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Underneath my own blanket, I can cover-up. 

My tears and my sadness.

Staring blankly yet overthinking a lot.

But how long I can cover and hide. 

How long I can stand being too emotional and down.

I have frustrations and rough moments in life too.

I’m not showing or telling my circle unless I’m okay to open up. 

I don’t like them to see my weakness. 

I don’t like when they’re showing sympathy.

I’m selfish on my thoughts and feelings. 

I isolated myself at times.

Honestly, this is me every time I woke up at the wrong side of my bed. And I know we’re on the same boat at times.. It’s okay..

Self, it’s normal. Return to being your usual self. This is not you. This is not what you want. 

There’s a trigger, but don’t pull it. Acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it. Sorry it’s never been easy to do this, but try and try. Always be prepared to bottle up on your thoughts and emotions. You must take control and action on what’s on your mind.

On what I usually do to overcome all these negativity: 

  • Deep Breathe. *Ughhhh I am exhaling my bad breath and bad vibes!!!!
  • Play your feel good music. *Coz music comforts my soul. Music brings me a lot and all kind of emotions. I cannot live in a day without listening to music. 
  • Watch inspiring videos or short clip of animals and all cute stuff.
  • Pray and have a simple mindset that “Today is a good day to be alive, Lord.. for simply breathing and I am healthy, I am grateful.” *Huhu this is so powerful!

It’s very hard to maintain optimisim all throughout the day, coz yes I’m running out of it at times. But, be kind and gentle to yourself. Don’t pressure or try too hard. Relax. Have faith and You can surpass anythinggggggg!!!!!! Just keep moving forward. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ



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Got pressured, you know? I only finished packing my balikbayan box in one night and sealed it. Huhu. Wrong move. Why I closed it so sooooooon. I’m so bad that I got pressured with my flatmate. She didn’t done anything wrong. It’s just me, myself, and I to punish. K, Just kidding. Hehe. It’s tiring to fix all your stuff in a box. Struggle was real. Even if I didn’t make sulit the space in my box, and it’s mostly just my stuff, not pasalubong, I’m thankful with all the OFW feels after packing. I even forgot five things to put in my box but I don’t want to open it anymore. I’ll just leave it like that. 

This is it! Going home soooon! I hope our lift in our hotel accomodation will work as sooon as possible so that we cand send our parcel to Ph. Jebal ~~~

(Of course, blue πŸ’™)



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June 2017 – ABH, KSA 

There’s a lot of thoughts to ponder. Walking under the sun. Leaving traces. Marking my days. Hoping for a smooth and safe journey until I reach my so called home. 

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There’s a lot of stuff that I will be missing someday here in KSA. Almost my home for a year(short-term stay, I know), but I still feel a separation anxiety as days go by. Years from now, it will all be treasured memories. I’m taking my time to appreciate the streets that I’m seeing everyday. Coz, there’s no turning back now. My exit is soon! 

Always be grateful 🌷



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When you opened your concerns, and fight for what is right, sometimes the universe will be on your side to help you. Just on what happened today, our house mother and the management gave Ate Grace & Ate Leslie, the power to choose whether to stay or transfer. 

Of course, they chose to stay here. We will still be together in one flat. It’s a good thing that our House Mother let them decide. But, she said to them that eventually we will all transfer also sooner or later. I told Ate Grace that they should buy their own stuff now, they shouldn’t wait until my exit, then they will just buy that time. Only, she replied to me that I can just leave my stuff with them. I knew she was joking around, but for me I am quite serious because all my stuff here in my room was bought by my sister. Nonetheless, it’s good that I can still depend on them just like before.
Thank you Father God, your always in control! πŸ‘‘

I will enjoy my two days off by watching Bon Voyage episodes of BTS!! Super helpful link here: 

Thank you so much for this!!!!!! Such a blessing!! ❀ 
Goodnight, friends!