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(Reminiscing101: Here’s a throwback photo from our SG trip 2016, where I am pretending to play this 🎹)
I was in High school when I learned to play and read notes. I wanted to learn more so I watched more videos on Youtube. First song I played was Ni Yao De Ai, song from Meteor Garden. I’m a fan of that Taiwanese Drama Series by the way. When Ber Months came, I’m playing Christmas Songs because of its season. Silent Night, Joy to the World, and I forgot what else. Then after, I learned to play Your Heart will Go On, Love is all that Matters, and I Just Called to Say I Love You. When my father saw that I’m playing a piano, he was happy to sit there in our living room and watch me. Even if I’m not good at playing, he’s my number one fan. He believes that I can play more. When that Ondoy Typhoon devasted our house and properties, he didn’t just throw our electronic piano and its stand, instead he fix it all for me. After that event, He urge me to practice everyday and play for him but due to my laziness and busy-busyhan activities, I didn’t play it anymore. 😞

I remember how I put smile to my father whenever he hears me play this thing. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone who believes in you even if you think you’re not that good at playing piano. Sorry dearest self, and father for neglecting to play again for years. I do really hope that this year, I can enroll myself to learn and play a piano. Please, I don’t want to have regrets in my youth on not fulfilling my dream to perform songs that I wanted to play, specially now that I have funds and time to improve myself. No more excuses, please. 
Bucketlist of songs to learn this year:

  • Canon D
  • Menuet Ba
  • Etude 11 and 13
  • It might be You
  • Forevermore
  • Goblin Osts, The Beautiful Life, etc!
  • Spring Day by BTS 

Let’s push this self, don’t ever forget and neglect again.



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Who wouldn’t love cute stuffs!? Kawaii!! I loved cute and colorful stuffs! Even my personal passwords have something related to these. I’m really missing my creative side, hello other side of me, my love for doing art projects like scrapbook, drawing, doodling, and designing my planner/ journal. Huhu. Why I even have to stop doing these things, and even I still miss, I am that lazy for how many years now. I followed inspiring and creative people on Instagram and Youtube. And, wowwww! I’m very jealous of how their passion for art made them into a success. Their earning for doing what they really love and enjoy the most. They are pursuing their dreams at its fullest! I loved to follow people jampacked with passion, and stories of struggle and dreams. I followed Abbey Sy, Kaila Ocampo, and creators behind momolovespaper, inkscribbler, valster and studywithinspo!! Awww. I want to be an intern and work with all of you. Some part of me really wants to live in Japan or South Korea someday because I feel I supposed to live there haha! I want to pursue my love for arts, painting, dancing, travel, photography, calligraphy, and all things that makes me happy. I know these was my first love before working as a nurse. I don’t hate my job now, but I wanted to explore more of myself, pursue my dreams and passion. Work for progress not to impress. Work with all my heart. I felt drained and stagnant this year but I need to save my salary to be able to fund for myself when I will go home this year. I want to discover and know myself more. For I know, God is directing my steps and He is with me all the time. Step by step with Him, I know all my dreams will turn from impossible to possible and His plan for me will unfold πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

(Screen captured these from rainbowholic because just because I am moved. Huhu. Can’t wait to read your blog posts! Soon!)

Always be grateful 🌷



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Pity. Impatience. Unfair. Kindness. Helpful. Pretentious. Understanding. Cooperation. Unity. Acceptance.

Values and attitudes that had tested me today, randomly.

Group effort with group activities seemed to be useless sometimes.
I’m one of the active members of the group. I don’t know why I’m active in almost every group activities. I’m tired but it became a challenge to me to take the lead often. I have an average knowledge with overflowing enthusiasm to learn and to give my all in everything I do even if I don’t really know what I am doing because at the end, I learn.
How essential our life could be if we could learn a lot and not trying to put oursleves down in saying “you can’t do that, those and etc.”
Take an initiative, there’s no harm in trying.
Make an effort to cooperate with your group, not to compete but to learn and to be fair.

We are done doing our case presentation!
We will present tomorrow morning, 8-12 nn πŸ™‚
I know Lord God, our Father, that you will never let us down.
We, C11 will give our all for your glory and praise πŸ™‚
We can do this!
After all, no matter how good or bad the outcome will be, we will learn.
A non-stop learning to mold us.
Future nurses πŸ™‚ hohoho!

I will try to study a bit and sleep after.
I am still waiting for my sister to come home.
I laughed out loud today even though there’s bad vibes everywhere.

Thank you my Savior God πŸ™‚
Grateful today! Indeed!

Take care!

Let’s have a good and enough sleep!

Goodnight friends! πŸ™‚