I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. All for God’s glory! 🙌🏼

Today’s simple joys:

  • Watched Fight my Way’s Episode 11 & 12!! I got butterflies and lot of giggles from Dong Man and Ae Ra! But I got affected too much on Sul Hee’s emotional heartbreaking scene and to Father-Son moments of Dong Man!! Huhu! (I really wanted that someday my dad and my brother will have that deep conversation too someday, that my brother will respect my dad’s advices and lessons.. haaay) I really loved what his father adviced to Dong Man, “You can’t save your youth anyway. So, fight, take challenges even if you got beaten, live the life you wanted, okay?” I cried!!! Seeing your parents cry. 😭
  • I also loved this Dong Man!!! – “If growing up means your dreams fade, I’ll give up on growing up. There’s no need to pretend to be grown up for others” – real talk huhu
  • Me and my dad were in good terms already like nothing happened yesterday.. (story: I got irritated with him because he kept on calling and saying rants ughhh *my bad, sorry dad.. I just can’t tolerate many negativity yesterday!!!)
  • Everyday catch-up with my sister, *much longer time for VC today.
  • Went out at Aseer Mall with Ate Analyn, Grace, Angelica, and Cheryl. 
  • I bought one knitted cardigan, two branded watches for sale and two perfumes. Got me 267SR!!
  • Ate dinner with my flatmates, plus we shared table with Ate Leslie and Ate Aileen. Burgerl meal x chicken for dinner.
  • Watched ROS Song Triplets Ep6&7!!!! Cuties forever. The mud. The meals. The bday gift. The torch. 💖
  • First time to try Fresh Burger’s Burger meal for 20SR, as my midnight snack. It was good esp. the bun and the fries’ sauce. #thisiswhyImFat

Thank you Lord for today!!!!


Always be grateful 🌷





Underneath my own blanket, I can cover-up. 

My tears and my sadness.

Staring blankly yet overthinking a lot.

But how long I can cover and hide. 

How long I can stand being too emotional and down.

I have frustrations and rough moments in life too.

I’m not showing or telling my circle unless I’m okay to open up. 

I don’t like them to see my weakness. 

I don’t like when they’re showing sympathy.

I’m selfish on my thoughts and feelings. 

I isolated myself at times.

Honestly, this is me every time I woke up at the wrong side of my bed. And I know we’re on the same boat at times.. It’s okay..

Self, it’s normal. Return to being your usual self. This is not you. This is not what you want. 

There’s a trigger, but don’t pull it. Acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it. Sorry it’s never been easy to do this, but try and try. Always be prepared to bottle up on your thoughts and emotions. You must take control and action on what’s on your mind.

On what I usually do to overcome all these negativity: 

  • Deep Breathe. *Ughhhh I am exhaling my bad breath and bad vibes!!!!
  • Play your feel good music. *Coz music comforts my soul. Music brings me a lot and all kind of emotions. I cannot live in a day without listening to music. 
  • Watch inspiring videos or short clip of animals and all cute stuff.
  • Pray and have a simple mindset that “Today is a good day to be alive, Lord.. for simply breathing and I am healthy, I am grateful.” *Huhu this is so powerful!

It’s very hard to maintain optimisim all throughout the day, coz yes I’m running out of it at times. But, be kind and gentle to yourself. Don’t pressure or try too hard. Relax. Have faith and You can surpass anythinggggggg!!!!!! Just keep moving forward. 🙌🏼




Gold is a good investment, as my father said to me, and Dong Man said too, to Ae ra on Fight My Way previous episode.. Hehe. I’m in Saudi Arabia, land of gold, and for the sake of buying a souvenir gift for myself.. I gave in and bought gold accessories in Souq, together with my flatmates. For 600 SR, I bought a 21k necklace chain and a ring. Still, I’m in search for a good pendant.. next time, I will post my necklace chain if I have this pendant already. For now, I wanted to share a snap of my ring!!!! 

I fell in love with the design, (simple yet pretty) and it fits perfectly to my ring finger huhu 😩

Honestly, I always take loooooooong time before I decided on what I will buy.. but this time, when I saw this.. okay, I must buy it! Sometimes you have that quick and good feeling on buying stuff, right? Same feels.

Hoping that I will never lost this ring for the rest of my lifespan. My very first ever gold ring purchase! Take a lot of care of it, self!!! 




What to feel? 

Sad but grateful.

Excited but scared.

A bit of separation anxiety

But thankful for No last duty symdrome. Received six patients, 1 DAMA, then no admission, trans-out, trans-in, discharge, or absconded. 

Survived my 309 clinical duty experience in KMMCH, all thanks to my Heavenly Father up there!!!!! Nurse NJ, officially signing out..
Always be grateful 🌷




As I see this city, I’m feeling a bit down from the inside. Flashback of memories keeps gushing through my mind that I ended up crying in the corner of my bed. Why. I don’t know. Few more days and I’m still not packing. Maybe I’m still attached to everything. This idea of leaving is not sinking in me. I am not regretting to leave because I am following my intuition. But I’m just so sad and emotional. I appreciate every little thing. I realized many things in my life. I am still lacking in many areas. Got so many flaws and lies in life. And it’s okay, self. I will get and feel better in time. Please don’t pressure yourself, instead be gentle.

Thank You God for helping me grow and move forward. I cannot do this alone. 





There’s a lot of stuff that I will be missing someday here in KSA. Almost my home for a year(short-term stay, I know), but I still feel a separation anxiety as days go by. Years from now, it will all be treasured memories. I’m taking my time to appreciate the streets that I’m seeing everyday. Coz, there’s no turning back now. My exit is soon! 

Always be grateful 🌷