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676 – Teacher πŸ“š

29 Jul

Yes, you are poor but you can dream and work hard. You can get out from that cell that stopping you not to grow or change your life. You have to make a stand. It’s a hard battle and rough path. You gotta be strong. Have faith that your circle will support you in time, the least you expect it. You gotta experience being down before you taste real success. All of these down moments, these will all mold you up. Only way up, and forward to success. No matter how educated or successful you’ll be. Don’t forget your roots. Don’t ever belittle anybody. Nobody has the right to belittle any single human being in this universe. Stay humble. Live gratefully and with grace. Workhard to grow and to never stop learning in this life. I support Education, as equal as I give importance to our Health. 

Learning. Reflections.

I’ve watched today’s episode of #MMKPrideandJoy and Brigada. Both of them shared how essential Education is. I’m very grateful in my life that I’ve gave importance on my studies before anything else, like being in a relationship – for example. My parents really worked hard so I must pay what they deserve. It’s okay to get tired and tired while studying, but you must never ever give up your Education, dears. Education is a gold investment that your parents sacrificed everything for you to get one! 
I got really teary-eyed, when the Father doesn’t support his Son’s dream to be a teacher at first, but then, the father knew the story of his son’s hardwork and how he was belittle by his Auntie (Father side). His father gone mad with his sister. His Father just became proud of his son. Oh, men were not so vocal, but they’re really love and protecting each other. Given fact that your family will always be your source of strength. Strength, to push you towards your goal coz its really fulfilling that your family support you. Huhu. Teacher Roy, Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! #MMKPrideandJoy πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

From Brigada, I was awakened again to my dream to teach kids passionately 😒 Miss Celine was a teacher in Laguna. She was a bookworm ever since. She has a daughter who got influenced too from Technologies but now grown to love books after Celine read a book everyday for her daughter. Celine got motivated to teach other kids during summer season, and since school has started, she has session every Saturday for them. “Kwentuhan sa Wawa.” As I remember the name of her project. She can alot her time, effort, and money just to teach and serve kids. She wanted all kids to learn how to read thru her simple movement. *very inspiring, Teacher Celine!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Two of the episodes I watched today were Teachers. Real talk: I’ve wanted to become a teacher too. Passionate teacher such as Miss Sabrina OngKiko. 

To love and to serve the public. Every student deserves a good teacher. 

β€” Sabrina Ongkiko 

I’m very grateful today: I chose to alot time for my family and friends! Catch-up, done!

Thank you Lord!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Always be grateful 🌷




25 Jul

Life is short. Take chances. Enjoy life. Do what you love. Serve and spread love everyday. Coz we really didn’t know when is our time to go up, yes only way up!!!!! Huhuhuhu 😩 It’s so easy to say these things but it’s difficult to maintain to be happy all the time and do these stuff. Huhu what I’m pointing out there. I’m just so shocked to see “condolence posts” early in the morning. Found out that one of my batchmate/schoolmate in Highschool died due to cardiac arrest. Young, active, and sporty woman that everyone knew. Rest in peace, A.. πŸ•Š
My bff, Iya, we met for a quick catch-up and went to A’s wake to pray. It’s sad that friends meet in a funeral after long months of not seeing each other.. 😞

Before heading home, we had our pagpag time, we ate and had our catch up at Calle Lila. I always admire this woman for being enthusiastic and lovable every time. She’s now the breadwinner of the family at her young age. She juggled everything with grace. I always love how she appreciates simple things too. I hope she allot time also for herself, she must engage too, to skin care and exercise. This woman is selfless, simple, and very warm inside. Thank you for your time spent with me even though you’re so busy(I understand haha), bff iya ❀️ I love you 😘

Always be grateful, simple for being alive and breathing!!!!! Thank you Lord!!! 🌷



668 – Sophia’s artwork 01

21 Jul

When will a person change his behavior towards his daughter? He loves her as he told everyone in the crowd but no pure action of that so called love. 😫 If he’s mad, he’s annoyingly mad. He can’t give love and care selflessly. Haaaay, grow up pls. 

I really missed you, Sophia, your presence made me simply happy. I admire how you initiate to draw and color in the middle of the night. I love you. I hope my brother will be a good father to you soon. So soon that he may be responsible enough to take care of you. You are our precious princess. 
Sharing Sophia’s artworks! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

(From first row, I drew then she colored all of them. Then to second row, she drew and colored them all. Good job, Sophia!)

Your parents must be proud and appreciate these, but they were busy with each other’s separate lives. 😞 Instead, let me keep these, I hope someday you look back to your drawings with me. I love you. ❀️




17 Jul

My artsy self was calling me to grab ABC mag and shop these stuff!!!!! πŸ’–

This year. 

I really want to push myself to do what I want to achieve and to learn. Step by step.

No bucketlist.

No checklist.
Instead, My Growth List!!!!!!!  πŸ’–

No more excuses, please. Yes, you may have a break/hiatus for a moment, but make sure to come back, try and try again. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Don’t worry, I will not be hard on myself. 
I will keep you posted on my progress here. Just wait for a couple of days ☺️
Always be grateful 🌷




11 Jun

As I see this city, I’m feeling a bit down from the inside. Flashback of memories keeps gushing through my mind that I ended up crying in the corner of my bed. Why. I don’t know. Few more days and I’m still not packing. Maybe I’m still attached to everything. This idea of leaving is not sinking in me. I am not regretting to leave because I am following my intuition. But I’m just so sad and emotional. I appreciate every little thing. I realized many things in my life. I am still lacking in many areas. Got so many flaws and lies in life. And it’s okay, self. I will get and feel better in time. Please don’t pressure yourself, instead be gentle.

Thank You God for helping me grow and move forward. I cannot do this alone. 





30 May

(Credits to Artidote)

Self, slow down and take it easy.  Yes you have your own race but take a deep breath and follow your intuition. Remember that going back home is not a sign of giving up easily. You’re not a quitter. You finished your contract. But if staying longer does not make you really fulfilled and happy, then just leave. Let Go and Let God. I know you will go places someday. Hold on to your hopes and dreams. 




16 May

On point, note-to-my-dearest-self πŸ’ž

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