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18 Jun

What to feel? 

Sad but grateful.

Excited but scared.

A bit of separation anxiety

But thankful for No last duty symdrome. Received six patients, 1 DAMA, then no admission, trans-out, trans-in, discharge, or absconded. 

Survived my 309 clinical duty experience in KMMCH, all thanks to my Heavenly Father up there!!!!! Nurse NJ, officially signing out..
Always be grateful 🌷




6 Jun

Many people said that woman were not allowed to walk alone in KSA. At first, I was so afraid but now, I have gained courage. Though I really don’t want to walk from our accomodation to hospital and vice versa, we don’t have a choice. I can’t count anymore on how many times I have walked alone. Sad to say, I have entered an institution where they are not prioritizing our safety and welfare. Our new accomodation is still not finished with construction. It’s inside the vicinity of the hospital. I will not be able to live there anymore once it will be finished. I’m just waiting for my papers to finish. My exit is still on process. I will wait, then from now I must start to pack-up. My ordered balikbayan box has arrived today. It’s not easy to leave but I shall follow my intuition. 


Aways be grateful 🌷




29 May

Ate Cheryl, Grace, and I, went at Saudi Council Commission and in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So thankful that these two sisters accompanied me even if their from night duty!!! How’s sweet, I am touched. I gained two sisters with a kindest heart. I’m emo haha. But I really appreciate them on how they made me feel happy here abroad. Okay, cut off the drama, and let me share some of my snaps!!! We enjoyed having our photops here, even though I have my evening duty at 1500H and for the both of them without sleep. 🀣

Been really in love with flowers, as much as I love chocolates hihi ✌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷




11 Mar

Hello, It’s Saturday. What do you feel? 
Either you are sad or happy.. I just love to show you some of my snaps of skies in Abha, KSA. 

It’s always been comforting to look up, to enjoy the view, to feel the breeze, and to know that someone up there is watching and directing my steps. Exhaling every negative vibes, and just thanking how great our God is. He sincerely listen, and care even though sometimes I felt that I am not worthy enough to serve Him. Still, His love and mercy overflows for me. He never leaves nor forsake me. Everything I have, I will lift up to Him. 
Thank you, Father! πŸ’™

Oh, Guide me to know and to glorify You more. 




14 Jul

Good evening! It’s my day off and I did some household chores! Now, it’s time to relax and have fun with my family. 

So, I just wanna share an another throwback post here. Welcome to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!!!  


Wonderful Underground River!


Awesome Luli Island


Beautiful Cowrie Island


We stayed at Marianne Hotel


Food selfie at Mangan Restaurant on our last day at Puerto Princesa!


I will credit my brother for these gorgeous shots, and I’ll take credit for myself on the editing part! Hehe! Thanks, vscocam! And above all, Thank you, Lord for allowing me and my siblings to witness one of your amazing creation, Palawan!! Travel date: April 2015 πŸ™‚ 
It’s more fun in the Philippines! 

“Tara, Byahe tayo!” 




13 Jul

Glimpse of our HK trip way back Nov2014! ☺️



12 Jul

Morning shift and it’s benign! Therefore, it’s time to celebrate for surviving this week w/ J&J at Maginhawa and Lilac! 

Come, visit, and eat! eats more fun in Ph!!! ❀️
Thanks for dropping by! 😊


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