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Njoy’s small but certain happiness list:

03/06/2019 –

  • Kuya’s fried rice (yey!)
  • Papa’s pancit with love (yey!)
  • Growing Investments ^^
  • Instead of buying 2 packs of Chips Ahoy (Chunky and Chewy) and Stik-O as a reward for myself, I decided to donate my money to the orphaned kids and street children (SOPE Charity Event <3) #Happinessisdoubledwhenshared ;’)
  • Visited BT21 Pop-up Store !!!!! (I didn’t buy though hihi)
  • 52893616_278156849747120_1160454387617759232_n
  • TxT’s Crown and Nap of a star songs ^^
  • Journaling and Devotional Wednesdays ~


Always be grateful ❤




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Today’s small but certain happiness list:

03/05/2019 –

  • Tapsilog moments with Papa and kuya after my night shift kanina
  • Discovered a cute stationery artist on Instagram 😍
  • Being able to sleep well
  • God’s answering my worries and fears with my devotion time with Him
  • For this quiet afternoon that I was able to clear my mind and heart and to focus on what is more important to do
  • For my excitement to watch BTS!Run episode later!!! Because they went here ♡

Flashback Tuesday:

*happy fangirling moments @ Comic Book Cafe ~ August 2018* 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

So glad that Grace and I pushed thru our trip here even if it’s kinda late and far from Itaewon haha 💜 #fortheloveofBTS 😊

Always be grateful 🌷



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Hi! How’s your March so far?

It’s been 3 days since February said byebye and I hope you’re still doing good wherever you are.

I’ve been into writing a lot and TIDYING a LOT last month, so for MARCH…. let’s see hehe.

I hope I can continue some of the habits I’ve been incorporating in my daily life as of the moment.

I’m also controlling my social media usage again to be more mindful and productive.

2019’s first quarter has been really good to me and I want to start sharing again online my simple joys of the day.

Njoy’s small but certain happiness list:


  • Pandesal with cheese whiz
  • A blessed scarf from the Holy Land that I was able to hold and cry on
  • Lunch and catch-up with bff Iya
  • Praise and worship moments with the Lord
  • Make Room – a song added in my playlist
  • Sharings from today’s CG : love yourself
  • Positive affirmations that I have received today
  • Schoolmates that I haven’t seen for so long that I’ve met unexpectedly (grocery & sidewalk otwt OLA Church) that she smiled back at me (Hi, Carlota 😊) and she hugged me (Hi, Czar 😘)
  • Simple family bonding with kuya and papa (after our grocery bonding, we ate pork bbq and isaw)
  • A profession related convo with Bro. Oico ~ I really admire how you initiated to make time and effort to appreciate a nurse and to value what we do in the medical field 😭💕 (God bless you, Doc!!!!)
  • Yeontan and Taetae’s video hihi
  • Romance is a bonus book ep 11 (OMO, Eun Ho!!!!!)
  • Quiet night to reflect and pray 😊

I encourage you to write your small and certain happiness of your day too (write at least one or as many as you want 😉)

Lastly, I want to share my prayer for this week from the book “You Belong”

Always be grateful! 🌷



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998 #DearBlog

Hey againnnnn – it’s been a long time since I last posted here. What happen to me?

How are you?

How’s your October?

Hope it all went goooooood!!!

Happy Halloween!!! 👻👻👻👻👻

To your ghost blogger here(boo), I am truly sorry for not sharing my ganaps in layf on my dearest blog. I’m haunted everyday to blog but I am swayed by playing games or zzzz sleeping.

To make bawi, here’s my October Highlights: (ups & downs)

  • Two consecutive weekend family bonding with Gonzales clan ❤
  • Had my loveliest birthday celebration in Singapore with my siblings ❤
  • Reunited again with ate!!!! 💖💖
  • Survived Dare to share challenge
  • Got my Beginner Certificate of Completion in Learning Hangul *Tesda certified!!! *선생님 감사합니다!! ^^
  • Bought movie tickets for BTS Burn The Stage next month!! 💜
  • Secured 1 concert ticket of BTS LY tour in Singapore on January!! *thanks to Grace! 💜
  • So blessed from BTS updates and new music this month 💜
  • Had frequent visits to Lola at the Heaven’s gate cemetery 😊
  • Received my COEs from my different employers
  • Received my authenticated board certificate from NZ embassy
  • Pigout almost everyday but I still managed to maintain my weight
  • Sudden change of sched but it was not approved (yey) **ehem crybaby alert*** Thank you AMCI ~ also our groupchat was created so we can voice out our concerns to them immediately (ok kilig)
  • Got rejected from my previous employer regarding my professional reference letter (move on na lang tayo self)
  • Got rejected from the blank agency because I was not able to secure a good standing certificate from Saudi council
  • Got frustrated with my initial registration because of my Saudi clinical experience.. so I stopped fixing my papers two weeks ago.. I allowed myself to think again and ask God for strength and motivation (indeed, God is merciful!!!!) “Keep moving forward”
  • I was unable to finish the book that I was supposed to read this month
  • I was not able to create my Upwork profile (why I am so afraid to try again self🤔)
  • Had my 1st derma and Obgyn consultation d/t my PIMPLES on my face ㅠ ㅠ thankful so far and I’m feeling positive that the soap and clinda solution will work!! I still hope that I don’t have any PCO…huuu… tbh, I’m quite afraid of my upcoming pelvic utz examination(1st timer)…. inhale exhale ok lang yan self ~ kaya mo yan!!🤗
  • Had a free haircut and hair treatment after almost a year woooh thank u ate 😘 though I really didn’t like how my hairdresser cut my bangs, color my hair and his attitude 👎…….. I’m still thankful because he fixed my roots without any extra charge.
  • Tbh ~ there were a lot of things I started to do /accomplish this month but anyare na wala naaa I’m still good being inconsistent ㅠ ㅠ (inktober, editing pics, editing videos, creating blogposts, journaling)

Bday month rating: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

Always be grateful 🌷



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971 ~ Got my 1st single-entry visa to Korea 🇰🇷💓

F I N A L L Y ! ! ! Thank you Lord ♡

Sharing this good news to everyone ☆

Back story: Before I’m just the girl who read blogs and watch vlogs about traveling to South Korea. Yes, I have read and watched tons of it!! I even make notes 🙈 I also tried to apply last year but I got so afraid to be denied so I just kept my application and watch kdramas to help me move on. Then huhu okaaay this is it, my fangirl soul is really happy to have a korean visa *insert this is the moment 🎤* (first time sparkling kilig moments) #simplejoys😉

My friend and I were very very anxious because of my COE, I’m only in my 5th month on being employed – on probationary period(!!) when I applied for my visa. Though, the usual they will say that you must ensure you have more than 6 months or 6 months at least in your job for you to have a “strong tie” in your country, yet I still pushed through it (YOLO lol coz we already booked for our tickets last May 2018). Nonetheless, Your COE must have the complete details of your company/institution that the Embassy is requiring so you will have no problem. As for me, I tried to pass my COE w/o salary compensation and the agency did not accept my application. On my 2nd attempt, I didn’t know that my company’s email address is not included in my COE but still I submitted it anyway, huuu luckily they accepted it ~ as long as it has valid contact telephone numbers.

So what else is in my application for me to get a granted visa that may be helpful to you? (I heard you, so here it is)

  • Applied for 4 days stay (leisure / vacation) *just to be safe*
  • Budget: 800 USD
  • Has travel history in my passport, SG 2016, HK 2014 (excpt Saudi 2016-2017 for work)
  • Of course, ITR, COE, funds, Bank statement and Bank certificate
  • Applied visa together, with a friend who went to Korea (April 2018) and has strong tie in the Phil(employed too). Hi Grace~
  • Applied in TravelPros in SM Megamall with a fee of P700 for korean visa processing(lol not sponsored🤣)

Check out these links for more info:



🐇 Work hard to have a travel fund.

🐇 Pray diligently everyday and imagine you are getting there.

Now I’m researching again for sample itineraries in Korea hehe I’m so excited!! 😊

Aja! Fighting!! Goodluck to your application too ☆☆☆



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953 ~ Rise Up 🙌

It has been a rainy weeeeek in Manila PH, the demons inside me can just drag me to bed all week, but I have chosen to overcome them and be the waterproof servant God has called me to be. Many thanks to my dad who sent me to school, ay work pala, from Mon-Wed hihihi ♡

Monday to Friday ~ off to work (Ortigas)

Saturday ~ off to Hangeul class (Ortigas)

Sunday ~ off to the Feast Bluewave (Marikina)

This has been my actual routine since June (added Korean sat-class), and I’m proud of you self, for not skipping any class/work/service because of this bad weather, Hi Josie.

Today’s simple joys:

  • Had a great service with my fig, Teacher Karla, about How God brought his apostles in a quiet place. Our 5 students were able to behave and participate well while they share their past and dream rest/vacation 😊
  • Was able to update my doodle journal and planners ☆
  • Finished my 숙재 !!
  • Timing for the cold weather, Papa’s lugaw and tokwa’t baboy combo!!!! 🐽
  • My family is safe from Josie 💦
  • Watched FBM’s Rise up (Big Day) talk that dealt with Mental Health Issues and gave prevention and awareness to everyone ♡♡
  • Some of my journal entries from GBC kdrama that can relate to Feast today.

Goodnight and stay warm, friends! 💞

Always be grateful 🌷