Just today I read this article about Al Soudah hehe one of the highest mountain on the face of the earth, whuuuut 🏞

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Al Soudah: The Black One

Al Soudah: The Black One
Al Soudah, known for its fascinating black clouds and sheer imperial beauty, is a mesmerizing jaw-dropping natural wonder that will leave its beholders in utter amazement. Nestled near the summit of the famous Jebel Soudah (the highest peak in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Al Soudah is a magical and misty outdoor destination blessed with steep mountains, dense valleys, unspoiled forests and fertile plains. Often deemed as one of the most underrated tourist hot-spots jin the Middle East, this hidden treasure also boasts some of the most dramatic vistas in all of Saudi Arabia.

Cable car ride 

Looking for a great and memorable way to explore this lofty tourist destination? Do you want to get magnificent views of this mountainous region? As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to enjoy the spectacular views of the region than to take a thrilling car ride down the escarpment of its high mountain. With this exciting ride, you get to feast your eyes on lovely overlooking views of its juniper forests, terraced fields, and stone villages.

Of course, this cable ride also adds an extra dose of fun and adventure to your trip to this Arabian kingdom. After all, it is one of the highest cable car rides on the face of the earth, with an impressive total height of 1,600 meters. To top it all off, this electrifying tour lets you travel through the dark clouds of the region.

When it comes to safety, you won’t have to worry a thing about this spine-tingling escapade. While cable rides aren’t for the faint of heart and weak of stomach, this escapade is supremely safe, thanks to the highly trained and competent team of personnel maintaining and operating this mind-blowing adventure. Not to mention, all the materials used in these cars are durable, reliable, and of top-notch quality.

Picnic and sightseeing 

What else can you do in Al Soudah? In the wake of your breathtaking suspended adventure, take a picnic at any of the lush and eye-catching mountains of the Al Soudah. For most travelers, the best place to take a respite in this part of the kingdom is in Jebel Soudah, which rises to over 2,900 meters. Praised for its covering mists and one-of-a-kind scenery, this towering mountain has a mystical and laid-back atmosphere that guarantees to give you an unforgettable picnic experience. Furthermore, the mountain is rich in flora and fauna, making it an ideal place to visit for those who are overly fond of sightseeing and nature photography. 

—- thanks for this article, SaudiArabiaOFW.com

I made a video and just want to share to you the link but I don’t know what’s the problem on Youtube right now. So, next time I’ll try to link.

Definitely one for the book trip ever!





Many people said that woman were not allowed to walk alone in KSA. At first, I was so afraid but now, I have gained courage. Though I really don’t want to walk from our accomodation to hospital and vice versa, we don’t have a choice. I can’t count anymore on how many times I have walked alone. Sad to say, I have entered an institution where they are not prioritizing our safety and welfare. Our new accomodation is still not finished with construction. It’s inside the vicinity of the hospital. I will not be able to live there anymore once it will be finished. I’m just waiting for my papers to finish. My exit is still on process. I will wait, then from now I must start to pack-up. My ordered balikbayan box has arrived today. It’s not easy to leave but I shall follow my intuition. 


Aways be grateful 🌷




Day off, finally!

You know the mall hours during Ramadan here in our place? It’s 2100H – 0200H!

Even if the weather here is about cray cray.. just like these had happened while I’m sleeping soundly this morning..

(Raining with ice! Hale storm? β›ˆβ›ˆβ›ˆ photo credits from Ate Arlene) 

(This was their struggle before going for their evening duty. Photo credits from Ate Lheslie.)
Good thing, it didn’t rain hard after that. So, Ate Grace and I went out at Khamis Avenue Mall around 2030H. We contacted Kuya Ronald as our driver, he was so kind, helpful and above all, has a lot of patience unlike other drivers. At the mall, I bought stuff mostly for myself.. a night lamp, set of earrings, cute travel neck pillow, cute shoulder bags, denim blouse, cardigan, and a simple tank top. And, here our some of my snap:

(Ramadan theme – They have small booths inside the mall too, just like tiangge hehe)

​(Gave in and bought this night lamp for 40SR, last tawad price na raw yun, dating 50SR, yeppp, may tawaran na ganap even in KSA!! Another fact: I’ve always fond of night lamp most esp. with cute designs such as stars.)

So, another highlight of my day was this!!!

Huhu for real OMGGGGGG!!!? I am getting excited to go home real soon! 😍 thanks again, graceeyy for this! Lam na thisss! πŸ’– Jimin-shi and my Jungkookie~ grabehhh! 

Hihi goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷




Ate Cheryl, Grace, and I, went at Saudi Council Commission and in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So thankful that these two sisters accompanied me even if their from night duty!!! How’s sweet, I am touched. I gained two sisters with a kindest heart. I’m emo haha. But I really appreciate them on how they made me feel happy here abroad. Okay, cut off the drama, and let me share some of my snaps!!! We enjoyed having our photops here, even though I have my evening duty at 1500H and for the both of them without sleep. 🀣

Been really in love with flowers, as much as I love chocolates hihi ✌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷




(Snap taken inside Abha Palace Hotel)

In KSA, you will see almost all places with these stuff!! The Lamp, moon, some with stars too. I don’t know yet what’s these stuff symbolizes but I hope I will find it out anytime soon. Seeing KSA with all these designs was very adorable, a little bit touch of joy that this country is not only plain and black but rich in culture and tradition. 




(Photo credits: Pluto and the Moonbears πŸŒ·)

Rejoice! Jesus Christ is risen! Praise our Ever lasting King! Thank you for everythinggggg, Savior Jesus! All glory to You! 

Every Easter Sunday in PH, my family and I will usually wake up early in the morning for “Salubong” at OLA Church. We will celebrate mass and watch the Procession afterwards. Before we go back to sleep, we will all enjoy together a hot Pandesal and coffee/ hot chocolate. I miss those simple moments.

For today, I had a busy night shift before my double off. Thank you so much Father God for guiding me and saving me all throughout my toxic duties. I’m happy that Ate Cheryl’s back here in KSA! Yahoo! While chatting with her, I’m done with my laundries. At 1130H, knockout on my bed, and I slept so good. Then, my roommates and I went out to celebrate Jesus unending love and grace for us, our Savior is risen. I celebrated Easter Sunday Mass thru (Sambuhay Youtube Channel πŸ™ŒπŸΌ) Thank you! More power and blessings!
I finished my almost 46 days of social media fasting. Is it really good? YES. Because I’m able to came back here in my blogosphere!! Though, I’m a bit sad because my family and friends didn’t notice that I’m on fasting, they seldom sent me messages on facebook. Maybe because I didn’t interact also with them. Vice versa. But all of us have their own lives. We just keep on moving forward. I know they are always there, same with me. One call or text away, guys!!!! I’m always be your cheerleader and to my very ownself too. 

Goodnight! Live and Rejoice πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Always be grateful 🌷



Archive of my day β€” September 19, 2016 @2017H. (Throwback post for today as I browse my phone’s notes.)

Today was a toxic morning shift but still keeping myself positive that with God I can do all things all throughout my shift.. Huhuhu I did!! Thanks po!! πŸ™‚ 
Almost 1 month exposure at gyne ward so far.. difficulty level 7/10 :/

Total: 13 – 1 Syrian, 1 Sudan, 11 Saudi.

Received 6 patients, 1 admission. 1 discharge. Thanks to my colleagues and head nurse who helped me. Only 2 staff nurse on duty, 1 senior nurse, 1 head nurse, 1 pullout from HDU, 1 nurse intern. And, me, just a novice nurse. Run there, and there. Huhu. No breaks!! 

Realization 101: I would never learn if I will depend on others. Sometimes, I really need to experience everything on my own. 
Witnessed my two patient having severe pain and with both hands stiffening. Crying in pain. 😦 

Patient A, first time to extract blood at left hand. Then, I inserted iv cannula. Calcium gluconate and primpran saved my patient, thank you Lord! Potassium administered thereafter.

Patient B, first time to insert foley catheter. First time to shift my patient at OR for emergency laparotomy. Hoping my patient is fine and stable now. I held and warmed her hands. I reassure her that God is with her. I smiled, taught her deep breathing exercises. Warmed her feet, too. She is really in pain, all I can do is to be with her. I’m about to cry. I forgot to return her ring, so I went back to our hospital as fast as I could. But I still waited for an hour because no driver came early.. huhu what a day.. I even walked home alone for the first time. I am very scared. Grateful to God who never leaves and abandon me. 
All for God!!! Thank youuu!