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877 – No turning back ~

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I pray that our faith to our Almighty Saviour, Jesus, will continue to grow stronger and prosper joyfully.

Let us not be defeated against our internal and external battles and be separated from Him.

There’s no turning back now. This is the day.

Keep moving forward ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

~So thankful to share my simple journal entry for today to all of you. I had my first-ever seasonal reflection yesterday by utilizing my braver workbook, and all I ever did was to thank God for providing me with strength and guidance that had helped me surpassed this season(Jan-Mar).

Always be grateful ๐ŸŒท



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Life is so precious.

That’s why God didn’t allow me to pass my driving written exam today.

I still lack knowledge and skills in driving, so He will not give me my non-pro license instantly.

He will not let me drive and be involved to any accident prematurely.

Because He loved and cared for me and his people.

I’m sorry for being too confident that I can pass the exam as easy as pie that I didn’t take LTO’s reviewer before our exam. LOL yan kasi xD

I was slapped really hard when I got 29/40, and the passing score is 30, that of course I felt disappointed and embarrassed til I reached home.ย LOL yan kasi xD v.2

I doubted again myself. What if my fate is just to be the sleepy passenger for life? What if I am not really for this. What ifs and so on.

But, I am always reminded ofย  thisย “Everything happens for a reason”.

This failure was a deserved slap on my face to wake me up and realize how immense and challenging is to be a driver in this world most esp. in the Philippines!

This is just my First Attempt In Learning.

I must seriously learn to drive wholeheartedly.

Because life is so precious.










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868 ~ simple token

Thank God it’s Friday!

Survived another week of being a company nurse.

Overcome solitude and independence at its finest.

Learned how to manage my time without being late this week!

Plus two bonus and unexpected joys of today:

  • Arrived early at work thru the help of a beautiful woman with a red CR-V and golden heart who offered carpooling (same fee from Marikina – Ortigas, 45Php). TBH I thought I’m gonna be late because I arrived in the terminal at 6:14am, and as expected – queue of people. However, God is really gooood โค
  • Received a simple token of appreciation. Nothing beats being appreciated for simply doing your profession in the field. Thank you Ate/Mommy Neng sa pa-salad and nuggets of wisdom on my last AM shift!! God made it possible for us to meet and be friends even though its just short and sweet. Your loyalty and service in the company is so amazing. (How to be loyal too? hehe) May God bless you on your new venture being a retiree, worship leader, and entrepreneur. Continue to be the giver of kindness and hope.


Thank You Lord for I am alive and healthy! โค To God be the Glory!


Joyful weekend, friends! ๐Ÿ™‚


Always be grateful





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864 ๐Ÿ’Œ

I finally made a letter to papa and put it secretly in his bag this morning before I go to work.

Tbh, it’s been a very long timeeeeeee that I can’t even remember when was the last time I gave him a real heartfelt letter..

When I made that letter yesterday night, I was praying to God for wisdom so I can say what’s really on my mind and heart. I don’t know if I’ve chosen the right words and intentions. However, I felt inner peace within me.

I pray that he will enjoy there, be happy, forget all his pain and sufferings, find himself and hopefully learn to forgive.

While I’m at work, dad called me to say that he already read the letter I gave him, he almost cried and don’t want to leave anymore.. but I stressed to him that he needs this break and he can comeback when he is really ready to go home..

I need to be strong mentally, emotionally and spirituality. I will not give up my family. Despite their flaws and brokenness, I will love them.

“Faith does not take away the pain, but gives meaning to it.”

Always be grateful ๐ŸŒท



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Today’s simple joys:

  • Simple bonding day with papa โค
  • Improved driving skills!!!
  • Played L4d2 with ate and others (great team)
  • Interested to signup on Skill share!
  • BTS updates waaaahhhhh New album in Japan and Hobi’s mixtape (so sooooon) >:D<
  • Errands done ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Sunday’s Feast tomorrow with kuya!(praying) To God be the Glory! โค

Always be gratefulย ๐ŸŒท





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860 ~ got laaate ><

Sometimes I’m like a turtle with the slowest moving feature in the record when I wake up early in the morning, and you will know what happen next.. *clap, clap, I got late for 20 minutes like I just started working in my new job days ago. I am that crazy. LOL XD

I must be in the terminal at 6:10am or earlier than that, because if not.. I will be dead. Not literally. OA. haha. Okay. When I arrived there around 6:19am? tons of people welcomed me.


I got anxious.

I started to pray.

Then, I decided to watch Episode 15 of Korean Odyssey while I wait on the line. *RIP cellular data*

Good thing, the couple in front of me offered me a lift but not free (of course). They booked a cab going to Ortigas. Although I got a little bit annoyed with them while they had their brushing session on the line minutes before they got a cab, I will still have to thank them from their unexpected kindness. hehe.\m/ Last minute before we hopped in, there’s a girl who joined us in the cab, yey to 4 people fare sharing \m/

While in the cab, I continued to watch K-drama because I got nothing to do to calm myself, I will still be late anyway. Morning traffic jam everyday in Pasig. T_T

When we arrived in Ortigas,I gave my exact share to them (then I must have left the scene, but why I didn’t go!??), so lo and behold, the couple handed their 500php early in the morning for payment, but manong driver insisted us to pay for smaller bill because buena mano kami. Time check:8:10am – I’m doomed.

We, three (minus the GF – who escaped the scene 1st), went at Jollibeeย  (with long lines in the counter around 8am – wow) for our change. Btw, I’m still so kind to pay our taxi fare because I have extra 100php with me that time instead of running away, ako muna nag-abono.

To make the story short, Di ko na inantay sukli ko kasi anong petsa na kuya huhu buti na lang mabait yung girl na last minute sumama samin, Hi Joyce, magkatabing building lang kami nag-wwork so I met her during our lunch break to get my money back.

08:20am Logged in, clinic routine done. kbye.


There’s always something to be grateful for!ย ๐ŸŒท

~ got my laptop todayyyyy! yeyy! \m/