11 May

Pretty sums up my life so far πŸ’«

Just slept my day off. Recharging my energy to work again for another six straight days. It’s Nurses Week, and Mother’s Day on Sunday. I don’t why I am that sad again today. I must put a smile on my face because I need to. Perspective, darling. Tomorrow, is a new day. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ 

I miss my mom, I love you mama! You’re one of the reason I took up Nursing, you are my role model since before, I love how you love your profession. I hope one day, I can really love 100% everything about my chosen profession the way you do. Happy Nurse’s Week!!!!! 

I’m Your Nurse Nj, happy to serve!!! πŸ’‰

Always be grateful 🌷




10 May

Having a breakout on my face again, but not that massive. Still, my fresh pimple dried out fast! So, I’ve stumbled again another helpful online beauty vlogger which seem very informative!! 

Here’s her link!!!! 

Skincare by Liah Yoo 🌷

Zinc oxide and Vitamin D supplement were important for acne prone skin. Using these ingredients to our sunscreen or any acne prone kit were both essential. Sadly, my sunscreen that I’m using lacks zinc oxide and most products that I consuming now. Good thing, my sunscreen was organic/physical/mineral type, it formed white cast on my face but I slowly loved how it lightens my face. At first, I thought that using that sunscreen caused my breakout. But maybe it’s on my skincare routine habits, bedsheets, pillow case, blanket, hair, food, sleeping late? Or many other countless factors. I’m using grapeseed cold pressed oil for a year now, and it really helped heal my pimples so far. Though I still get new fresh pimples because of many factors. My problem also is my blackheads on my nose. I have big pores clogged with blackheads. I know that manually scraping it would lose it natural oil and worsen more the pore though it will leave your nose clear, but it will still come back. Oh noes, blackheads again. Huhu. So, I will try to apply her simple steps of skincare. 

  1. Not to overwash my face
  2. After my toner, I will apply my grapeseed oil
  3. After letting the oil sit on my face, I will apply my water gel (oil-free) moisturiser
  4. Re-apply suncreen if going outdoors/indoors. Dabbing even small amount on my face and neck. 

Let’s see what happens. I will update you, friends. Now, I’ll try to take a nap with my very comfy new blanket!!! Then, it’s my 3rd night duty later. Hoping for a benign shift!! 

Thank you Lord for everything for uplifting my mood again, I felt a little down this morning, I don’t know, maybe because I still didn’t have a real date of my vacation and I still didn’t passed my resignation because my head nurse said it’s too early. Nooooo. Huhu what I will do now. I will lift it up to you, enlighten and help me, oh Lord πŸ’«
Goodnight, friends! 

Always be grateful 🌷




9 May

Who wouldn’t love cute stuffs!? Kawaii!! I loved cute and colorful stuffs! Even my personal passwords have something related to these. I’m really missing my creative side, hello other side of me, my love for doing art projects like scrapbook, drawing, doodling, and designing my planner/ journal. Huhu. Why I even have to stop doing these things, and even I still miss, I am that lazy for how many years now. I followed inspiring and creative people on Instagram and Youtube. And, wowwww! I’m very jealous of how their passion for art made them into a success. Their earning for doing what they really love and enjoy the most. They are pursuing their dreams at its fullest! I loved to follow people jampacked with passion, and stories of struggle and dreams. I followed Abbey Sy, Kaila Ocampo, and creators behind momolovespaper, inkscribbler, valster and studywithinspo!! Awww. I want to be an intern and work with all of you. Some part of me really wants to live in Japan or South Korea someday because I feel I supposed to live there haha! I want to pursue my love for arts, painting, dancing, travel, photography, calligraphy, and all things that makes me happy. I know these was my first love before working as a nurse. I don’t hate my job now, but I wanted to explore more of myself, pursue my dreams and passion. Work for progress not to impress. Work with all my heart. I felt drained and stagnant this year but I need to save my salary to be able to fund for myself when I will go home this year. I want to discover and know myself more. For I know, God is directing my steps and He is with me all the time. Step by step with Him, I know all my dreams will turn from impossible to possible and His plan for me will unfold πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

(Screen captured these from rainbowholic because just because I am moved. Huhu. Can’t wait to read your blog posts! Soon!)

Always be grateful 🌷




8 May

(Sunrise view from our ward’s pantry window)

It has not been easy, homie. Nine months. And I’m down to less than three months till my end of contract. I’m not quitting. I’m just finishing my one year contract. I will not renew. I decided to exit even though I have no real back-up plan when I go home in my place. I don’t have a job. I’m letting go of my stable job and high salary here. I’ve come to think and feel what I really wanted. It’s very hard to come at this point of my decision. Hopefully this week, I could file my vacation and resignation for exit. My police clearance and dataflow were already on process. 

I just tried this thing on Facebook on what future post for me in 2018.

Great changes are coming to my life! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Feeling positive and motivated for better changes in my life next year. I don’t know where will be my next destination, next obstacle, next adventure and experience. Nevertheless, I am trusting God, and I will be leaving everything up to Him.

Always be grateful🌷




7 May

Since I didn’t have the chance to watch the concert of BTS Wings tour in Manila, I’m happy that all Army, esp. my friend, and BTS enjoyed! ❀️ Thank you, BTS!! 

(All photo credits from Twitter BTS Fanpage. 😘 BTS feat ARMY PH Flag Ocean! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Everything was amazing! Please come back again soon 😭)

Back when I’m in my teenage years, I was never fond of watching concerts because I have no money and if I have money, my mindset was just to buy another thing instead. I thought why people would spend big just on buying tickets and watching their favorite artist/ group performed? If you’re a fan, you can just listen and watch to their songs all day. Sometimes, it’s just a hassle to come at their concert. And in generation today, all our using their phone/camera just to show people that they were there having fun, rather than enjoying the moment by singing and watching them. All people were using their camera to capture every performances. I don’t hate what they’re doing but sometimes you cannot see very well their performance if all you see was their phone/camara up, it’s blocking your view, right? Huuu. So that time, I never wanted to go to concert. Butttttt, nowwwwww I came to realize that people are going to concert for a wonderful and beautiful experience just like this!! ❀️ Wow. I’m eating all my thoughts and words before. Concert is not just about money that you’ve wasted. Attending to this just added another memorable moments in your life. I wish I was still in my teens, younger, and without much responsibilities as an adult now. I wish we can all be young forever. Hehe. But, fangirling has no age limit! Yey! There’s nothing wrong by doing crazy stuff like fangirling much haha as long as your heart is happy, go girl! I encourage everyone, including myself, to just do it, whatever makes us really happy, follow it and pursue it. πŸ’•

Always be grateful 🌷




6 May

BTS ~ Bangtan Fandom really hit me since I watched them last year on MAMA. I never knew I would love them this far? Is this me? Haha! And I’m not that sure if maybe I’m just really influenced by my friend for loving BTS? But really, really, really, these boys were so multi-talented, youthful, energetic, influential, pursuer of dreams, humble, cute and good-looking humans on earth! Omgggg!!! How can I get out of this fandom? They were very amazing when they perform and bond with each other and to Army fans! 

I love how Army PH respect their privacy when they arrived in PH! I hope these boys will enjoy their stay all throughout. So excited for Day two Tomorrow!! 
Army ❀️ BTS Day 1 – Wings Tour In Manila!

(All photos from Army PH Fans out there, Maraming Salamat!!!)

Daebakkkk performances!! Saranghaeyo~ I wish I was able to watch your concert too HUHU. (Someday, someday)

Goodnight and sleep well Rapmon, Jhope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and My Jungkook ~ πŸ’•

Always be grateful 🌷




5 May

I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Today’s simple joys:

  • Zero admission!!
  • Benign Friday evening duty with Sister Narmatha & Mamatha!
  • Bought Single super herfy combo meal after duty, thanks to our Kabayan staff for giving me extra large drinks, fries and apple pie for free!
  • Byun Baekhyun’s Birthday!!! Happy Birthday, my prince! Hihi πŸ’•
  • Watched Camp Sawi and My Ex and Why’s with Ate Grace and Cheryl! Fun late night bonding with these two. Can someone take us to Bantayan Island and South Korea!!!??? So beautiful scenes from those movies. Bucketlist places to travel!!

(Blessing your feed with My Prince’s Cuteness: photo credits from kdramafeed!!)

Got so excited and jealous for PH Army who can watch BTS Wings Tour in Manila tomorrow!!! This is my first time to feel this way, for real! As a Fangirl, I really want to see them perform live! Someday, Bogo Sipda, BTS!! Enjoy in PH!!! πŸ’•

Always be grateful 🌷



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