745 ~ September-ender 🙌🏻

I’m feeling extra kind today and I don’t know why.. Hihi my inner soul is in bliss and delight despite this gloomy weather.

This morning, I woke up early, had breakfast with Papa, then took a bath, and we went at Niner. I thought, I’m gonna be late again for reservation, but lo and behold, I got the second slot for coaching in writing later. After second failed attempts, yey!! When we went home, my first agenda was to clean my room, our living and dining area. Hehe.. but I remembered that I’m gonna return the broken army bomb to its owner this week. She had refunded P1500 already, **I hope she pays me P400 next month as her promise. I covered the army bomb and the box with each bubble wrap. Good thing, I didn’t throw our bubble wraps before (from Althea). I kept her free 4 photocards with me, and gave her new set of photocards (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Rapmon, Jin), and also a short letter. Hihi. After I prepared my parcel, I booked via Xend courier for parcel pick-up today.

(1st layer: bubble wrap. *I forgot to snap a photo of my final wrap btw, I put 2nd layer of bubble wrap, then covered it with pieces of pink japanese paper)

My first Xend experience, so far – so good! 👍🏼 The Xend man staff came faster than I expected because I booked at around 1100H and he came at 1400H, (despite of the rain). Good thing, I have my scrap materials for packing this lightstick because he just put it in Xend pouch, then sealed it. For P110, transaction done easily and hassle-free! *Plus, affordable. I hope there will be no problem anymore from the packaging or shipping thing. Please. 🤞🏼
On the afternoon, while I’m listening at The School of Greatness on podcasts app, I cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets (yeyyy!), and decluttered some of my things. Then, took a bath again, and Papa drove me to Niner Santolan for coaching. I’m late again. (Haaay, self). I waited there until Mam Nadine called my name. I watched Temperature of Love’ episode 3 while waiting. Haha. So, I had my coaching session, got 6.5 for both task1&2. (Keep pushing, self!! Huhu don’t give up quickly). I decided to stick to my plan to go at Sta.Lucia Mall instead of going home because “me-time”. I went straight at Cinema 5 new building, hehe but bro, I was wrong, the feast’ Walk in 2 the light event was held at their old building, Cinema 5 😅.  It’s always moving and ispirational to attend and feels God’s love altogether in one home. 

Right after the feast, I roamed around the mall because I’m craving for J. Co’s avocado frappe. However, there’s no J.co there. 😅 I had my dinner at Rob’s Subway and did journaling until 2040H. Meanwhile, one woman approached me and she’s selling Otap Biscuits, she said she needed to fund her studies. And you knew what I did. Going to the tricycle station, I saw a mother with her child sitting on the street, it’s raining and cold, I looked at them, and they needed something, the mother asked for money because they wanted to go home, so I asked her if I can give her food instead, she nodded, and I gave her the Otap Biscuits. I brought home Bibingka (rice cake) to my Papa because he waited for me alone in our house, its my simple way of rewarding him and making him happy tonight.

I can’t believe how my actions and words were like involuntary today, saying “take care” many times to people without hesitations. 

It’s a beautiful life!!! Hope you all spent your Saturday by simply being kind to yourself or to others. Thank you, September!!! 💕

Most esp. Thank you Lord!!!! What a powerful name it is ❤️ all glory and praise to You 🙌🏻

Goodnight, universe!

Always be grateful 🌷





I cannot please her everyday. 

As much as possible I have grown the value of patience and understanding while growing up. Maturity. Hmm. It’s always nice to sleep soundly with peace. Peace of mind knowing that you don’t have any hard feelings to everyone. I know some people can’t tolerate why I am always late. If she has major issue on why I move so slow, just tell me and do not snob me and won’t talk to me. It’s awkward a bit. I feel your aura, girl. So, I will back off for now until you recover on your drama. I want to see you smile on me, not your busangot face. I will be staying here in KSA maybe less than a month from now, I wanna make good memories with all of you. I hope you move on na, girl. I have no problem if you confront me, I will accept it whole-heartedly. Actually, I don’t want to be affected with this issue, but I don’t want to let this issue affect our friendship. Even I do good things for you when you’re sick, but not done for me in return when I got sick, I understand. Not all my good deeds can get sukli but I will do it anyway. Being Kind feels good even if you’re not expecting something in return, right? Just be kind anyway. 
I don’t know if you’re down into something before, and me being late just beated your yesterday’s mood.. but I will understand you. I hope you understand me too. I’m sorry for being late yesterday. My bad. My mistake. I apologize many times. Smile na, Been waiting for you to come out on your room since morning! I want peace not war. Let’s be okay real soon, Ate Angel. ~