Life’s full of temptation. Anybody can easily fall into a certain addiction because of this. However, without realizing and reflecting enough, we fall into sin not because of temptation, but with weak spiritual system.

We, humans, go through different kinds of pain and sadness. Heartbreaking. Depressing. It’s unbearable at times, that’s why we, having these feels, tend to find instant solution to ease our sufferings. We tend to form an escape and rely to wrong choices that will only eventually make us more broken on the inside.

I am not in the position to lecture what to do with these, but let’s just be kind to ourselves. Love ourselves to stand firm with God.

I cry a lot because I sometimes feel hopeless as regard with my family issues but I still love them. During the session at the Feast, I can’t help myself not comparing the situation of my dad and my brother. Self-rejection to self-doubt to self-pity to self-destruction. For now, sorry I will not elaborate anymore.. I still can’t handle it. I hope it’s not too late for my family to be restored emotionally and spiritually. HUHU. I don’t know how to properly approach them with this matter but I pray that God will strengthen my faith that my family is worth-saving for!!!!! ~ My prayer since I’m in high school. Sigh.

To sum up my night, I’m still pretending to be okay at home, even if my dad and brother were not really fine at all. While I was having my Sunday Service at Bluewave, I have no idea that they fought because of our car. ugh. Tomorrow is another day. I hope my brother is mature enough to say sorry and respect my dad. Please.


Thank you God,  I know you’re always there for me and my household. I lift up all my pain in my heart. Thank you for this gift of life this week, though I sometimes feel like a failure, you’re there to comfort me and help me stand up all the time. I love you ❤


No k-drama, k-pop music and social media until Saturday, self. I must start to focus on my review for IELTS. Hehe. push! See you on Sunday, BTS fam! Eat well and enjoy! Congrats on winning wooh DNA8thwin ~ daebak ~


Goodnight, universe!


Always be grateful ❤









745 ~ September-ender 🙌🏻

I’m feeling extra kind today and I don’t know why.. Hihi my inner soul is in bliss and delight despite this gloomy weather.

This morning, I woke up early, had breakfast with Papa, then took a bath, and we went at Niner. I thought, I’m gonna be late again for reservation, but lo and behold, I got the second slot for coaching in writing later. After second failed attempts, yey!! When we went home, my first agenda was to clean my room, our living and dining area. Hehe.. but I remembered that I’m gonna return the broken army bomb to its owner this week. She had refunded P1500 already, **I hope she pays me P400 next month as her promise. I covered the army bomb and the box with each bubble wrap. Good thing, I didn’t throw our bubble wraps before (from Althea). I kept her free 4 photocards with me, and gave her new set of photocards (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Rapmon, Jin), and also a short letter. Hihi. After I prepared my parcel, I booked via Xend courier for parcel pick-up today.

(1st layer: bubble wrap. *I forgot to snap a photo of my final wrap btw, I put 2nd layer of bubble wrap, then covered it with pieces of pink japanese paper)

My first Xend experience, so far – so good! 👍🏼 The Xend man staff came faster than I expected because I booked at around 1100H and he came at 1400H, (despite of the rain). Good thing, I have my scrap materials for packing this lightstick because he just put it in Xend pouch, then sealed it. For P110, transaction done easily and hassle-free! *Plus, affordable. I hope there will be no problem anymore from the packaging or shipping thing. Please. 🤞🏼
On the afternoon, while I’m listening at The School of Greatness on podcasts app, I cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets (yeyyy!), and decluttered some of my things. Then, took a bath again, and Papa drove me to Niner Santolan for coaching. I’m late again. (Haaay, self). I waited there until Mam Nadine called my name. I watched Temperature of Love’ episode 3 while waiting. Haha. So, I had my coaching session, got 6.5 for both task1&2. (Keep pushing, self!! Huhu don’t give up quickly). I decided to stick to my plan to go at Sta.Lucia Mall instead of going home because “me-time”. I went straight at Cinema 5 new building, hehe but bro, I was wrong, the feast’ Walk in 2 the light event was held at their old building, Cinema 5 😅.  It’s always moving and ispirational to attend and feels God’s love altogether in one home. 

Right after the feast, I roamed around the mall because I’m craving for J. Co’s avocado frappe. However, there’s no J.co there. 😅 I had my dinner at Rob’s Subway and did journaling until 2040H. Meanwhile, one woman approached me and she’s selling Otap Biscuits, she said she needed to fund her studies. And you knew what I did. Going to the tricycle station, I saw a mother with her child sitting on the street, it’s raining and cold, I looked at them, and they needed something, the mother asked for money because they wanted to go home, so I asked her if I can give her food instead, she nodded, and I gave her the Otap Biscuits. I brought home Bibingka (rice cake) to my Papa because he waited for me alone in our house, its my simple way of rewarding him and making him happy tonight.

I can’t believe how my actions and words were like involuntary today, saying “take care” many times to people without hesitations. 

It’s a beautiful life!!! Hope you all spent your Saturday by simply being kind to yourself or to others. Thank you, September!!! 💕

Most esp. Thank you Lord!!!! What a powerful name it is ❤️ all glory and praise to You 🙌🏻

Goodnight, universe!

Always be grateful 🌷



731 🙌🏼

No matter how long it took me to be able to come back and serve you.. You’re always there for me, to accept and guide me towards your way. Your grace is sufficient. You are truly forgiving and loving, Father 😭💜

Thank you for today! 💐

So glad I was able to finally attend at the The Feast Bluewave!!! And I received my first Novena to God’s love booklet 💖

I will stay grounded, as I learn more about you, for you are infinite good! 🙌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷



703 – one big thing at a time

How to focus when you have too many passions and ideas

**Please take time to click the link above:

I’m definitely guilty with this article. I can’t focus that it made me so sad and confused. What I’m going to do with this life?? I’m nearly turning 25 on the next couple of months, and hello quarter-life crisis. Honestly, I felt like I’m in that phase already. I quit my job without any definite plan, but a plentiful of ideas in my mind. What to priority first, and so on, then I don’t know.


I’m not a wonder woman. Based from my previous blog posts, I always tell myself that I wanted to this and that. I liked to start all things at the same time, that I ended up doing nothing at all, or if I tried to do so, I’m not excelling enough. This article woke my creative soul up, don’t procrastinate dearest self. Take things one at a time. “One big thing at a time” as I quoted Ms. Arriane.


These are the lists that I’m so passionate about ever since…. in no particular order:

  • Blogging/ Writing
  • Drawing/ Journalling
  • Reading Books
  • Calligraphy
  • Travelling
  • Photography
  • Playing a piano
  • Painting
  • Doing D.I.Y. crafts
  • Volunteer Works/Service thru Medical Missions
  • Teaching


Even I cannot understand why I’m so drawn with different aspects of creating an ART, wherein we can all uniquely express ourselves. I’m not so good with my decision-making skills until now. But I don’t want all of these passion inside me to go to graveyard or waste. I have learned the three month rule in this article. Three months to focus on this, and so on. Go and follow where your passion will bring you.


In addition, I got inspired with these..

“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”


“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”


“No for now, I’ll revisit you later and give you the focus you deserve.”

*****reminders, self. FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.

I’m a big believer that if an idea is meant for you, it will wait(If you haven’t read it yet, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’ elaborates on this in beautiful detail and provides lots of inspiring examples.) — I want to read this book too!!!!

***I’m sincerely grateful to God for bringing someone in my life, an online coach, that enriches our creative inner self for free thru her blog posts and podcasts. I’m your fan, Ms. Arriane ❤


As much as I want to have a better and meaningful posts by blogging every single day, I have to accept my flaws and short-comings as a human that I cannot published one on a daily basis. I just need to be gentle with my simple joys in heaven. Even if no one really cares at all,  I will still pursue this platform. Hence, by utilizing this tool, I can track my progress in life, how I grow as a blogger, writer, and an author of my existence.


To sum it all up, one step at a time.


Keep having faith and move forward and forward.


Always be grateful 🌷








Writing Task 1 Subject Enhancement was truly a difficult one 😦

My feels for today was as gloomy as this weather again tonight. I’m mentally and emotionally drained after each review class so far. I felt like I was back in my grade school years. I don’t know how to even step my best foot forward. It would be nice if this blogging would help me on my writing exam..but how? I’m not really doing anything here to improve my writing style, word usage, grammar, and expanding my vocabulary as general.


My blog is my online diary. Whatever thoughts or emotions I have, I’m just plainly sharing and venting out on my platform. I don’t pay attention on my sentence structure, paragraphs, and more. Huhu. Please, cheer up dear. You’re the only who can motivate and push yourself. Stop being so damn hard, down, disappointed, embarrassed and emo, self.


Do you think that if this was all as easy as pie, you will work hard to achieve your target band scores? I guess not. It’s better to get the lowest grades at the beginning of this class. You need to be challenged so that you ought yourself to study and practice better.


This review is my priority. Don’t stress yourself on money issues, family problems, and insecurities in life because these are all small problems. I have a bigger God than my concerns at the moment.


Smile. Breath in Breath out. God will direct my steps.


Goodnight 🙂





670 – back to you ✨

After we went to Balagtas, Bulacan to return my niece on her mother side, I decided to make an order at Dolora’s Pancit. My dad deserved some delicious meryenda to lessen the stress he encountered on the road. As in stressful, from a driver side. Coz for me, I just slept at the back seat almost all of the time while on the road. Hehe.

Fed our hungry tummy after our roadtrip. Then after, my dad dropped me at OLA Church around 1530H. It feels so good to be back. Feeding my spiritual soul alive. Prayed at blessed sacrament. Took time to thank God and praise Him for all the good things He had privided me. The mass started at 1600H. I miss singing church songs and all the vibe while celebrating mass. I felt a little guilty because I took a quick nap two-three minutes maybe? While hearing the liturgy of the word. 🙈 As the mass ended, I went to father to bless me. Then I went out to buy candles. I waited for my turn to pray and to light up. I prayed for a lot of people. Myself. Family. Friends. Whole nation. I casted my worries and heart desires to our dearest Lord. I felt relieved and energized. Thank you Lord!!! ❤️

Since I had a good mood after I walked going home, spiritually energized, I went out again for a jog at MSC!!! The entrance fee was still the same, 10php. MSC was renovated with new paint and equipment.  I had to do a warm up, stretch and walk. I had 10 laps. Jogged 6 laps. Walked 4 laps. I was hyped by my playlist on my phone. Before I went home, I’m interested to try Zumba again, so I asked one sister there, Ate Kat-Kat, Zumba was 50php for an hour, M-W-F-Sun. The zumba trainor came and took my phone number because he said for Zumba updates. When I got home, he started texting me and tried to open a conversation with me. Uhm. I didn’t want to be rude, so I replied. It’s getting quite personal, so I lifted my boundaries again and chose not to reply anymore. Here we go again, self. 🙈

That’s it for my Sunday. I must try my very best to free my Friday and Sunday to be able to bond with Sophia, Lola, and my Family, and I pray that we can all attend in The Feast. I miss crying my heart out loud during praise and worship, and hearing inspirational stories. 

Always be grateful 🌷