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952 💗

I’m supposed to share here our KR visa application to Travel Pro agency today, but I got an issue with my COE huuuuu so we’ll just pass our requirements on Monday *hoping!!!!*

Today’s simplejoys:

  • Day 5/16 ~ 한굴! Our cute 선생님 came already to our class from SK!!! She danced Boom Boom with 2 other 학생 while waiting for the electricity to come back.. but the blackout in Pasig took longer than we thought so they had to announce early dismissal for us. Thanks ate daryl & mikee, my seatmates ~
  • Bonding w/ gracee + got kawaii deokrim stickers wiiiiii 구모오!!! ♡♡

💜 ARMY 💜, BT21 stickers ovrload ♡♡♡

  • Fatkook Taiwanese Wintermelon milktea!!!! (Cheat day hmmm milktea layf 😛)

Chubby tub!

Lights and ceiling *aaaarttttt* ♡

  • Feeling extra grateful for ate’s vacation plan on December!!! Woot woot ☆

Thank you Lord! 😚 It’s raining so haaaard today but your blessings are greater and stronger! 🤗

Always be grateful 🌷



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D-2 of Hangul Class ~

Arrived just on time *yey*

Had our lessons about:

  • Give thanks song in Korean ver.
  • Double vowels
  • Basic hangul words, how to read and write them
  • Seoul

__ Well, during our class (tbh) I kinda felt like I’m in an intermediate class already because my classmates are really goood in hangul!!!???

They can repeat and catch every new words that our teacher is saying..


Me: wait.. teacher-nim could you repeat it? Huhhhhh.. whaaaattttt… and so on..(speaks shyly on my own)

But also me, the pa-bibo side of me, or talagang #braver2018year me, I joined the quiz bee for fun and asked my seatmates to join too, they were hesitant at first but they joined too. Hehe thank you!

I was chosen to be in the “black team” coz the color of our shirt/dress were the same, obviously. We’re three in the group, a guy (our leader) and a girl, which I don’t know their names hehe. Good thing, basic questions lang yung napunta samin like:

  • The capital of S. Korea – Seoul
  • Money in Korea – K. Won
  • Prime minister and President**
  • Traditional costume – Hanbok
  • Most popular wave in S.Korea – Halyu
  • National flower – mugunghwa
  • Traditional house – Hanok (gave this answer to the other team, my seatmates – then the teachers said I’m the traydor in my team hahaha lol)


I thought my seatmates won the quiz bee, because yep, they’re good too, but unexpectedly, our group won 😊 *close fight, actually* nonetheless, we all got a prize for our participation hihi ☺

Collagen facial mask 🎁

It’s been a happy day to learn and gain new mutuals even though it rained really hard on my way home – that I was so soaked as in!! (Flashback to my basang sisiw moments during HS/college days – same – mapapakanta ka na lang ng I can make it through the rain ni Mariah while walking in the rain 🤣)

I still went home cheerfully coz I learned something new today, plus deep down my inner core, I’m proud of myself for pursuing to learn this language despite the shizzzy weather in Ph (sobrant init sa tanghali tas biglang lakas ng ulan sa hapon TT)

Thank you Lord for today! 😚😚😚😚

Always be grateful 🌷



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Today’s simple joys:

  • Woke up early and had a good sleep (yey! 8 hrs of sleeeeep!!!)
  • Morning walks around Ortigas
  • Visited Edsa Shrine Chapel
  • Good vibes all dayyyy
  • Listened to Vibrant Happy Women’s Podcast
  • Finished Go back Couple kdrama series!!!!!! Ahhhhhh if ever I reach my 40 yr milestone, I want to look back and watch this kdrama again. This is a must watch drama! ♡♡♡ 10/10 ☆ thank you universe! Laughed and cried a lot!! Too many life lessons esp from eomma ~ I will miss the Go back couple squad – Ma Jin Joo × Cho Ban Do × Ba Reum × Ahn Jae Joo × Go Dok Jae x Chan Sul ♡ and the cute little, Seo Jin ♡
  • Practiced writing Hangul 😊
  • Finally, boooooooked again for my Writing exam next month. Thanks to papa’s motivation “Anak, try lang ng try” huuuuuu 🙈

Always be grateful 🌷



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910 ~ 1st day of class 🇰🇷

Hi! 😊

If there’s a perfect intro for me, it will be this.. I’m always the “planner” instead of the “doer” kind of person. Huu. Kainis TT

So, I want to make a real change this year even if it’s baby steps again. Hehe. And Yes, I enrolled to learn Hangul!!!! Yeyyy self!! ^^

Back to student feeeelssssss ~ hehehehe

This is the perfect time to learn basic Hangul esp. when you have an upcoming trip to South Korea this year!!! *claiming it*

I enrolled in Learn Korea PH – Beginners class (thanks to my “friends” who shared their page and info to me – a.k.a heaven sent accountability partners that have the same drive to learn Hangul too)

This is it!

It’s raining hard this morning, I just want to stay at home and watch k-drama.. but naaaaah.. I programmed my mind that I will attend the class, rain or shine, even if I’m alone.

Thank God! There’s no traffic on a Saturday. Total travel time: 40 mins!!??? (Marikina to Renaissance tower in Pasig)

So now, time to share our D-1 activities:

  • Orientation
  • Learned basic greetings
  • Vowel and Consonant writing

And I must say that the way Koreans write Hangul is so stylish!!? Like they really have the proper way/order in writing each letter. Hehe. Daebak ~

For our Homework #1 * familiarize:

  • I need to practice writing the vowels & consonants in our booklet.
  • And we need to bring a yellow pad next Saturday – we will have a quiz!!!!

So that’s it – 2 hours went fast ~

*shout-out to Blessy, my seatmate from Cavite!!

만나서 반갑습니다

mannaseo bangabseubnida chingu!

~ See you next class! Hihi thank you!

And As a token of quick friendship built, I gave her a bite-sized snickers hihi ~

Let’s have fun learning!!!! (Disclaimer: @ Learn Korea PH Batch 18, I paid P600 all in – 16 Saturdays)

Thank you Lord! ♡♡♡♡

Always be grateful 🌷