People can drain you.

But you got to be strong.

Stay away from that toxic people in your circle. 

Don’t mind their own drama.

Just go and move forward.





(Credits to Artidote)

Self, slow down and take it easy.  Yes you have your own race but take a deep breath and follow your intuition. Remember that going back home is not a sign of giving up easily. You’re not a quitter. You finished your contract. But if staying longer does not make you really fulfilled and happy, then just leave. Let Go and Let God. I know you will go places someday. Hold on to your hopes and dreams. 




#NoteToSelf 🙌🏼

A reminder to all of us that we are truly valuable. Let’s just understand the situations and feelings of people around us. Stop overthinking much, self. Yes, I tend to be clingy and snob at the same time. I get sad too, when nobody of my friends or relatives texted/called me all day. Some days, it’s big deal for me when I’m not that busy or I have my down moments that I wanted someone to care what I’m really feeling right now. But hey, He’s just up there waiting and listening to you all time and all day. Cling on with Him, with God the Father, our Friend who we strongly rely on. Breath, and feel His presence. He’s with you, 24/7! 

Thank you Father God. I will guard my heart, set my eyes up to you, and put my hope to you. You will direct my every step for I don’t know what path to take. I have decided to resign here in my current work, vacation then exit for good. I don’t know if they can give me legit certificate of experience for one year, they must give, but according to our hospital head, he will not give for those who will resign with less than three years of serving. Unfair. Nonetheless, I will lift everything to You, my Father. My life, my present, and my future. 

Always be grateful 🌷