10 Aug

I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory.


Today’s simple joys:

  • Reorganized again my room and closet.
  • Just like the good old times, Kawaii, had dinner at Seafood Island, then we went at Chill Top Family KTV bar. Happy Night with Janet, Joanna, Mica, Ana, Berna and Nikki! Thanks for the treat, Mica.
  • Thanks to my brother too, for my ride.





Always be grateful ❀






9 Aug

Woke up with mild pain on my left wrist because yesterday I accidentally bumped my left wrist with my right hand. HUHU. Yesterday, there’s one woman in the minor room scheduled for a steroid shot on her wrist too.. and yes, we do both have same case, dequervain syndrome. For her, it’s a bit serious because she has more pain on movement of her thumb. While for me on the other hand, I felt a little bit of discomfort on my left wrist, but just a tolerable pain on movement. So, I decided to wear again the support brace from my sister for my wrist. I got sad because I didn’t expected that this syndrome will comeback again.. I am not ready. However, I must accept the fact that I must wear this brace from now on, I needed to support my wrist. I hope my right wrist will not have a problem ever again. Stay strong to both of my wrists, please.


On the afternoon, I asked my brother to accompany me at SM Marikina. I wanted to buy a boxing gloves and hand wrap for my upcoming boxing sessions. Hehe.. Thanks bro, I bought Titan’s boxing gloves and hand wrap worth almost 2100PHP. Β * not bad!!

Before we went home, we headed at Skin Station and I’ve decided to treat myself. I availed the Axilight Underarm Whitening worth 7000PHP for 5 sessions, Axilight Underarm whitening serum, Infladerm, Maxilight Facial, and the membership too. As in, self.. are u okay?? huhu. it’s done. I just do pray for its efficacy to me.


When we got home, I was a bit upset and down because of the money that I spent today, and my brother just replied.. “Invest ka muna sa sarili mo kaysa mag-invest ka sa iba”Β and boy, boombayah, i’m shook. haha. it hit my soul. I’m earned my money away from my home and I kinda deserve this to treat myself well. Huhu. Thanks, bro.



Always be grateful ❀





686 – Dad’s minor operation

8 Aug

Today’s case at 1400H: Excision of cyst (hemangioma) on right hand


Survived the hustle traffic on a Tuesday afternoon. We arrived at UERM around 1355H!!! Yep, almost late huhu. because I’m so slow to prepare and I forced them, my dad and brother, to bring a car instead of riding the LRT. hmmmm I just wanted dad to be comfortable and relaxed before his first ever minor operation.. but boy, I was wrong haha.. we were all worried because if we won’t make it at 1400H, I don’t know what will happen too. However, God is really good all the time!!!! We made it there. I hurriedly went at Admission office to finalize the papers before my dad’s operation.


Dad seemed to be relaxed and calm all the time, yet I don’t know what’s going on his mind.. I just felt that deep inside, his scared.. I handed to him the other side of my earphones and played a relaxing music, one of his fave, Close to You by the carpenters, while we wait inside the minor room.


This is it. Everything was ready and it’s time to start the operation.

  • Consent done.
  • Preparation done aseptically.
  • Administered Lidocaine spray over the hand.
  • Administered Lidocaine injection.
  • Excision.
  • Removal of hemangioma.
  • Suturing.
  • Dressing.
  • Covering with bandage.
  • Discharge Instructions.

(Picture taken with consent)

*I kept on asking dad if he’s fine.. I’m a little bit worried for him, promise!!! I am proud of you papa!!! You remained calm and cool until the end. whoaaaaa!!!


All expenses I paid. Thank you for the Senior citizen’s discount even though we didn’t file this case at Philhealth because we’re all lazy to do it. hayhayyy.


Thank you Lord for everything!!! All glory to you. Praying for a good result from my dad’s histopath next week.



Always be grateful ❀





685 – DFA apt. & Dad’s check-up

7 Aug

Accompanied my dad today for his passport renewal and check-up. First, we went at DFA Alimall to renew his passport. There’s a good side of being a senior citizen with regards to processing your documents. It’s faster and better!! We took less than an hour to finish this renewal process because you don’t need an appointment and no long lines. Hehe. I found out too that all appointment this year was all full already. Whoa. In my mind, I need to work abroad next year before my passport expires on 2019. Hehe I’m just being futuristic here. Yes, I still have plans to work abroad but I’m not yet decided to which country I want to live in the long run.


Next Agenda for today: My dad’s check-up at UERM Hospital. I didn’t call the doctor’s clinic beforehand, but luckily the doctor was in there haha. My dad’s doctor was Dr. Borromeo. I knew his face before but I didn’t know his name. He was recommended by some of my colleagues. esp. thanks to Ma’am Rose, our OB head nurse. Hihi. So back to my dad’s check-up, we just waited for an hour and a half. When we’re called, I told Dr. Borromeo my dad’s condition and handed over to him some results that my dad underwent before from other hospitals. He assessed and palpated the site, then scheduled my dad for an operation tomorrow which we both agreed, my dad and I. Thank you Doc! hehe. I asked for a discount with our check-up, from 800php to 600php. hehe. *not bad..


Tomorrow we must be in the hospital at 1330H for my dad’s scheduled operation at 1400H at UERM’s minor operative room for excision of cyst on right hand.


I’m also thankful today because Merielle and I was able to do a quick catch-up at UERM, though it’s a bit sad because her grandmother was in critical condition at CCU.. I hope she gets better soon.



Always be grateful ❀






6 Aug

From the time I posted without pictures and emoji, I’m using my laptop to post here. Simply sharing, venting and ranting out my feels through texts. I hope it doesn’t bother to anybody? hehe. It’s so nice to type and just type, it brings my inner writer/blogger within me. hahaha.


It’s Sunday, and I will attend one of my closest college friend’ Gender revealing event today. I’m so proud of her because even though she’s preggy, and jobless, she was able to used her time productively by learning simple calligraphy that she was able to used it as decor to her event today. I’m really happy for her progress as a beginner to learn so fast and made a beautiful art thru calligraphy.


I’m supposed to go home early after her event, but there’s something about me that I can’t understand that time.. so I stayed there until 1am in the morning. Boom, a friendship restored with Mica. It’s awkward but we really fixed our friendship this time. It’s a breather and it felt good. I missed her, our crazy moments together, before we’re so close with each other, my best bloom.. haha. it’s full of happy college memories that I will cherish.


It’s always a good time to spend with KAWAII, our group name in college, where I named and designed two of our shirts before. Oh college days, our jeje days and nene days while struggling our course, Nursing. Haaaay, memories. hehe.


Thank you for today, Lord ❀


Always be grateful! 🌷







5 Aug

Thank you Lord!!!

  • I dreamt of BTS.
  • I bought a laptop after so many gazillion years of wanting to buy one with my own blood, sweat and tears ~ money money money.
  • Quick catch-up date with Mam Ceskee at gateway, then SM Megamall. Dinner – ohh i love gyozaaaaa!
  • Also, I bought a pants, washi tapes, and colored pens.
  • You can leave me at miniso shop for awhile, i can manage. 

Always be grateful 🌷



4 Aug

My body seem to be paralyzed as I woke up, I’m tired. My inner self was telling me to just stay on my bed. However, I fought with my thoughts, then I won. I woke up and hurriedly prepared my stuff for today’s Boxing Session. Paid fees already, so it’s now or never. I must put my heart into boxing and get fit!!!

I never thought I would enjoy Boxing. It’s hard but I love how I sweat a lot. It’s never a bad deal if you spent some of your time doing some exercises anywhere you are. Coz’ for me, exercise gives me more good energy vibes to move and dance around. Endorphin increases as serotonin goes down, meaning more happy cells.

Have a nice day everyone! πŸ™‚




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