fulfilling my dream to perform songs that I wanted to play, specially now that I have funds and time to improve myself. No more excuses, please. 
Bucketlist of songs to learn this year:

  • Canon D
  • Menuet Ba
  • Etude 11 and 13
  • It might be You
  • Forevermore
  • Goblin Osts, The Beautiful Life, etc!
  • Spring Day by BTS 

Let’s push this self, don’t ever forget and neglect again.



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First time at Meralco’s Mulitipurpose Hall, as a service team for West B.
Practicing at the moment for our dance production number for session 1.
I’m with my rainbow buddy for today, Ana! πŸ™‚ We will dance for God!

I am thankful because I was able to hear the short talk of Ms.Julie. I saw a hard-working, persistent and down-to-earth YFC missionary. She shared to us her three realizations in the Bible Verse of 1 Timothy. For our theme: Head’s up! “Do not let anyone look down on you, you are young. Be a model in speech, actions, purity, faith and love.”
1. Have a thankful heart and attitude.
2. Be prayerful.
3. Let yourself stands out among them, that people will confidently recognize you that you are a real YFC, rather than you say it for yourself.

Pretty inspiring talk! πŸ™‚

Thank you God! ;”>

Tomorrow is the day, the Campus Assembly. It will be my first time also to attend there πŸ™‚

Good day! Have a blessed Sunday!