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(Reminiscing101: Here’s a throwback photo from our SG trip 2016, where I am pretending to play this 🎹)
I was in High school when I learned to play and read notes. I wanted to learn more so I watched more videos on Youtube. First song I played was Ni Yao De Ai, song from Meteor Garden. I’m a fan of that Taiwanese Drama Series by the way. When Ber Months came, I’m playing Christmas Songs because of its season. Silent Night, Joy to the World, and I forgot what else. Then after, I learned to play Your Heart will Go On, Love is all that Matters, and I Just Called to Say I Love You. When my father saw that I’m playing a piano, he was happy to sit there in our living room and watch me. Even if I’m not good at playing, he’s my number one fan. He believes that I can play more. When that Ondoy Typhoon devasted our house and properties, he didn’t just throw our electronic piano and its stand, instead he fix it all for me. After that event, He urge me to practice everyday and play for him but due to my laziness and busy-busyhan activities, I didn’t play it anymore. 😞

I remember how I put smile to my father whenever he hears me play this thing. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone who believes in you even if you think you’re not that good at playing piano. Sorry dearest self, and father for neglecting to play again for years. I do really hope that this year, I can enroll myself to learn and play a piano. Please, I don’t want to have regrets in my youth on not fulfilling my dream to perform songs that I wanted to play, specially now that I have funds and time to improve myself. No more excuses, please. 
Bucketlist of songs to learn this year:

  • Canon D
  • Menuet Ba
  • Etude 11 and 13
  • It might be You
  • Forevermore
  • Goblin Osts, The Beautiful Life, etc!
  • Spring Day by BTS 

Let’s push this self, don’t ever forget and neglect again.



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Credits to @powerofspeech 🌷

To my dearest self, you’ve been stuggling on the days you are most uncomfortable, but still you survived anyway. I know that whatever your decision, you will stand firm. Just like before,  it will be really hard at first. I don’t know what is the main reason why I’m still lazy to compose my resignation letter. The days are coming nearer and nearer till my end of contract. Less than four months to go, and I don’t know what to really feel. I do wanted to go home. Yet, I do wanted to stay too. Ughhhh. I wanted to learn English more, but I’m still not gaining my motivation to study here. Pass IELTS, and Australia’s Nursing Bridging Program came to my mind, as I plan to go home this year. Another challenging career move. They all say I can do everything here in KSA, no need to file for exit now if I really wanted to pursue these. I will need an immense amount of dollars for applying to Australia. I don’t know if I can really focus on studying while I am here that’s why I wanted to go home, to think and reflect first before I step on another rocky path on my career. I found Miss Irma’s blog that was indeed helpful that inspired me to pursue career at Australia. I am amazed how she did everything from passing IELTS and registration for Bridging Program while still working as a nurse in KSA. While me in contrast, I will file for exit and will not renew my one year contract here. I know that I still lack on clinical experience, but I will try. I hope I will not regret that I leave KSA to soon with regards on my clinical experience. Huhu. Heartbreaking. Let’s just stop overthinking, self. Relax.

(Super thankful that I read your blog post!) 😘

This her site that I first visited. Hoping that I can get all these things done before I bid goodbye too, to my abaya x KSA. So, Help me, Father God. 

Breath.. Inhale, exhale. 



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Waving my hand invisibly, saying “hello, my old friend” loudly in my mind, and skipping a beat with inevitable joy to welcome back myself on blogging. Hi! πŸ™‚

Starting on, I just turned twenty-one years young this month. On the process of “growing-up” and understanding the life cycle of being a young adult. I got to say that many things had changed beyond my control and expectations. Never realized the time have been running really fast. People already changed, so am I. Better version of me.
The more I can shut up, listen, and understand things that is coming my way. I am striving to be productive while I am working on my goal to be a staff nurse. It is not impossible to achieve for God is with me. Hehe. Yes, I believe.

Let’s hold on, keep doing good, and continue life full of faith and optimism!


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337 – Teary day

Yesterday, I’m just planning in my head. Having decisions by myself. Talking to my dad about what I want to do. Although I slept late, and did not follow the time I supposed to wake up.. I felt blessed. I woke up to feed myself with the Word of God. In fact, I’ve been lazy for two days to feed my spiritual soul. Therefore I say, I was lost for a short-while and I am found! Hehe! πŸ™‚ I submitted all my plans to God today. I knew He helped me all throughout!
We went for Sophia’s pediatrician for her check-up because she has difficulty of swallowing, thank God it’s not a serious problem to worry but I hope my niece get well soon! πŸ™‚ After Sophia’s check-up, I told my dad to ask the pediatrician if she knew hospital that is good for training nurses, and she gave me information that helped me a lot. I was very teary-eyed when she prayed over me before we left her clinic.
Not even studying or preparing well, only my faithful heart, I conquered the interview with the chief nurse!!!! I’m very nervous and teary-eyed again during the interview! Then, she gave me an exam which is 80 items about nursing. When I finished the exam for 45 minutes, I submitted it to the chief nurse, and she told me to sit down and attend the orientation. I’m uncertain that time if I pass their screening already, but I just listened and ate their prepared snack for us. After that orientation, I got shocked! Another exam again!!!!! Difficult exam, because of computations, drug names and classification, mission and vision of the hospital, medical staff names, hospital policies and etc!!!! I submitted the exam as fast as I can even though I have no answer for some parts! Haha! πŸ™‚ so stressful! But I’m happy for my rotation this Wednesday! πŸ™‚

All for God!!!! I trust in you, 100%! Thank you very much! I love you! ❀

All the universe had helped me to achieve what success I have today! Thank you, Father God! ❀


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Two letters worth-having-for!

In every journey, people succeeded through a long, narrow, and rough road. This was not easy, but everything became possible with His grace. Learning each day to discipline myself to use my time productively had resulted positively. I am blessed, truly for graduating and passing the nursing licensure exam just according from His timetable and mine.

R.N. – Registered Nurse
Out of 37,+++ who took the June 2013 board exam, there were 16, +++ passed. And me, I’m #7242 in alphabetical order who blissfully passed! Thank you God! ❀
So, I wanted to cherish the moment by sharing it also to you. Hehe. July 7, there were rumors that the NLE result will be out on the next day, July 8. And this is the daaaaaay! July 8! When I woke up, my dad told me to open our computer to check for the result but it's not yet posted online. Then, I turned off the computer, and we had our breakfast. After, My dad asked me to accompany him to go to the market to buy for my favorite dish that day. I left my phone at home because the battery was empty. I thought that the results maybe posted around 5PM, but when we arrived home from the market, my brother told me that he thinks the results were out already.. time check, 10:30AM. So, my heart starts to dribble immeasurable times faster than it should be! I opened the computer, sit restlessly and waited anxiously. With my dad and niece beside me, I checked the PRC site but it's too difficult to access that time. I am thinking that maybe it is true that the results were already out. I tried an alternative site to check the list of passers, I am very nervous!!!! My dad said, "Anak, relax lang". That time, I tried to relax and pray and pray and pray to God. Slowly scrolling until my name appears was a nerve-wracking moment!!!!
And then, we saw my name! Praise God! I cried, I jumped from where I sat, I hugged my dad, I clapped, I am very shock, and also H A P P Y!!!!!! Woohoo!
No special celebration that day, just a heart of praise and joyful smiles to share the good news to my family, relatives, and friends!

Grateful, indeed!

"I praise God, because He did not reject my prayer or keep back His constant love from me." Ps66:20 πŸ’–