On point, note-to-my-dearest-self 💞



Heartbreaking, I should have been abstain 100%, yet I’m tempted again to open those sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Huuu. I must have these strong self-control, obedience, and diversional power. I must keep this in my mind, heart, and spirit, “Don’t waste time on checking unimportant things, Prioritize and Manage time wisely!”
Control the temptations. Fight against it. And Conquer! Every single day without those. 😉 Go on, Go on!

I shall invest my time on reading, exercising, sleeping, helping or volunteering, praying, and bonding with loved ones. Another note to self: “Be fruitful and productive before the year ends!…and until the next yearsss to come!”
Would it be great if you also note this to yourself, my friend? 🙂 hehe! Meaningful and joyful life, is coming ahead! Lezz do this! 😀

Thank you Father God! It was a helpful gospel and homily, awhile ago during mass. “To give everything, and trusting Him” and “To be open-hearted and palms, and all our senses, to those in need of our help.” ❤

Gonna leave my iPhone behind, and do some short nap, and readings for today!

Have a Blessed Sunday to all!



Aiming, and then, expecting high was not bad at all, believing and trusting Him had totally saved me. Thank you Father God! I am so eager to see my grades online, when I supposed to see it on our grade card in the registrar’s office. I prayed first, then I chose to click my student grades, then, scroll down. Woooh! Thank you po, thank you, thank you Father God! I know I’m still under our school’s scholarship program! Thank you and I love you po 🙂

Lesson learned: Never miss any chance, a day without studying and learning, and loving nursing in every bit. Now is my second chance, to achieve my goals! I must not give up easily, I must trust Him more.

Thanks to my grandmother’s all-time piece of advice to us, “Always call on to God, whatever you do, wherever you go, and whoever you meet, etc, call Him and pray.” 🙂
Happy 82th Birthday Lola Belen! 😉 I love you, *Lola’s girl!
Happy 55th Birthday Mama and tita! 😉

Grateful day, indeed!
True happiness! 😀

Goodnight, sweet dreams! ;*