660 – b a l i k b a y a n ðŸ‡µðŸ‡­

Last eleven months I departed PH, it rained. When I arrived after eleven months, it’s raining too. Just a coincedence, or maybe it’s just a rainy season in our country. Hehe. But I’m very grateful to God, for blessing me the gift of courage, endurance, and faith that I was able to conquer everything by myself. I went out and go back alone after eleven months!!!!! 

I got teary-eyed when we landed. They were clapping inside the plane. “Mabuhay” Okaaaay, I got toooo emotional when that line I heard from the crew. Ughhhhh. I was just so happy that I’m really at home! Manila!!!!!! I survived!! I’m cleared! I’m healthy! I’m at peace! Huhu! I just had flashback of memories for all that I’ve been through in KSA. I deserved a real tap on myself for coming back alive, strong, and healthy. Thank You Lord!! 💖

~ First time that I did on my flight was applying a face mask haha (good thing, I’m on the window side and the two men beside me were sleeping), and I wrote my journal entries there even the plane was flying. 

(Haha! I just had to put these stickers!!! But what influenced me to put this on? Maybe because I was influenced by Ms. Liah’s  or Joan Kim’s vlog on Youtube (skincare is lifeu even in flight) mode haha), I watched it a week before my flight, and I have a pimple that’s starting to grow.. and I stayed at the airport for almost six hours so, my face needs to breath and have some moisture so tadaaaah hahaha!!! I just wanted to try it, that’s all, sorry for the lengthy explanation there haha ~ my pimple still grew red the other day, but that’s it, my pimple just sit on my face for two days!!! Yeyy!)

(Yep! I need to release my thoughts and feels on my almost 10 hours flight? So, yes to journaling even in flight mode!!!)

I just had a nap by the way. I fell asleep while watching Table 19 😫

And I took snaps of the skies 😍😍😍😍 *priceless view everrrrrr!!!!!! All I want to say was Lord, Thank You for everything!!! I owe my life to you. Allow me to serve you more. 

My balikbayan experience: 

  • Arrived too early for my flight at King Khalid Airport. I have excess baggage allowance but they were not strict!!! Huhu thank you!!! Checked-in early. Listened to my playlist while waiting and reminiscing. Took a nap too. All by myself waiting in vain. Yeppp. Strong and independent version 2.0 charrrr!
  • Departed 0730H at RUH. 
  • Arrived 2210H at PH.
  • Free wifi saved the night. Coz I only got piso balance on my free sim. Hehe and I sent it to my dad’s non-working service number, very nice noh. 
  • Long line in immigration. As in. 🙄
  • Siksikan mga ateng, while getting our luggages. Singit kung singit ang mga ateng, bes. While I just patiently waited for my luggage, surfing the net and umapak ako sa trolly ko para kitang-kita ko ung maleta ko. Grabe kasi sila sumingit kahit nasa harap ka na. Huhubelz. 😒
  • I handed over the package to Ate Marj’s mom. 
  • Fifteen minutes after, my dad saw me!!!!! And yes, reunion peg haha. Hugs & kisses. 
  • First time to ride our new Fortuner! *May inambag ako dito like woohoo! 
  • Went to NAIA 3 Arrival to fetch our cousins from Cebu! While waiting, I ate Cheezy chips! *kakamiss, chichirya is lifeu hehe. Of course pala, I saw my brother.. and ayun act normal lang. 
  • 2 am Hits!!! We all ate at Shakey’s. Ugh mojos, gravy, thin crust pizza, spag, carbonara, and chicken!!!! Spent almost 3k? But happy tummy, so okay!!! 
  • Lights offff – 4 am . . Feels good to be home. 

(My dad prepared my bed!!!!! Washed all our stuff toys and tadaaah! 💖)

Official Tambay Diaries # on the next blogposts. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

Always be grateful 🌷 




659 – sisterly love 

Forever grateful to this girl!!! Grateful beyond words. My KSA experience will not be complete if I didn’t spent my last stay with you. Ughhh I will miss you 😘

I love you ate! ❤️

Appreciation post for you ❤️



(Hirap hulaan ng fave color ko, bes! Haha!)


Bad news: Still my exit visa is not ready.

Good news: Our hospital director will give me Certificate of Employment!!

Bad news: I will pay for my second luggage at the airport. My hospital will not shoulder that expense because I will stay in RUH more than 12hrs. I paid 30SR for my ride going to Saudia, just to clear this luggage issue. I will pay at the airport for 140SR. So done and down. 

Good news: Sister Somia lend me her weighing scale. Weighed my three luggages, it’s just fit for its alloted allowance . 

I will not buy anymore here in ABH. Enough, self. Restrain. 

Keep your head up. God is in control with all these things that are happening. 

Love you, self!! Kaya mo yan. Mixed emotions lang yan. Wag ma-stress!! Thank you, besh(my flatmates)? At napapansin nyo na bad mood ako lately? Haaay kakaloka kayo in so many ways but I will always forgive y’all!!! 

Tomorrow will be a good day! *pls.. 




My flatmates have different duties. I’m just at home. Yes, I knew they are tired and stressed already from their work. As much as possible, I’m pretending to be okay and smile at them. Asked on how’s their day and the follows. Why they are not asking if I’m okay? I’m very stressed honestly while waiting for all my papers to finish. I’ve wasted my money, time and effort. Should have been in Riyadh or Philippines by now if I really fixed my papers fast and wise. I’m blaming myself. I am hurting myself. Sorry, self. Huhu. I wanted someone to comfort me. Thanks to my sister who’s always there for me. Even if she scolded me, she comforted me. I’m not telling anyone my problems, except to my sister. But most of the time I keep it only with myself. I keep on reminding myself that it’s not a big deal, move on, understand the situation, and you will be okay. I keep on fighting my battles alone while pretending I’m fine. As long as I can do it, I will be calm. Putting all my stress into artworks and letters. Keeping that smile. Heads up. 

I will be okay.

God is in control, always 💖




I cannot please her everyday. 

As much as possible I have grown the value of patience and understanding while growing up. Maturity. Hmm. It’s always nice to sleep soundly with peace. Peace of mind knowing that you don’t have any hard feelings to everyone. I know some people can’t tolerate why I am always late. If she has major issue on why I move so slow, just tell me and do not snob me and won’t talk to me. It’s awkward a bit. I feel your aura, girl. So, I will back off for now until you recover on your drama. I want to see you smile on me, not your busangot face. I will be staying here in KSA maybe less than a month from now, I wanna make good memories with all of you. I hope you move on na, girl. I have no problem if you confront me, I will accept it whole-heartedly. Actually, I don’t want to be affected with this issue, but I don’t want to let this issue affect our friendship. Even I do good things for you when you’re sick, but not done for me in return when I got sick, I understand. Not all my good deeds can get sukli but I will do it anyway. Being Kind feels good even if you’re not expecting something in return, right? Just be kind anyway. 
I don’t know if you’re down into something before, and me being late just beated your yesterday’s mood.. but I will understand you. I hope you understand me too. I’m sorry for being late yesterday. My bad. My mistake. I apologize many times. Smile na, Been waiting for you to come out on your room since morning! I want peace not war. Let’s be okay real soon, Ate Angel. ~ 




Many people said that woman were not allowed to walk alone in KSA. At first, I was so afraid but now, I have gained courage. Though I really don’t want to walk from our accomodation to hospital and vice versa, we don’t have a choice. I can’t count anymore on how many times I have walked alone. Sad to say, I have entered an institution where they are not prioritizing our safety and welfare. Our new accomodation is still not finished with construction. It’s inside the vicinity of the hospital. I will not be able to live there anymore once it will be finished. I’m just waiting for my papers to finish. My exit is still on process. I will wait, then from now I must start to pack-up. My ordered balikbayan box has arrived today. It’s not easy to leave but I shall follow my intuition. 


Aways be grateful 🌷




Ate Cheryl, Grace, and I, went at Saudi Council Commission and in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So thankful that these two sisters accompanied me even if their from night duty!!! How’s sweet, I am touched. I gained two sisters with a kindest heart. I’m emo haha. But I really appreciate them on how they made me feel happy here abroad. Okay, cut off the drama, and let me share some of my snaps!!! We enjoyed having our photops here, even though I have my evening duty at 1500H and for the both of them without sleep. 🤣

Been really in love with flowers, as much as I love chocolates hihi ✌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷