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16 May

On point, note-to-my-dearest-self 💞


13 May

Binged-watch Individualist Miss Ji Young, Korean mini drama with two episodes tackling about life of being individualist. Lived alone since she was young because her parents had separate lives. She tried to be strong alone. She became a steel. Until one day, she met a man that will make her soft and brought down her walls. She has strong and deep issue with her family. She distance herself once she became unsure and irritated to people. At the end, she long not be alone anymore, took risk and trust to love people. 
Hmmm.. someday, I hope I can learn how to fully trust people too, without doubting or judging them so that I will not distance myself and put my walls high anymore. 




11 May

Pretty sums up my life so far 💫

Just slept my day off. Recharging my energy to work again for another six straight days. It’s Nurses Week, and Mother’s Day on Sunday. I don’t why I am that sad again today. I must put a smile on my face because I need to. Perspective, darling. Tomorrow, is a new day. 🙌🏼 

I miss my mom, I love you mama! You’re one of the reason I took up Nursing, you are my role model since before, I love how you love your profession. I hope one day, I can really love 100% everything about my chosen profession the way you do. Happy Nurse’s Week!!!!! 

I’m Your Nurse Nj, happy to serve!!! 💉

Always be grateful 🌷




10 May

Having a breakout on my face again, but not that massive. Still, my fresh pimple dried out fast! So, I’ve stumbled again another helpful online beauty vlogger which seem very informative!! 

Here’s her link!!!! 

Skincare by Liah Yoo 🌷

Zinc oxide and Vitamin D supplement were important for acne prone skin. Using these ingredients to our sunscreen or any acne prone kit were both essential. Sadly, my sunscreen that I’m using lacks zinc oxide and most products that I consuming now. Good thing, my sunscreen was organic/physical/mineral type, it formed white cast on my face but I slowly loved how it lightens my face. At first, I thought that using that sunscreen caused my breakout. But maybe it’s on my skincare routine habits, bedsheets, pillow case, blanket, hair, food, sleeping late? Or many other countless factors. I’m using grapeseed cold pressed oil for a year now, and it really helped heal my pimples so far. Though I still get new fresh pimples because of many factors. My problem also is my blackheads on my nose. I have big pores clogged with blackheads. I know that manually scraping it would lose it natural oil and worsen more the pore though it will leave your nose clear, but it will still come back. Oh noes, blackheads again. Huhu. So, I will try to apply her simple steps of skincare. 

  1. Not to overwash my face
  2. After my toner, I will apply my grapeseed oil
  3. After letting the oil sit on my face, I will apply my water gel (oil-free) moisturiser
  4. Re-apply suncreen if going outdoors/indoors. Dabbing even small amount on my face and neck. 

Let’s see what happens. I will update you, friends. Now, I’ll try to take a nap with my very comfy new blanket!!! Then, it’s my 3rd night duty later. Hoping for a benign shift!! 

Thank you Lord for everything for uplifting my mood again, I felt a little down this morning, I don’t know, maybe because I still didn’t have a real date of my vacation and I still didn’t passed my resignation because my head nurse said it’s too early. Nooooo. Huhu what I will do now. I will lift it up to you, enlighten and help me, oh Lord 💫
Goodnight, friends! 

Always be grateful 🌷




3 May

While everyone’s doing an amazing tasks everyday, some were good at pretending and simply striving to live, either of the two, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is how you battle on what’s inside your mind. How you choose what to feel and think. It’s very competitive to live and survive these years because of social media. You don’t even know what mask to wear just to attract attention on your daily posts. You don’t even feel true to yourself. You feel you are lacking. You feel inferior. You feel depressed. It’s not easy to survive alone. 
Good thing, there were a lot of courageous and inspiring people who makes mental health a priority. Who braves to share real stories with purest content and intent. 
Grateful to the fact that one of those people is my friend. I’ve been proud of this woman ever since I met her. I feel her real-est thoughts and emotions. Follow my friend’s site:

Art and Mental Health

Let’s altogether heal and fight this battle!

* sorry for this late post, and I salute WordPress team for this feature of helping us to choose date of publication of our posts!!! 🙂




1 May

Cheers, self! It’s been three years since you’ve entered this labor enforcement. Being adult is hard and confusing. Yet, you’re hanging in there and moving forward and forward even if obstacles seems to be never ending. You will bloom after all your struggle. You are a work on progress. Someday, you will find your true passion and will work happily and fulfilled.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! It’s been a toxic week yet I am very grateful that God is always with me to protect me and my patient to cause any further harm. Thank you, Father!


Always be grateful 🌷




29 Apr

Heartbreaking. Depressing. Someone you knew prematurely wreck your fantasy of love. Yet you gave him your full trust, not knowing that risking for love means you must be ready to get hurt in any possible forms. This is not an event for me. My close friend has been struggling a lot in all aspect that I am concerned for her. I really want her to know that I can be here to listen and just listen to her thoughts and feelings even were both far from each other. No distance matters for a heart who’s willing to listen and accept who you are. We all have battles to conquer every single day, and it doesn’t matter if you want to be alone to clear your mind and soul. Yet, it’s very helpful too if you cling on to someone who will care and never judge you in any way. Oh God, I am praying for her to have more strength, patience, and healing. Today was the first video call I had with her since I came here in KSA. Straight after duty, I dialled her on Messenger without hesitation. Luckily, she didn’t deferred my call. We’re both listening and empowering each other. I hope she sincerly appreciate me being there with her in her down moments. I hope she cried it all out today and I pray for her complete self-recovery. 

Goodnight, friends 😌

Always be grateful 🌷



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