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12 Aug

BTS won’t let me sleep soundly because they dropped another poster again for all ARMYs in the world!!!! Save my precious heart, oh Gosh! I’m not watching any K-DRAMA series lately. I just kept myself updated with all ARMYs, BTS and Bighit posts most of the time. It’s weekend but I’m just in my own cave updating my blogs and sketching some drawings. *I’m very sorry if I lack sincerity to some of my blog post for the sake of “mema-post lang” HUHU. I’m guilty. I’m sorry. I’m just that lazy and also my left wrist was not cooperating well with me. I’m quite battling too with my sadness and moodiness because of my post-menstruation phase that just ended the other day. Nuff reasons, self!!!


So here, I’m emo again with their heartbreaking posters again. I’ve fallen deeply in love with these angels.




I’m so grateful to BTS, Bighit and the teams behind this concept, LOVE YOURSELF.


Always be grateful ❀







677 – TaeGi πŸ˜

30 Jul

(Another fangirl-venture!!! *game! πŸ€—)

(What you’re lookin at?? Β *mah heart πŸ’–)

(Soooo beautiful huhu!)

Sharing three snaps of my day! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Grace and I attended Douleur Exquisite – TaeGi Exhibit!! πŸ’– Our second time to attend an exhibit for BTS!! It was so good! Our money was worth-it! Our eyes were blessed today. Huhu. Thanks to all the organizers there. Successful event! From the venue, too many beautiful pictures 😍😍, too many cute stuff from ARMYs fanarts x photobook 😍😍 and approachable staff. All in all 10/10!!! My smile was like glued on my face for long hours! My heart just kept calm from their cuteness. Ugh. I loved it! ☺️
We found out that there’s Dogs and cats expo too from Hall 1!! Andddd it such a nice view of adorable dogs!!!! 😍

(Can I bring you home? *No 😜)


Thank you Lord for nourishing us with food today:

  • Lunch @ Holy Cow. *I will never again order Beef Strips meal πŸ”₯
  • Snack @ Hobing. *Tried Mango Cheesecake πŸ’› must-try! And we tried Cibo’s toast bread & spinach dip! πŸ’š must-try too. ☺️

I’m just guilty when I got home today for not celebrating Sunday Mass.. but it’s not gotta less my belief and faith with God if I didn’t attended mass today. So, cheer up. I’m always grateful to God for this Kilig Sunday while Fangirling!! ~ I may not saw Park Shin Hye today at SM Megamall, maybe I will see her in Korea this year.. *positivity, self ☺️

Lastly, thank you Grace for today!! You know what it is! Haha! 😘 Who else need a photographer, when you already got a friend who can take your nice snaps! Haha.

(πŸ“Έ: Grace D! *pretends a stolen shot for this 😜)

~ My fangirl-self is just happy today, I hope I can stop growing up for now. No responsibilities or no complicated drama/ relationships. Wehehehey, back to reality again, dear.
Dream on.

Goodnight! πŸŒ™

Always be grateful 🌷



674 – Chasing one of my dream destination |01|πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

27 Jul

I don’t know why I got a sudden jolt of joy and excitement as I heard BTS will have their comeback on September!!!!!! Huhu! As an international ARMY, I wanted to watch you perform live and give you special gift/letter personally!!! I really want to personally thank each and everyone of you for helping me cope with sadness and homesickness while I was in Saudi Arabia!!! Just by watching you from afar, you gave me extreme ride of emotion and intense energy through your music. 

I love to go to South Korea ever since I was a student. The first movie that I watch was My Sassy Girl, I love the couple and their theme song “I believe”, too much emotions!! The time capsule, the tree, their memories. Ughhh ❀️. The first series that I watched was Endless Love : Jenny and Johnny’s lovestory.  Then many more series followed up until this year. I love to see their famous K-drama locations most. esp, Namsan Tower, Nami Island, Petit France, Busan, MyeongDong, Bok Joo’s restaurant, Sunny’s Restaurant, Goblin’s House, Heo Joon Jae’s House, Love in the moonlight set, and Scarlet Heart Ryeo set. And many many more. I want to try famous Korean Foods too and shop for cute stuffs, clothes, dress, shoes, and beauty products!!! 

I watched VLOGs at Youtube on how to get Korean Visa at Korean Embassy (DIY style) and I searched blogs too. Thank you so much for posting everything online, Kabayan! So, I prepared my requirements two days ago, then wrote an explanation letter at 0100H in the morning. Due to heavy rain brought by typhoon “Gorio”, I did not push myself to get out of my bed to go to Korean Embassy today. I slept 0430H to finish my handwritten explanation letter. I’ve explain that my certificate of employment was incomplete based from their requirements. Praying that they will accept it and give me Korean Visa.  

I don’t know why the rain was nonstop all day. 

Then. . . 

I woke up from an another news about BTS’ final leg of wings tour concert in Korea on December!!!!!! As in, OmO!!! I want to go 😭

Now. .

I’m back to questioning again my dearest self on when to travel to South Korea!?? September or December!??? 

I’ve spent 465 Php for processing my documents. 

  • Bank clearance – 100php
  • Bank statement – 100php
  • ITR as an OFW – 100php
  • Brgy. Clearance – 50php
  • Documentary stamp – 15php
  • Picture for Visa (6pcs) – 100php 

I searched flights and accomodations already. Slight expensive for this September. But more expensive on December!! I really want to go as soon as possible before I start to review and focus for IELTS exam in PH. I’m praying for my visa to be granted if I applied this week/next week as a big reward for myself this year. I hope my dad will approve too, for me to have a solo travel in South Korea as a tourist. I’m not that afraid anymore to be alone because I knew some of the basic Korean more than before. Then, if there’s a chance, I will go back again on December!!!!! 🀞🏽 visa granted and approved, please!!!! πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

Goodnight! *thank God I finished updating my blog and journal πŸ’

Always be grateful 🌷



669 – exhibit 01 πŸ“Έ

22 Jul

My first of firsts ✨✨✨

  1. First time to wear a skirt again! #ootd
  2. First time to be back again in Makati after eleven long months! *nostalgia..
  3. First to see again this woman, one of my fave human in the universe!! My seoulmate. Haha. 
  4. First time to visit and to explore exhibits from our local artists and ancestor in Ayala Museum for free. It felt like grace and I were back in our college days here. *amazing!
  5. First time to feed my fangirl feels thru RECONTRERinMNL!! For real! Jikook loves!!! Even though it’s only an exhibit, I got excited and Kiligggg! I’m just smiling all throughout the event. 
  6. First time to purchase Jikook Photobook!!! Oh may goshhhh! It’s a bit pricey yet the quality of photos were all superb!! Huhu. I hope someday I can get an autograph from them with these photobooks. Maybe I should purchase an Army Box? For my upcoming collections? Hihi! Did I really said that? πŸ™ˆ
  7. First time to be back again at SM Megamall, still with Graceee!  (*our always to-go mall, together with Hazel.) Then, we ate at Tokyo-Tokyo. Finally, late lunch after a long day of kilig! Haha. 

Even though Grace came from night shift, she survived our whole day bonding, I admire you, besh! Thank you!!!! ❀️ I really miss ya! 😘 It’s so happy to fangirl together!
I wish we had more time to capture more aesthetic snaps from our trip! Hihi πŸ“ΈπŸ’–

Special thanks to all the hardworking team behind Ayala Museum Exhibit and RECONTRERinMNL!!! πŸ’

Always be grateful 🌷




14 Jun

Day off 4/4! β€” BTS released a new version of So Far Away sung by Suga, JK, and Jin! And it was good too huhu may gaaallyyyy RIP replay button again. Emo emo emo I love these We don’t talk anymore, 4’o clock, and So far away. My hearteu 😭 thank you! πŸ’“

Early in the morning, (sharing to you my day, as always) It was a tiring day for clearance, yet Somia and I finished it in a day. Still thankful even though we went home around 1400H. Every clearance signing was a test of patience, a lot of patience. Ughhhhh. *Saudi staff* ughhhhh.

Alhamdullilah, clearance done! Freeeedom! Haha! 🀣

Though I have my morning duty tomorrow, Cheryl, Ate Leslie, and I, went out at night time @2130H we went to two Pharmacies nearby, Ate at Herfy for our burger and fries cravings, then had some groceries at Bin Dawood supermarket. Thank God we went home safe, full, and just happy. 


Always be grateful 🌷




13 Jun



First time to watch and celebrate with all of you on your fourth anniv!! *Thanks for the livestream on Vlive!!!! Four years of hardwork and teamwork!! So thankful and proud huhu they make me so happy, hype and kilig!! They made me want to dance again so hard just like them!! They are soooo goooood and amazing dancers. For all the army fansites with very cute fanarts, they made me want to draw and doodle again!!! Can’t believe on myself that I am stanning this family for six months already as an international/LDR army?!! I even have their playlist on my phone for that longgg time. First, I only downloaded Blood, Sweat and Tears, then numerous songs added, Save Me, Fire, I Need You, Dope, Run, Danger, Not Today, Spring Day, Outro, Young Forever, I know, So Far Away, We Don’t Talk Anymore cover, and Wine by Suran. I always fell in love with their unique concepts, beautiful MVs, meaningful lyrics, lively choreo, friendship, teamwork, humility, and love for ARMY!!! They make me emo all the time that I really want to see them so bad. Someday, someday. Jebal!!! Juseyo~~ I want to come to Korea and support BTS all out. Fangirl dreams πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ I hope they can have fansigning events again this year in all countries 😭 if I may not see you this year, okaaaay, I’m okayyyy. Just please be healthy, stay healthy, and keep on pursuing your dreams together. Thank you for always feeding and spoiling us from all of your post. For the thought of thinking of us, Army all the time. Awwwwww, my weak heart!!! Thank youuuuu for existing in my twenty-four year young life. ✨✨✨✨

I love youuuu Jungkookie, Chim Chim, V, Suga, Jin, Rapmon, Jhope πŸŒ·πŸ‘‘πŸ’–

Young forever!!! 

To more beautiful moments in life!!!


Army Nj ~


4 Jun

Day off, finally!

You know the mall hours during Ramadan here in our place? It’s 2100H – 0200H!

Even if the weather here is about cray cray.. just like these had happened while I’m sleeping soundly this morning..

(Raining with ice! Hale storm? β›ˆβ›ˆβ›ˆ photo credits from Ate Arlene) 

(This was their struggle before going for their evening duty. Photo credits from Ate Lheslie.)
Good thing, it didn’t rain hard after that. So, Ate Grace and I went out at Khamis Avenue Mall around 2030H. We contacted Kuya Ronald as our driver, he was so kind, helpful and above all, has a lot of patience unlike other drivers. At the mall, I bought stuff mostly for myself.. a night lamp, set of earrings, cute travel neck pillow, cute shoulder bags, denim blouse, cardigan, and a simple tank top. And, here our some of my snap:

(Ramadan theme – They have small booths inside the mall too, just like tiangge hehe)

​(Gave in and bought this night lamp for 40SR, last tawad price na raw yun, dating 50SR, yeppp, may tawaran na ganap even in KSA!! Another fact: I’ve always fond of night lamp most esp. with cute designs such as stars.)

So, another highlight of my day was this!!!

Huhu for real OMGGGGGG!!!? I am getting excited to go home real soon! 😍 thanks again, graceeyy for this! Lam na thisss! πŸ’– Jimin-shi and my Jungkookie~ grabehhh! 

Hihi goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful 🌷



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