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913 ~ Happy Father’s Day!

My heart is full of joy everytime I remember how I cried a river over a text that I sent to Kuya during our lovelife retreat last Feb.

Up until today, broken relationships are slowly healing and restoring.

And for that, I’m really really really grateful to God! LOVE WINS over our F****** Pride.

I may not have a perfect father and brother, nakakainis at nakakahighblood man sila minsan haha, pero swear love na love ko sila huehue.

Family is family.

Thank you Papa:

  • For being patient sakin kahit lagi kitang minamadali pag late na ako, kahit lagi kitang tinutulugan sa byahe, kahit minsan nahihighblood ako agad #moodswingsisagirlthing, kahit ang gulo ko lagi magbigay ng instructions lalo na pag magpapasundo ako sa di mo kabisadong lugar hehe, sa paggising sakin sa mga puyat days ko pero kailangan kumayod at magwork, and etc
  • For being too caring kahit ako minsan walang pake sa grooming ko mag pa-facial, hair rebond, mag-hand cream lagi etc.
  • For always preparing my baon, mah food, kahit gusto ko na mag-diet huuuuu nagluluto ka parin ng masasarap
  • For fixing the stuff we broke hehe kahit may lagi kaming my tapon syndrome pero sayo pwede pa maayos yan huuu.
  • For giving us your all ~ huu thanks pa!

Thanks sa chicken adobo for today papa! Next time na kita ipagluto hehehehe ~

Thank you kuya:

  • For being the pa-libre and pasalubong pls kind of brother lalo na pag magpapaintay kami sa gabi or magpapasundo kami or pag trip nya lang.
  • For being a good and sweet and oa sa caring na brother
  • Next time na ung susunod.. bsta thank you haha sana makasama na ulit kita sa The Feast!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘

*next time na libre – nasampay ko naman damit mo nung Friday tas tinupi ko naman na mga damit mo – haaay ako ang i-thank me later mo!!!! P.S. support mo na lang ako sa pagfafangirl ko sa BTS haha para bati tayo parati hahah joke!!! Love you kuya ~ Thank you sa pagluto rin ng beef stroganoff todayyyyy!! *sana magluto ka na ulit palagi, chefpeunim hoho.

In addition to this special day post..

Thank you for the great service today at Awesome Kids ministry with Teacher Karla!!! Happy to serve!! All for Jesus β™‘

  • Pray
  • Intro
  • Dance
  • Story telling: Parable of the mustard seed (so so proud of you figgg for sharing the lesson for today)
  • Sharing: Special moments with our Dad
  • Letter/ Card making for our Dads
  • Break
  • Picture taking
  • Giving of letters

Jampacked 2nd session ~ thanks to our other bro and sis that assisted us kanina 😊

It’s beeeeeeeeeen realllllyyyy a joyful weekend! Thank you Lord! So blessed to attend the Feast : Workaholyc series β™‘

Worship πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ

Thank you Father God!! May we always glorify and praise your name on high!!

Always be grateful 🌷



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Today’s simple joys:

  • Ginataang kalabasa for lunch! (Thanks, papa β™‘)
  • For the failure (interview & demo lesson in Rarejob) that kept me humble, thank you Lord. I know it’s God’s redirection to take other opportunities.

  • BTSβ™‘ARMYs photos and videos all over my twtr timeline!!! Festaaaaaaa is so sooooon β™‘β™‘ ++ Congrats on their 9th win!!!
  • Faith and success mindset β™‘

Always be grateful 🌷



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Together, let’s become Truly Rich :)

Hi, friends!

How are you today?

I hope you are always having the time of your life with your loved ones! πŸ™‚


Before I begin, I want to introduce myself.. *drum rolls dududududuum* hehe ^^

I am Nathaleen Joy, 25 years young, a cheerful monkey, a mysterious Scorpio, a teal blue-to-colorful-and-kawaii-stuff lover, a nurse by profession, anddddd I’m also a passionate blogger and a creative artist wannabe. Lastly, Fangirling is part of my DNA, an ARMY ❀ Listening to music, drawing, eating, writing, and traveling are my healing essentials.

I firmly believe that if you really really want something, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it ~ yup, you’re absolutely right – The Alchemist Fan right here <hehe> Hi Sir, Paulo Coelho :’) *This blog is actually born after I read the Alchemist* A FACT!!!

So why I am saying this, it’s mainly because I would like to remind you (and also me!!) that all of our dreams/aspirations/goals in life are all valid as long as we do something!!!!

That’s it, let me share my story. . 1, 2, 3

After being curious to Brother Bo’s book of How my Maid Became a Millionaire (2017), I prayed and ask the Lord for guidance if this stock market thing is for me.. if I can really do it too.. I am really really really hesitant at first!!!! Months and months of delaying and hesitating to take the risk – Endless sleepless nights. I’ve been thinking about my future as an active long-term investor in the stock market, asking myself, CAN YOU REALLY DO IT BA SELF!!!?? YUNG TOTOO!!??

So to cut the story a little shorter, I joined 1st in the Truly Rich Club as a Gold Member (April 2018) because:

  • I have no knowledge/ background in investing in the stock market. I need their help and guidance because (tbh) I don’t think I can do it alone and in the long run.
  • I need to deepen my faith and be reminded of my emotional whys every single day (why am I doing this)
  • Lastly, I also want to help others most especially my family and friends(yes, including you) by encouraging you to join in this club (don’t worry, no pressure – you can try at least for one month and there’s a sure payback guarantee if you think your paid membership fee is not worth-it. Again, you can get your money back. So what’s really the risk of not joining?). To be enthusiastic in learning and gaining financial literacy – in growing your income. *All of their Mastermind Classes, Powertalks, God whispers, and real stories of simple Filipino millionaires, stock (SAM) updates are very beneficial huhu β™‘ (They made it, so I can start doing it too) Their mindset is really inspiring and motivating ~ as in wow!

I invested my time and money(Php497.00/ month – price; but because I wanted to take this seriously, I signed up and paid the annual fee instead #discountedprice) to learn and to have the right mindset as a TRC member.

Then after a month pf immersing myself on my TRC site, I opened an account in COL Financial (May 2018). From opening an account to buying a stock is easy, huhuhu though I thought it’s really complicated at first.

Thank you Lord!! I let you take control. Be with me through my journey. I surrender my worries and fears. May you strengthen me with your limitless mercy and love.

Let Your will be done and may Your name be glorified.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

I am very willing to guide you, “Together, Let’s become Truly Rich”

Kindly click this link, my friend.



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887 πŸ“š

Reading inspirational books is one of my simple joys! 😊

All of these books had motivated me to be confident, optimistic, and enthusiatic to increase my financial income and literacy (Yesss, para sa future at ekonomiya). In addition, it had helped me gain back my self-esteem most esp. in facing my fear, failing the OET test.. I doubted myself everytime I could’t get my target scores during my self-review journey. Huhu.

Yet, I am reminded that God is so merciful that whenever I felt down and demotivated, I grabbed and read these books. With this, I am empowered again that I am made to be victorious and to be a multi-millionaire in the future!

Think long-term.

Take risks.

Be guided.

Be an eternal student.

Always yearn to learn.

Apply the 10-20-70 principle.

Tithe with a joyful heart.

Have faith.

Dream big!

*Hope you could invest time to read these books too β™‘β™‘β™‘

Always be grateful!



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883 – My Truly Rich Life Journey (001)


Five days from now, I will be celebrating my first monthsary as a TRC Gold member!! I am grateful every bit! *cheers* #simplejoys #littlethingsmatter #celebratesimplewins


One of the best decisions I had this year is joining the Truly Rich Club. I’ve been wanting to sign-up in TRC since I finished my contract in Saudi Arabia last August 2017 when I had more savings then, but because I had doubts/fears/other priorities – I didn’t pursue it. Imagine, I wasted how many months of not pushing myself enough to enroll here earlier.. anyway, life goes on, lessons learned.

Now, I’ve been so blessed to watch Gold Mastermind Classes and to receive so much blessings from being a TRC member. My heart is so full that I allowed myself to invest in improving my knowledge to have adequate financial literacy and right mindset. The enthusiastic student in me is on fire!! I wish I could describe here in full detail how everything from TRC had impacted me so far ~ wahhhhh so amazinggggggg!!!!! superb!!!!!!!! Wow, I’m really getting the right motivation to learn and be inspired more.

I pray to God that He may give me wisdom, perseverance and patience as I move forward everyday towards having a Truly Rich Life. This is a true blessing – to strengthen my faith to God and to have financial freedom – helping my family and God’s ministry in the future!

I am willing and happy to share my humble TRC journey here with you all, this is just the beginning.

Some personal facts: I am 25 yrs old, single, works as a company nurse from Monday to Friday (9 hours a day), hopes to have a side hustle/s to increase my income, regular feast attendee and servant, a Kdrama/Kpop fan (ARMY), a blogger – artist – photo&video editor – dancer, teacher, and content creator wannabe,Β  a hobby hoarder, adventurer, an eternal student wannabe too, plays left for dead 2, loves sweets, and enjoys simple and little things in life.Β 


#noedit #nofilter Im an average girl with immense dreams and faith too ❀



You can click this link to learn more and be blessed more:Β Β




May our dreams do come true ~


Always be grateful πŸ™‚





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Hi, there!

I felt like I’m still on top of the moon every time I think of my OET results that came out yesterday. I am really, really, really grateful that I got B in SPEAKING, READING, and LISTENING for my first attempt, and even if I failed to get a B in writing, it’s totally okay, I am trusting God that He has a purpose for that – the best is yet to come! I started to believe in myself again that I can do all things and achieve my dreams for I have an amazing God and I have faith in Him.


So since last week, when I opened an account in COL financial and entered the stock market, I’ve been thinking a lot on how can I grow my income so that I can invest more and start my journey to financial freedom. I even joined Truly Rich club, too, to guide and mentor me professionally here in the stock industry.Β  I don’t know if I am really ready for this but I know this will all be worth trying!

I’m having a slow, baby step progress right now, but I know it’s okay. I will still get there, no rushing and pressuring myself. Teehee.


Back to the HOW CAN I GROW MY INCOME.. You all knew that I got so many ideas, likes, passion, hobbies in my mind all the time, one of which is blogging, and I want to give it a chance, a focus, time and effort for me to grow as a blogger(wow, self – “blogger <3”). So aside from having a 8-5day/night job being a company nurse, I want to start to take a big leap towards my courage zone, I want to learn more about blogging ❀ (thank you, self *finally*)

From my desire and dream to be a blogger, the universe had helped me unexpectedly as I stumbled this Ad on Facebook,Β A Lifestyle Blogger’s Guide To Your First Week Of Blogging – Digital, $5.60 USD –Β at first, I thought it’s free but it’s not, but if I really, really want this, I need to commit myself into this – I must buy it for only 5.60 USD (294php). I was so shocked for its affordable offer! Also, the good thing is that even if I don’t have a credit card for the mode of payment, I just tried to use my payroll debit/savings card (w/ visa on it) *1st time to use it for online transaction*- and wow, it worked, they have deducted the amount from my account (I still need to check my remaining balance tomorrow though *trust issues* lol)


I am going to make an update tomorrow about the book that I purchased. Stay tuned!? hehe.. giggles~


Thank youuuuu Lord for all the blessings!


Always be grateful πŸ™‚






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877 – No turning back ~

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! 😊

I pray that our faith to our Almighty Saviour, Jesus, will continue to grow stronger and prosper joyfully.

Let us not be defeated against our internal and external battles and be separated from Him.

There’s no turning back now. This is the day.

Keep moving forward πŸ‘£

~So thankful to share my simple journal entry for today to all of you. I had my first-ever seasonal reflection yesterday by utilizing my braver workbook, and all I ever did was to thank God for providing me with strength and guidance that had helped me surpassed this season(Jan-Mar).

Always be grateful 🌷