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1043 | August 2019 Highlights 🤸‍♀️

Hi, friends! 👋

I’m 7 days laaaaate.. (HUHU) for this post but I’ll post this anyway 😅

How are you?

What are the special moments you want to treasure last month?

What did you learned?

UHM hehe here’s mine ~ (TagLish) 😘

Eto talaga yung una eh nuh? HAHA Thank you ate! ang saya mag-linis ng bahay lalo na ung sa room namin kasi may ganto na kami hehe the OC-OC mode in me is really happy! 😂
Quick lunch date with my one and only ate at Manam! Crispy Sisig and Sinigang are the best!!! HUHU Thank you ate! Thank you rin po sa gifts hihi BTS’ postcards and stationery papers!!! Treat naman kita next time hehe ^^
During my free time, yes, you’re right.. nagbebenta rin ako ng yelo hahaha char! ako yung nautusan ni papa gumawa ng yelo para sa aming mga manggagawa.

I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy.. kaya when I saw sa IG ng Ink Scribbler na may P250 workshop sila sa Megamall tas kasama pa yung kit, I grabbed it na the learning opportunity and sent an email. I also invited Grace and Janet to join the workshop with me!!! Yey!

Thank you so much!! ❤

Gush, I love them so much huhu I wanna see them again T.T
Thank you in advance for this movie!
No caption needed. Ang sarap talaga ng lutong bahay!
Thank you Papa!
I applied to a Nursing Job post on Upwork with a rate of $10/hr! I passed during the paid initial evaluation.
This was one of my sample nursing project!!
They did liked my contents but during our last evaluation, they chose another freelancer.
Still, thank you Lord! I enjoyed working on this project.
I discovered Shearwater Health PH through Ate Monique. I also submitted my application because why not, chocnaaat.
Thank you for the Postcard, SM 💜
Obligatory selfie before watching the movie. Thank you sa nakilala kong ARMY sa pila sa kuhanan ng ticket at postcard, Hi Sania! Thank you for this shot hehe 💜
Post-BRINGTHESOULMOVIE groufie! huhu ang ganda, kakabitin!!!! Excited for their docu series!!!!!
Thanks for tonight BTS, Ate Claire, Grace and Sania 💜
My fave part from the movie: yung tawanan nilang lahat kasi gayang-gaya ni JK ang kanyang mga hyungs haha!!! also the JINgularity haha =))
Did I cry? YESSSSS huhu sa part ni RM, iba talaga pag siya na nagkukuwento about the concert na gusto nila ibigay talaga nila 1000000% nila para sa ARMYs huhu grabeh po sobrang WORTH-IT & Memorable manuod ng concert ng Bangtan AND naiyak rin ako sa part na sobrang lungkot ni JK kasi di sya makasayaw dahil sa foot injury niya.. hay dami niya realizations.. pero ramdam mo talaga love ng bangtan sa kanya T_T
August 11, 2019 | Tiis sa Livestream hehe # TeamBahay #LotteFamilyConcert2019 syempre kahit nagpplantsa ako ng uniform, inistop ko muna nung BTS na!!!!
(Boy With Luv)’ Stage CAM @ 2019 Lotte Family Concert
YOU GOT DA BEST IN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUHU my heart!!!
*This was this last performance before they take their much needed break # healing*
Thank you Baby, I’m still alive and breathing!!!
They are so cute!!!! Thank you BT21 official – made this as my lockscreen this month.
August 14, 2019 | We’ve met again, J.ruiz!
After my morning duty, I went to UERM to request for my TOR. Why? I’ll start applying for NCLEX.
Dami kong energy today kasi after morning duty at pagpunta sa UERM, nakapag-shower pa ako sa bahay at nakapunta sa Connected Women Marikina Meetup! *first-timer kami ni iya! buti nakahabol si iya!! yey! ^^
Met lots of empowered women in Marikina! Thank you for all the inspiring stories, lessons, good food and for this book, Sis Guia *nanalo ako sa final draw ng raffle!!! Thank you Lord ❤
August 16, 2019 | Coffea Bean & Tea Leaf quick catch-up with sis ree! ❤ I’ll soon read her book and give a review here on my blog (abangan).
Basta FREE tas ang lapit lang, join naman ako kasi why not, chocnaaaat :>
Can you find me? Hehe ayun sa Gitna! Thank you Ms. Judith for this empowering talk! Dami kong takeaway na LIFE lessons pati notepad and balpen na rin ng Human Nature Marikina.
August 17, 2019 | Catch-up with my strong & independent beshie and head nurse sis from Saudi!
August 17, 2019 | iyakan night with Hello, Love Goodbye! ang galing niyo Joy and Ethan! Tagos sa puso ng mga linya huhu *relate much? char basta MUST WATCH MOVIE TO NG TAON!!!
Sunday spent in Coffecina, Marikina. I stayed there for 7-8 hours for P350; Meal P115 (Meatballs) ^^ #productive
I prepared for my Aug 19 sched phone interview, I even took a VL. To cut the story short, I didn’t pass in Shearwater Health NCLEX Scholarship kasi gusto nila employed pala sa hospital. Well it’s okay, self. Move on to the next :’)
For new beginnings, for renewed life charowt haha flex ko lang ung 2×2 id pic ko pang PRC online renewal haha =)) not sponsored by Tronix.
TIP | ONLINE APPLICATION sa PRC if BORN ABROAD – SELECT FOREIGN COUNTRY SA BIRTH PLACE. *yun lang pala yung pipiliin.. grabe un pa ung naging cause ng delay ko noon huhu*
TIP | Renew ahead para walang stress.
TIP | Bago umalis sa TRONIX, maki-connect sa Wifi nila para matransfer sayo ung photo mo. *wag ako gayahin na naistress pa paano ko makuha to haha kaya napabalik ako sa tronix para kumonek pala doon haha =))
I’m excited for this!!!!
This is what I love from bighit and bangtan, their docu series just like in Burn the stage. Pero aminin ang mahal per episode sa Weverse kaya abangers ako sa YT/FB. huhu ❤
Awesome Kids Sunday with these Kids ^^

First time to be invited in FLIP Chat&Chill Episode!!!!

“How to Learn Skills FAST – Part 2 – Click here for the full video.

What would you do if one day, your employer decided that they would be delegating your tasks to a program or robot?

How would you adjust if your current skill, which you’ve mastered after more than a decade eventually became obsolete?

Is there are a way to learn new skills fast? What specific steps can you take to improve your learning curve?

Join us for the second part of FLIP Chat & Chill’s How to Learn Skills Fast. We’d love to have you take part in the discussion or just listen in if that’s what you prefer. Either way, the time you’ll spend watching the show will be much appreciated. “

Thank you Lord and Thank you VA bootcamp for this learning opportunity and exposure kahit ang awkward ko at galaw ng galaw – halatang kabado hahahaha =)))

Feel free to watch the video and feel free to give me advice para mag-improve ako next time. Aminin ko pangiti-ngiti lang ako jan pero deep inside kinakabahan talaga ako.

Thank you self for showing up ^^
Thank you for the invitation again ^^
Shookt ako mumsh!!! Di ko to inexpect darating ang blessing na to this year!!?
BUT Here we go again, I’m doubting myself huhu feel ko di ko pa kaya – di ko pa to deserve.
I-accept ko ba or di muna? Help me po, Papa God.

Thank you for reading my blog post until here! ^^

I had an amazing August kahit miss na miss ko yung South Korea trip namin last year, tbh, ang daming blessings, bagong tao na nakilala and sympre yung mga natutunan ko this month.

I realized na once na nag-failed ka o nareject ka, laging may ipapalit na magandang blessing sayo si Lord. Just keep going and just keep trusting Him.

Always be grateful! 🌷



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A room update 2.0 😊


I rearranged our room again (sorry, sis) and organized some of my stuff so I can place the TV on top of our shelf.

Almost all our durabox/storage boxes were used really well (insert happy dance yeyyy!)

*Forgot to take a picture of the boxes in our shelves and cabinet hehe sorry !! But believe me it’s more pleasing to the eyes now ~ everything is so organized!! 😍

I folded our clothes, pants, ecobags; fixed cords; piled folders, papers, miscellaneous/sentimental stuff etc. – so satisfying even it’s tiring tbh 😅

So, a lot of stuff to be donated, around 6-8 paperbags of clothes to shoes to bags. Even if it’s new but we haven’t used it for years and it didn’t spark joy anymore, we let it go.

Let it go, let it go oh 🎶 (Frozen OST 🤣)

If I have to give a title for this month in one word, could you guess it?

Hehe yess, “TIDYING” !!!

My February solely focus on organizing and cleaning our room ~ all by myself 🎶

I felt fulfilled and at peace to be in my room 24/7 👏👏👏😍😍😍

Hopefully, my sister could give her 💯 support with my arrangement hihi so I could ask my dad to install hanging shelves in our room!!!!! *coz I’m excited to decorate our room*

So for now, this is my desk..

And my little BTS collection is here..

From time to time I hope I could still improve our room esp. in terms of cleaning it!!!

Gratitude entry:

Marie Kondo’s methods and tips were so helpful!!! It gave me significant lessons in life such as on visualizing, being more mindful and having clearer focus and purpose. Thank you so much!!! 💖💖💖



Always be grateful 🌷





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1027 🐛

A little infatuated love confession: ??

Like a caterpillar I want to go out of my cocoon prematurely to spread out my wings and see You, but someone is pulling me not to do it. It is God. He reminded me that I am not yet ready. My beautiful wings is not yet ready for the world to see and love.

I waited.

I patiently endured every phase that I am becoming.

I trusted.

Time flies.

I came out.


I saw you.

You waited for me.

You endured to wait for me.

You knew I was worth the wait.

We fly high and spread our wings.

I knew it ~ waiting is really worth-it.

Thank you.


Excuse me for sounding so metaphorical right now because of the little thing that happened today that makes me so extra “kilig” (I won’t give details, sorry 🙈)


To my future and dearest God’s gift.

I will continue to pray for you and chase you in His right time.

For now, this is my song for you.

When I saw you

~ Always behind of you 🎵

Always be grateful 🌷



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997 ~ Layf updates

Hey, It’s the second Sunday of October already.

How are you?

I was busy, tired, sleepy yet so happy all week.

It’s been a week since my last post and four days since I re-shared again my blog site on my Instagram account. Teehee ><

How I must feel?


Thank you for the #daretoshare2018 community ^^

I didn’t expect to receive more support from other people (like-minded and galgetter tribe) than my friends and family.

I understand if they are busy.. we all get busy.

I understand.

Whoever will take time to visit my blog, Thank you.

Whatever you will think after visiting my blog, it’s up to you.

If you think you can help/suggest/recommend something, I will really appreciate it 🙂

If you’re just gonna think negatively – you’re free to click the exit tab and go. Thank you.

No matter how I overthink on what’s gonna happen here, I will never change my mind to come back inside my (golden) closet hehe hi jk ^^


Now, I became much braver than my past self in expressing myself towards other people. I keep on thanking people, appreciating what they do, praising them and giving virtual and personal support. I also had a major move since last Sunday and yesterday.. I’ve given my trust and shared my stories/reflections during our LST (Love Someone Today) to my Awesome Kids’ brothers, Bro. Jon and Bro. Regie. I’m usually the shy, hesitant and aloof type of woman when it comes to men (up until now tbh), but God helped me to overcome these traits of mine to complete my LST journey with them.

God moved me.

I was amazed that I did it.

I did it.

I did not choose to isolate myself (yey).

I’ve listened to their hearts.

I was able to learn a lot from their sharings, which I got so inspired til now that here I am blogging and remembering our small group moments guided by God’s grace.

I believed in Discipleship. The power to save and love someone.

Thank you God for this gift of having a small group.


11 days to go till my birthday!!!!

I have so much so much so much to be thankful for!!!!! Hihi ^^

For all God’s abundance this week, Thank you po >:D<

So, let’s start the “catching-up game” wahahha ><

  • Gained a meaningful connection thru daretoshare2018 (myself and to the world) Yey! I finished this challenge with a grateful heart! Even though I’m still figuring out what will be my niche.. let’s just trust the process and continue to be myself~
  • Started my application ~ road to becoming a NZRN. Step 1 palang struggle na bes pero nothing worth having comes easy so push lang. nostalgiaaaa bes!! sa LRT (mainit, siksik, sardines feel) sa pagbalik sa PRC (yep naman improved na unti pero haba parin ng pila sa cashier bakit po ganunnnnnn), at pagbalik sa UERM hospital (glad to meet my chingus woohoo) at pagbalik sa ALVA para makapagpaprint haha kwento ko na rin yung pagpapanotary ko ng passport at OET tas epic na ang nadala kong passport is ung kay kuya hahahha buti na lang to the rescue ko si papa to bring my passport buti malapit lang samin. Share ko na rin yung pagbalik ko sa St. Victoria hospital para makapagpapirma ng cover letter (thanks mam levi kahit di ko na talaga maalala yung itsura ng clearance form nyo basta alam ko cleared naman po ata ako??) hehehhe at sa karioka ni ate sa may labas ng SVH, ang sarap parin po!!!!!!!! All in all, dami kong ginawa at inasikaso this week pati yung pagtype at edit ng mga letters ~ wooh English at HUSTLE PA MORE!!!!!!! Thank you Lord Thank you Family and Thank you Cheryl from KSA na ginugulo ko para makapagpapirma ng mga letters ko sa Nursing service and sa gynae ward. AJA self!!
  • Bought myself a cute milky sock hihi
  • Minute journaling everyday
  • Happy weekend with Ate Daday and Fam! ❤ sabi ko kay Lord last week gusto ko po mag-sleepover……kaso busy po mga friends ko huhu pero napakabait talaga ni Lord at pinasaya niya ako nang sobra. Had a staycation at The Exchange Regency Hotel with my sweetest cousins in the world ❤ Ate arbie and Ate daday! Sayang di kami nakapag-swim pero at least napilit ko talagang magfacial mask kami hehe ang cute cute namin ktnxbye hahahah ^^ I will miss them huuu TT
  • Of course, super thankful rin ako sa mga ganap sa BTS at yung mga updates nila for ARMYs. Happy Birthday, Jimin!!!!!!! Get well soon Jeon Jungkook! ❤ I wanna share more pero next post na lang pls 🙂
  • Went to Baclaran with Ate daday’s fam ❤
  • Went to Marikina Riverpark and just enjoyed the view and made friends with brendo and brutos, see my featured photo ? (I will share to you my carnival shots hehhe on my next post)


Dami ko ng utang na blogposts hehehe ehem SK Trip Travel blog wer na u (soon)

Updates about me being a VA (hold muna – kasi nag-asikaso ako ng paNZRN) we will get there.. basta kapit lang.. susubok tayo ulit at tatapusin na ang lessons 🙂

Pending kdramas to watch (ang dami) pero okkk priorities 1st


Yey! you made it this far! Thanks for reading!

That’s it for my Personal Diary update this week.

Tomorrow is another day to be as awesome as you are ~

Always be grateful 🌷



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996 ~ Dare to Share 2018 (BTS)

A quick work station tour on how I squeeze my creative juices!! (Char!)


Behind the scenes ~ A C T I O N !

🌟 As a human being, we all need to have constant reminders of our biggest “Emotional WHY” on why you do this and that. Some have vision boards hehe but I prefer to design our wall with different words & pictures (medyo cluttered but I like it!)

How about you.. what are the daily reminder (visual) tool do you have in your room?
🌟 I am getting my inspirations & motivation thru reading a book/blog, watching artsy vlogs/demo on Youtube, and immersing myself on Pinterest world while I listen to my on-the-go music/podcast on Spotify.
🌟 Lastly, making time (as in schedule it) to PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE.

I am no expert in blogging, journaling, drawing, writing calligraphy, editing photos/videos, dancing, learning a new language and so many more.. but hehe hey, it’s okay! Cheers, self ~ for trying and for not giving up 😘

Gosh!! I’m really thankful for all the learning and engagements I had thru this challenge so far. I may not have my teammates w/ me because I forgot to submit my application before haha, at least I was able to push myself to show up and engage in the community kahit minsan late na! And although it’s so so difficult to share something personal online (fear of getting judged +++), I realized that it’s more important to be yourself and just do your thing! Stop overthinking and trust the process ~ #notetoselfforthenthtimessss

My major takeaway + action to practice doing on Instagram:

🌟 DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECTION!!! I will continue to post something that my future self will thank me for (ALWAYS SHARE A SHORT STORY/ MINI HIGHLIGHTS WITH THE PHOTOS/VIDEOS I WILL POST IN THE FUTURE). *unleash the “compelling storyteller” in me*

🌟 Engagement is essential not only just to increase your audience but to be really inspired💯 thru them 💓 and to be our each other’s virtual cheerleader 💓

Always be grateful 🌷