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949 πŸ’™ Bff Sym ~

Isn’t she lovely? 😍😍

Hi! beautiful woman na kamukha ni Julia Montes / ni Nam (Crazy little thing called love lead actress) na ofcourse, mah bestfriend 4evzz!!!


Thank you for being the sunshine during my rainy days hihi pero literal kasi na ang lakas ng ulan kaninang umaga sa Luzon, PH, tas nung tanghali nung kausap kita, umaraw na nang kaunti, haha infaaair. Super thank you for your time yesterday kahit sabi mo til 10:30pm LA time ka lang, na-extend pa dahil sa pagturo ko sayo mag-book ng ticket for my fangirling needs haha. Thank you for understanding that I don’t usually use my social media apps anymore because it eats lots and lots of my precious time haha char (kala mo tagal nag-hiatus, mga 2weeks lang naman ata? 😝) Uwu ~ I didn’t saw your IG stories during your cousin’s ganap and all hehe but the way you had shared your stories and photos today is way more meaningful to me!!!! Gaaaah im so touched ~ thank you!! Tbh, I miss our endless kwentuhan anything under the sun habang kumakain ng mangga w/ patis at asukal haha 😘


I am always grateful to God to have you because you’re one of the most trusted and supportive person I know since our nene days pa. I love and miss you.


Someday, *w/ high hopes on our new career venture hihi* I can travel and visit you in the US and let’s go to Disneyland too haha, pati ung london gate, ay golden gate bridge pala puntahan natin hahaha πŸ€—

Continue to feel beautiful in and out, bff! 🌷


Thal β™‘

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Today’s simple joys:

  • Awesome Kids Sunday Service!!
  • Got a pomelo fruit from our student, Maia (thank youuuu β™‘)
  • Attending the Feast gathering β™‘β™‘β™‘
  • Talked to our Sophiaaaaaa
  • Played L4D2 w/ ate
  • ++ Productive day
We love and miss you, Sophie! 😘

Always be grateful 🌷



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932 ☁️

Good morning 😊

Today, I thank you Lord for the overflowing love I receive from my family, esp. to my sister who bought chocolates (β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘), clothes, and super cute socks for me. I received your package alreadyyyy!!! Waaaah thanks to Kuya and Kuya Kim for picking it up (hehehe).

I’m so thankful to have a sister like ate – even if she’s not so showy whenever I cling on to her and tell her how blessed I am to be with her and to have her haha she cringe most of the time, but I know she’s pretending not to cry in front of me. Hahahaha *i know youuuu* I will make lambing lagi and be by your side as your baby and crazy sister 24/7 β™‘

μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄ unnie β™‘

Always be grateful 🌷



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931 🐷

Since July has started, I think I’ve been eating a lot!!! πŸ™ˆ I did try to control myself like not eating donuts at night, though today at 1AM, I ate a whopper!! *cravings hit while waiting at the airport* (thanks for the treat, papa!! Hehehe)

TBH, I miss eating sweets!!! So, thank you universe for these: 🀀🀀

Thank you Kam! Hihi I ate 2 doughnuts yesterday, ugh Krispy kreme is loveeee β™‘

Thank you Auntie Ching!!! Sweet auntie ever β™‘ from OZ to MNL 😍 of course, how could I resist my fave chocolate biscuit!!!!??? πŸ˜› (ang mahal kasi neto sa pinas haha)


Also, I ate LECHON for brunch today! Waaahhh crispy balat – yummy lechon 🀀 thank you Tita Gloria and fam!!! β™‘ from CEBU – MNL 😍

Received lots of blessings, it’s just July 2! Hihi Thank you Lord! 😊

Time to burn these fats πŸ˜…

Have a nice work week ahead, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷



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913 ~ Happy Father’s Day!

My heart is full of joy everytime I remember how I cried a river over a text that I sent to Kuya during our lovelife retreat last Feb.

Up until today, broken relationships are slowly healing and restoring.

And for that, I’m really really really grateful to God! LOVE WINS over our F****** Pride.

I may not have a perfect father and brother, nakakainis at nakakahighblood man sila minsan haha, pero swear love na love ko sila huehue.

Family is family.

Thank you Papa:

  • For being patient sakin kahit lagi kitang minamadali pag late na ako, kahit lagi kitang tinutulugan sa byahe, kahit minsan nahihighblood ako agad #moodswingsisagirlthing, kahit ang gulo ko lagi magbigay ng instructions lalo na pag magpapasundo ako sa di mo kabisadong lugar hehe, sa paggising sakin sa mga puyat days ko pero kailangan kumayod at magwork, and etc
  • For being too caring kahit ako minsan walang pake sa grooming ko mag pa-facial, hair rebond, mag-hand cream lagi etc.
  • For always preparing my baon, mah food, kahit gusto ko na mag-diet huuuuu nagluluto ka parin ng masasarap
  • For fixing the stuff we broke hehe kahit may lagi kaming my tapon syndrome pero sayo pwede pa maayos yan huuu.
  • For giving us your all ~ huu thanks pa!

Thanks sa chicken adobo for today papa! Next time na kita ipagluto hehehehe ~

Thank you kuya:

  • For being the pa-libre and pasalubong pls kind of brother lalo na pag magpapaintay kami sa gabi or magpapasundo kami or pag trip nya lang.
  • For being a good and sweet and oa sa caring na brother
  • Next time na ung susunod.. bsta thank you haha sana makasama na ulit kita sa The Feast!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘

*next time na libre – nasampay ko naman damit mo nung Friday tas tinupi ko naman na mga damit mo – haaay ako ang i-thank me later mo!!!! P.S. support mo na lang ako sa pagfafangirl ko sa BTS haha para bati tayo parati hahah joke!!! Love you kuya ~ Thank you sa pagluto rin ng beef stroganoff todayyyyy!! *sana magluto ka na ulit palagi, chefpeunim hoho.

In addition to this special day post..

Thank you for the great service today at Awesome Kids ministry with Teacher Karla!!! Happy to serve!! All for Jesus β™‘

  • Pray
  • Intro
  • Dance
  • Story telling: Parable of the mustard seed (so so proud of you figgg for sharing the lesson for today)
  • Sharing: Special moments with our Dad
  • Letter/ Card making for our Dads
  • Break
  • Picture taking
  • Giving of letters

Jampacked 2nd session ~ thanks to our other bro and sis that assisted us kanina 😊

It’s beeeeeeeeeen realllllyyyy a joyful weekend! Thank you Lord! So blessed to attend the Feast : Workaholyc series β™‘

Worship πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

Thank you Father God!! May we always glorify and praise your name on high!!

Always be grateful 🌷



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Today’s simple joys:

  • Woke up late yet I arrived in the clinic on time!!
  • Able to climb up the stairs from ground floor to 9th floor without any difficulty, just sweat!
  • BTS’ dispatch photos in BBMAs!!
  • Felt fulfilled after I finished editing our Boracay trip part 1 in less than 3 hours. For me it’s a record because I used a full song as bg music.
  • Quality time with Ate daday, Auntie Baby, and fam at Ikay’s resto and at home.
  • Felt really loved today β™‘

I want to share to you my edited video:

When in Boracay [Part01] ~ click this link and enjoy watching!

I’m still a newbie in editing videos hihi but I’m happy for my slow but good progress so far β™‘

Always be grateful 🌷



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855 ~LLR Day 01

Hi, Loves!

As much as I want to share every bit of my experience here, I’m not gonna tell hehe because everyone (calling all singles!!!) to come and seek this Love life retreat! #bestretreatever ~ Best investment to yourself ~

It just feels so good to be vulnerable, honest, and accepted. I don’t know why my soul is just in bliss even though I cried many times today.

I’m grateful that I didn’t missed this opportunity. Well tbh I was half-hearted at first, I signed up because my friends wanted to go so I joined too even though I have no income for so many months now tss my frugal self. Ugh. But I told myself that investing on my growth and healing will always be an amazing deal. ~ Love myself!

Sometimes all you gotta do is just take the risk. Make a call. Send a text. Stand up. Show support.Β 

Our love language is very empowering. WOW.

All of the activities were engraved into my heart.

How can I forget this day.

I’m physically tired from everything but my love tank is so full that I can’t stop appreciating every little things!!!

Thankful for Iya and Karla (this retreat will not be perfect without them), and to all my new family, brother and sisters in Christ.

This is it for now.


Always be grateful 🌷