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1023 🎏

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Did you already have tikoy or some lucky charms?

Hehe ~ May we all have a Prosperous New Year!!

Sharing to you some snaps I edited today because d/t work I can’t go to Chinatown.

102418 – Chinatown, Singapore 🇸🇬

I hope I can eat authentic Chinese foods right now hehe (later, tummy *later*)

Today, I want to share my simple joys:

♡ woke up so happy!!! I’m proud of you BTS!! This is really amazing!! 2019 we goin Grammys!! Wowwwww!!! I’m excited to support our babies!!! Dreams do come true!!! Yeyyyyyyy ☆

♡ my day 2 of tidying ala Marie Kondo 😂 I think I’m 75% done with all our clothing (day 1 task 🙈 there’s so many clothes we need to let go *tap tap, thank you*). So here, I’m still not done with my books-papers-sentimental stuff haha it’s still a mess I know 😅 Got two more days and our new bunk bed will arrive in our room!!!! *excited too!!! Hehe okkk baby steps self, we can do this!!

♡ beautiful sunset on my way to work 🐥

♡ no heavy traffic along ortigas *holiday eyyyyy*

♡ sat extra comfortably in the shuttle while hiding my kilig over bangtan bombs on YT!!! *my daily joys*

♡ one of my tuesday’s happiness 😂 haha I really enjoyed today’s run episode #wetlookbangtan #hotnesscutenessUwUoverload gaaash I just can’t stop smiling and laughing while watching them!!!! *thank you ❤!!*

♡ I am reminded by this, to daily affirm myself and that’s what I did today 😊

I will focus more on what’s in front of me, not on my past mistakes/failures. We move forward and forward!!!

Always be grateful 🌷



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1022 💭

Where are you going?

Is it where you’ve been dreaming of?

Or are you heading where your heart belongs to?

Hope you are happy.

How many steps are you gonna take?

How many endless roads you gonna cross?

For how long you gonna make it?

Hope you could endure every bit.

Look up.

Stare at me.

Just breath and feel my warmth.

This is my present to you.



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933 🙈

BTS World Tour : Love Yourself • 1st Ticket Selling @ 2000H KST 070218 ~

Yesterday, I went to work early, an hour advance than my usual sched(1st time), just to try my luck to purchase a ticket online but gaaaaaah it’s so, so, so difficult(intense!!) from accessing the site to logging in and so forth waaah my ARMY heart is struggling!!!! Huuuu ottoke!! My heart sank when I saw “0 seats” after 30 mins !? 😭😭😭

uuuuuwwwwwuuuuu ><

Maybe I should read some tips of ARMYs on how to secure a BTS concert ticket huuu ~

Any tips, unnie!? 🙈

So, moving on(must move on and go back to work), Grace and I will try to buy tickets on their 2nd selling!! *ughhhh • fighting*

Anyway, my takeaway from going to work early yesterday:

  • Yummy lechon for dinner! Thanks Papa, even we ate early rin hahaha around 5:30pm 😅

– Ortigas @ 1845H 💙

Always be grateful 🌷



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932 ☁️

Good morning 😊

Today, I thank you Lord for the overflowing love I receive from my family, esp. to my sister who bought chocolates (♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡), clothes, and super cute socks for me. I received your package alreadyyyy!!! Waaaah thanks to Kuya and Kuya Kim for picking it up (hehehe).

I’m so thankful to have a sister like ate – even if she’s not so showy whenever I cling on to her and tell her how blessed I am to be with her and to have her haha she cringe most of the time, but I know she’s pretending not to cry in front of me. Hahahaha *i know youuuu* I will make lambing lagi and be by your side as your baby and crazy sister 24/7 ♡

사랑해 unnie ♡

Always be grateful 🌷



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928 🌥

Today’s PH Daylight (12 hours, 58 minutes)

Marikina @ 1850H 😊💙☁️

📸 S8+ VSCO ~

Hi, friends!

It’s been weeks since I last posted about my thing for sunsets and clouds, right? hehe so here ya go ~ #simplejoys ☺

Self-love Friday:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Listen to your favorite music
  3. Hug your loved ones
  4. Walk around
  5. Look up the sky
  6. Talk to our great Blesser and Giver of Life, our God
  7. Smile a lot

Have a nice weekend ahead ~

Always be grateful 🌷