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975 🌧

Hi! How are you? 😊

I miss blogging! I think I have been so caught up into many things huuuu. But I’m really engaged to where and what I am doing right now aaaaaand I’m happy of finally pursuing it for real! *one step at a time* No clues to reveal for now, but stay tuned!! (Again? Yes. I’m sorry) I’m not yet confident to share because of my 15% progress perhaps hehe but anyhow, I do hope you’re having a nice and safe weekend!

Sharing: The strong typhoon Ompong has finally exited in our country, PH, tonight but the aftermath were massively destructive. Saaaaaaaad. Also, I still can’t move on from yesterday that my family and I saw a tornado few kilometers away from our house!!!!! Creepy as hell 😭 It was our first time to witness that. Huuu. A lot of realizations kicked in and slapped me about my life and what am I really doing. In a note, the reality of still living and breathing is truly a gift, so I will be grateful forever with our Ultimate Savior, Jesus!!!! Thank youuuuuu for continuing to protect us. We love and praise you Jesus!

Goodnight, friends 😘

Always be grateful 🌷

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– Nami Island, August 2018

(Plus I can’t wait to share with you my South Korea blogpost and photos here ~ just hold on for a couple days chingu *fighting* )




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974 πŸ’œ (ISeoulU)

Hi friends!

I had so much fun in South Korea and I am still dreaming of being there huuuu γ…  but hello back to reality Monday 🀣

Of course, I will share my Seoul Trip here day by day. I miss everything about my trip waaah.I love i loved itttt !!!!

Just hang in there.

  • Edit photos
  • Edit videos
  • Draw
  • Journal + Tracker
  • Transpo in Seoul β˜† wanjeon daebak πŸ˜™

Always be grateful 🌷



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Airbnb invitation link 😊 Yes for discount!!!

Hi friends! πŸ˜‰

To get a discount on your next travel and if you’re looking for a good place to stay with your friends or family, book on Airbnb app!! Please click my invitation link below and you will get a good discount!! I’m serious.

This is really useful!! I’m thankful that I was able to save almost 2k php when we booked a house in South Korea last month. Wow!

Sign up for Airbnb and get β‚±1,600 off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link:

Happy traveling 🌻



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973 β˜•πŸŒΌ

Joyful Thursday, friends! πŸ˜‰

Woke up cheerfully coz todayyyyy is my last hustle day at work for this month of August!! And then helloooo freedom !!?? Joke hehe. Vaaacaaaaatiiioooonnn yesss~ #simplejoys + Pastel pink skies morning too

I will proscrastinate later as I finalize all the things I must bring in South Korea! In my pocket notebook, I made a checklist already and wow it’s 5 pages long?? Haha don’t worry I’m not gonna bring my whole closet. I will organize everything later, so help me God. I’m also wondering if I will go to a salon after work to have my hair trimmed hmmm for P50 haircut whyyy not? πŸ˜‚ let’s see..

Also later, I will try to buy a concert ticket of BTS on Aug 25(Day1)! Huuuuuu this is my last chance, at least thank you thank you so much bighit for this last chance!!!!! I hope I can get a ticket even though there’s a very loooowwwww chance coz ARMY’s soooooo powerfulllll huehue haha. Plus I’m also praying to win in their raffle draw ~ just a pocket of positivity, let’s believe and dream hihi. Why not??

Whatever will be the result from the above, I’m still happy and excited to experience every bit of South Korea for 9 days ~ I will share my itinerary(made w/love and lots of research) here after my trip. Stay tuned β™‘

Now, I’m gonna be artsy and creative as I will be making letters for Bangtan and JK *just in case I met them personally haha *asa me self ~ hanggang panaginip na lang ba ? haha*! Anyhow, let’s do it! Aja!!!


It’s been awhile too, to receive a comment here on my site.. so this is my simple appreciation fanart to @coffeeandcream 😊

Thank you for dropping by ~

You may check and follow her humble blog here: CoffeeAndCream β˜•πŸ’–


Always be grateful 🌷



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972 ✌

Hi! How are you?

I hope you’re doing great πŸ™‚

Two days from now, I’ll be flying to South Korea!!!!!! indeed one of my dream destination as a fangirl by heart hehe and I’m so excited!! But with my excitement, I tend to overthink and overanalyze random stuff since I got my entry visa, so I lack sleep for more than 2 weeks already and that’s why I’m having a major breakout HUHUHU. I know it’s bad to conceal my pimples because it will prolong its healing but I shyly want to admit that I am not confident anymore whenever I don’t put on my makeup for work. Ugh remember this mantra — #Embraceimperfectionself #NotetoSelfx100

Well, I’m sincerely sorry for not blogging for awhile ?? (almost a month!!!?).. hmmn.. though I’m not that super mega busy adult, I just chose not to blog. I have a lot of to-do lists on my plate such as studying my VA course, applying for CAP, attending hangeul classes and etc. Unfortunately, since August started, I did maybe just a 10% progress? That’s kinda disappointing.. I’ve been so preoccupied this month and I can’t focus. L4d2. Kdrama. Fangirling. Social media. Tsssss. Excessive exposure to these can lead me to being an unproductive adult ~ I hate it, I love it but in some cases I can be extremely happy and sad about it. Breath. I don’t know why but sometimes I just want to stop and escape from everything, esp from this phase of being an adult. Can we just play/enjoy all day? Hehehe.

Why I’m suddenly being dramatic here, self? Hehe na-carried away ~ but tbh I’m just thankful to be free, vulnerable, honest, outspoken woman in this platform. I’m back again hihi β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

I do really pray that I can learn and reconnect with myself during my 1st trip to South Korea. Though it’s not a solo trip, I hope my friends and I can make wonderful memories too esp with BangtanπŸ’œ

I’m thinking of a unique hashtag for our trip hehe. 도와 μ£Όμ„Έμš”! γ…  γ… 

In a nutshell, Always accept and love who you are, be gentle with yourself and be grateful!!! 🌷



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971 ~ Got my 1st single-entry visa to Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ’“

F I N A L L Y ! ! ! Thank you Lord β™‘

Sharing this good news to everyone β˜†

Back story: Before I’m just the girl who read blogs and watch vlogs about traveling to South Korea. Yes, I have read and watched tons of it!! I even make notes πŸ™ˆ I also tried to apply last year but I got so afraid to be denied so I just kept my application and watch kdramas to help me move on. Then huhu okaaay this is it, my fangirl soul is really happy to have a korean visa *insert this is the moment 🎀* (first time sparkling kilig moments) #simplejoysπŸ˜‰

My friend and I were very very anxious because of my COE, I’m only in my 5th month on being employed – on probationary period(!!) when I applied for my visa. Though, the usual they will say that you must ensure you have more than 6 months or 6 months at least in your job for you to have a “strong tie” in your country, yet I still pushed through it (YOLO lol coz we already booked for our tickets last May 2018). Nonetheless, Your COE must have the complete details of your company/institution that the Embassy is requiring so you will have no problem. As for me, I tried to pass my COE w/o salary compensation and the agency did not accept my application. On my 2nd attempt, I didn’t know that my company’s email address is not included in my COE but still I submitted it anyway, huuu luckily they accepted it ~ as long as it has valid contact telephone numbers.

So what else is in my application for me to get a granted visa that may be helpful to you? (I heard you, so here it is)

  • Applied for 4 days stay (leisure / vacation) *just to be safe*
  • Budget: 800 USD
  • Has travel history in my passport, SG 2016, HK 2014 (excpt Saudi 2016-2017 for work)
  • Of course, ITR, COE, funds, Bank statement and Bank certificate
  • Applied visa together, with a friend who went to Korea (April 2018) and has strong tie in the Phil(employed too). Hi Grace~
  • Applied in TravelPros in SM Megamall with a fee of P700 for korean visa processing(lol not sponsored🀣)


Check out these links for more info:




πŸ‡ Work hard to have a travel fund.

πŸ‡ Pray diligently everyday and imagine you are getting there.

Now I’m researching again for sample itineraries in Korea hehe I’m so excited!! 😊

Aja! Fighting!! Goodluck to your application too β˜†β˜†β˜†



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970 🌟

Hey! How have you been?

Time flies really faaaaaaast, waaah β—‹.β—‹

Hello August!! 8/12 ●.●

I’ve been on a hiatus here for more than a week without a note because I was so caught up with my business again perhaps.. ? ok ehem excuses.. I’m sorry.. But I hope you are continually practising to be grateful daily even though it’s super duper hard in our world right now..

There’s a lot of earthquakes, floods, and killings.. HUHU it’s terribly heartbreaking as always but we need to move forward, pray for them, and fight for our lives.

I do hope that you’re pampering yourself enough by simply choosing not to focus much to all the “negatrons” in your life.

I have two goooooood newwwws, friends! Just bear with me for now as I compose my blogposts for you, guys hehe(f na f ko talaga nuh lol haha). I’m really extra thankful for all the blessings that I am receiving this month!!!! Thank You Lord! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Doodling Ms. Nichols’ message for everybody. “Keep trusting and waiting to see what the Lord has in store for us.”

~ Time to sleep coz I need to be early for work tomorrow.

Goodnight, my friend. I miss you πŸ‡