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Today’s simple joys:

  • Pushed myself to wake up early to accomplish my agenda (go to RPS free consultation- philman inc – gateway date with my friends) ~ I’ve overcome my doubts and laziness.
  • So glad that PTE can be an alternative English exam instead of retaking IELTS!! Easier and sure pass for ph nurses aspiring to study and work in Australia!!! ♡
  • So thankful to meet new people like ate geraldine and other ate that I forgot to ask her name.
  • Ate geraldine also went with me at Philman inc after our RPS consulation. I know meeting her was not an accident. God really allows things to happen naturally just like today! I was able to help her too by providing information about investing in COL financial. She and her brother wants to start learning about the stock market. 
  • What a blessed day, philman was on 23rd while COL financial office was on 24th floor, same building.
  • Convinced to pursue my Australian dream again this braver 2018!!
  • Happy triplets day!! Jasmin, Owdie and I ate at Banapple, grabbed some coco milktea after,  and then we shopped at miniso! Love you both! Thank you ♡ lovely catch-up 😊
  • GDA photos all over my twitter timeline!! Congrats BTS!!! Saranghaeyo ~~~ ♡♡♡
  • Mask time hihi thanks to my mediheal sponsor, ate 😙
  • New journal, washi tapes and colored pen

    Always be grateful 🌷



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    (Reminiscing101: Here’s a throwback photo from our SG trip 2016, where I am pretending to play this 🎹)
    I was in High school when I learned to play and read notes. I wanted to learn more so I watched more videos on Youtube. First song I played was Ni Yao De Ai, song from Meteor Garden. I’m a fan of that Taiwanese Drama Series by the way. When Ber Months came, I’m playing Christmas Songs because of its season. Silent Night, Joy to the World, and I forgot what else. Then after, I learned to play Your Heart will Go On, Love is all that Matters, and I Just Called to Say I Love You. When my father saw that I’m playing a piano, he was happy to sit there in our living room and watch me. Even if I’m not good at playing, he’s my number one fan. He believes that I can play more. When that Ondoy Typhoon devasted our house and properties, he didn’t just throw our electronic piano and its stand, instead he fix it all for me. After that event, He urge me to practice everyday and play for him but due to my laziness and busy-busyhan activities, I didn’t play it anymore. 😞

    I remember how I put smile to my father whenever he hears me play this thing. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone who believes in you even if you think you’re not that good at playing piano. Sorry dearest self, and father for neglecting to play again for years. I do really hope that this year, I can enroll myself to learn and play a piano. Please, I don’t want to have regrets in my youth on not fulfilling my dream to perform songs that I wanted to play, specially now that I have funds and time to improve myself. No more excuses, please. 
    Bucketlist of songs to learn this year:

    • Canon D
    • Menuet Ba
    • Etude 11 and 13
    • It might be You
    • Forevermore
    • Goblin Osts, The Beautiful Life, etc!
    • Spring Day by BTS 

    Let’s push this self, don’t ever forget and neglect again.



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    Day five – 100 Happy Days

    Straight from my 10pm to 6am night duty, I went to UERM for my qualifying exam and interview. Thank God! I survived everything through Him! Praise God, All for your glory! ☝️

    I will definitely be waiting again here in this platform area, riding again on a train, but for now as a staff nurse already. Oops! Claiming it!!! 🙏


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    Last day of 2-0-1-2, it is! So, what are you planning to do? 🙂

    Answering my basic question, I did cleaning chores in our house, since our helper was off for holidays. And, I’m about to blog anything under the sun today in order to complete my goal of having 300 blog posts, at least. My original plan before is to blog everyday with a total of 366 posts and above. Unluckily, all of my plans on my checklist note were unfinished. Yet, I’m not looking down and giving up easily because of those, I know there’s a lot of years that I could accomplish those things, above all, I don’t need to rush. I just wanted to be more goal-oriented, really as in 100%. Admitting that this year, I almost said that I must have a goal-oriented attitude many times in my blog, and yet I slightly failed to do it a hundred percent. That’s why, I’m gonna accept again the challenge of having a goal-oriented attitude, most especially in my upcoming nursing licensure exam in July 2013. I shall bear this in my heart, mind, and soul, I will top the NLE in July 2013. It is a big dream, big challenge and big goal that I will achieve. For God’s greater glory, I can do it! There will be a lot of sacrifices and obstacles, but with God, all things are possible. I can conquer! 🙂

    Maximizing all my chilling days for this year was quite relaxing. Facebook-ing, tweeting, Instagram-ing and other social networks usage without limits and other leisure activities shall be reduced for next year. Really, I will discipline myself, because I need to be serious in achieving my dream for 2013.

    A cum laude slot, had gone in my hands before, and now, I will not let this immense opportunity of topping the NLE in July 2013, just go dramatically. I know it’s not just the title and money that matters to me, most importantly what really matter is, giving my unending gratefulness award to my parents and to God, our Father. ❤

    Help me, my Father all throughout.
    Be my strength and light.
    I love you.
    I will show and tell to the world, how great you are in my life! 🙂

    Thank you Lord God! 🙂

    God bless!


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    Hello again everyone! 🙂

    Another post for my day today!

    • I spent my day at home with my family.
    • Watching TV, playing draw me application in my itouch, taking care of Baby Sophia, eating chocolate cookies dipped in milk and surfing the net.
    • I had a careless mistake with Baby Sophia when I was about to transfer her in front of our car to my cousin, I didn’t noticed that Baby Sophia already bumped her head on top of the car aircon. I’m so sorry baby! 😦 I hope there’s nothing bad effect that will happen.
    • I am very happy today because my besty, choly suddenly pm-ed me on Facebook chat and told me to visit a site. It’s I had a chance to hear my name on 37,000 online viewers! Choly had an OJT at that station. Such a cool experience! I wanted to be a DJ someday too. Thank you Choly and to your friend DJ there who told on air that I am beautiful :> Thank you again for ending my night happily, Choly! ♥
    • Still blogging but I must sleep now!
    • Tomorrow is another day! I hope I can celebrate Eucharistic mass, go to YFC chapter meeting, blog and finished reading The Giver.
    • I must also study for my duty on Monday! I feel that I will be very busy this week because of our upcoming case presentation!

    Thank you Father God ♥ I love you!

    Time to bring back all the glory to you ♥

    God bless my friends!

    Have a good sleep! 🙂

    Goodnight again!



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    Thinking a lot about spam comments I received everyday.

    I wonder if it’s really truly sent for me or not.

    Forgive me that I deleted comments that went into spam.

    I hate to delete but I must.


    I don’t know if this is the negative side of WordPress.

    I don’t want to pay money for upgrading my site and installing anti-spam.

    I’m still a student here.

    Blogging everyday for a simple purpose, motivate.


    To blog is one of my trillion reasons of living.

    I don’t know if I make sense to every post I pressed.

    But I’m genuinely felt blessed every single day.

    Grateful so much for people who appreciates my thing.


    I don’t want to fill my heart and mind with negative feelings and thoughts about what people do and etc.

    Stressing and wasting my time on that matter will not make me better.

    I just have to accept that I can’t control people.

    Go with the flow instead of clinging yourself with bitterness and loneliness.


    It’s just a random, sad-happy day for me.

    I bonded with my old but true friends, indeed! Janet and Symba ❤

    Same personalities proportionately attracts and detracts.

    I’m happy that they are there for me today.


    Janet and I went to McDonald then we went at St. Clare. 🙂

    I almost forgot every bits of worries and loneliness I have.

    Simply recognizing what I have, my life and all became my foundation to strive to be stronger.

    Many problems and conflicts had happened, yet I’m still here surviving with my Father, God.


    My positive attitude on that afternoon was replaced by anger, impatience and disrespect.

    A simple situation can ruin your good mood.

    A situation that you screamed out so loud outside your house and waiting for the people inside your house to open the gate for you.

    A repeated scenario. But it ended easily. I let go of my emotions by crying and nagging and after that I washed my face, drank water and pray then I feel a lot of better and at ease to say sorry for my bad attitude.

    A Sudden change to make the situation back to it’s normal state.


    I went to Symba’s crib to review her for her exam tomorrow.

    It was a success. God speed 🙂

    Hence, I learned to play a guitar a bit of 10%.  HAHAHA! 🙂

    Thanks to my best friend who is a multi-talented and a friendly beautiful creature.


    God gave me awesome instruments by people to feel that I am truly loved.

    Thank you my Father God ♥


    Quote for today from my best friend,

    “We are created for greater purpose. Don’t let yourself fall into things that remove the beauty of your heart. Enjoy Life and always be positive!” 🙂



    I read this post in my newsfeed in Facebook. Link:

    Entitled From Nurse to Teacher by Marvin Tuazon.

    “Nursing and Teaching are two vocations that can overlap with one another and having those two professions in you, will produce good output and you may eventually realize the price that you’ve made in making a difference. Start to make a difference and move on. Ask for God’s guidance and have your own vision and dream.”

    Inspired at the end of the day.


    NSC Clearance, Advising and Deliberation day tomorrow! Positive thinking! Have Faith ♥ I will pass! We will pass 3rd year, 2nd semester!


    God bless people!


    Goodnight! Sleep well 😀