Simple Joys Entry:

  • Today’s sunset is pretty in pink. It’s lovely. 🙂
  • Devotion time with God
  • I had a productive Saturday at home.
  • OET Self-Review Day 02 🙂
  • Blog and Journal Updated


Always be grateful


Goodnight :’>






868 ~ simple token

Thank God it’s Friday!

Survived another week of being a company nurse.

Overcome solitude and independence at its finest.

Learned how to manage my time without being late this week!

Plus two bonus and unexpected joys of today:

  • Arrived early at work thru the help of a beautiful woman with a red CR-V and golden heart who offered carpooling (same fee from Marikina – Ortigas, 45Php). TBH I thought I’m gonna be late because I arrived in the terminal at 6:14am, and as expected – queue of people. However, God is really gooood ❤
  • Received a simple token of appreciation. Nothing beats being appreciated for simply doing your profession in the field. Thank you Ate/Mommy Neng sa pa-salad and nuggets of wisdom on my last AM shift!! God made it possible for us to meet and be friends even though its just short and sweet. Your loyalty and service in the company is so amazing. (How to be loyal too? hehe) May God bless you on your new venture being a retiree, worship leader, and entrepreneur. Continue to be the giver of kindness and hope.


Thank You Lord for I am alive and healthy! ❤ To God be the Glory!


Joyful weekend, friends! 🙂


Always be grateful






Hi March!

I wonder what word will gently touch my heart this month hehe.

How about you wanderer? How are you? 🙂


Let’s altogether welcome new blessings and miracles ahead! ❤

Like today, I got my first ID being an employee again!!!!! (insert my ambivalent feeling here) yey! #simplejoys


~ Praying for everyone’s health and safety ❤





866 ~ vulnerable feb

How fast February 2018 is about to kiss us goodbye.

Few hours left and I’m reflecting how it went well or not.

I’m utilizing my bravest year workbook that I purchased from the Purposeful Creative  as of the moment.


If you could describe in one word your February 2018, what would it be?


The word that had a deep hole in my soul for this month is “Vulnerable”

From the love life retreat, I learned the value of vulnerability. From all the people that I’ve just met – shared their heart-wrenching past stories and took off their masks towards acceptance and healing. (wow)

Being vulnerable is accepting your weakness freely and acknowledging your lowest points openly. 

In my life (online and offline) even I live with 90% optimism and gratitude – I still got mood swings, flaws, ups and downs, and imperfections especially in my “adulting” phase.

However, I am reminding myself to stop covering up and holding back.

I get sad and weak but I chose to keep moving forward like every day is a brand new day that there are really things that I am no control of.

Vulnerability is consciously choosing not to hide our emotions or desires from each other. -Conni Biesalski

Unexpected blessings from God will flow if one could just accept to be vulnerable. 

I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met this month!! From strangers to colleagues – to brothers and sisters.

Thank you guys for being vulnerable with me.

It’s kinda liberating feeeeeling. ^^


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”  – Brene Brown

I loved this quote! ❤ #BraverChallenge2018

Stumbled this online: Turn Your Vulnerabilities Into Your Strengths!

Sharing is caring (Click the link and visit her page). All of us need to be reminded that we are FREE.










I’ve decided to start my PTE review.

Researching and taking down notes.

Listening to English podcasts.

Reading articles and essays.

But I still get confused, anxious, and demotivated every time.

I doubted my knowledge and skills. Huhu.

Can I really pass this time?

Can I just at least try again one last time (please)

As the month of February about to end, I have decided to be vulnerable and honest to the people who can help me.

I started to think like zillion times whether I will take PTE/IELTS/OET???

Tbh, I’m still a bit devastated on why my IELTS Writing score went wrrrrroooooong.

Fortunately, ate daday and ate geraldine shed light and empower my soul. We both have the same IELTS’ heartbreaking scores in writing, but they never gave up. They took an alternative exam (OET) and they got their target scores. Although, it’s very expensive, they said it’s worth trying.

(Huu..Sorry self if I’m close to giving up again this English exam.)

Thankfully, I have an Amazing God, our Father, our Saviour, who brought people and unexpected moments to encourage me to get back on my Australian dream. For He will complete His work He had began in me.

Always be grateful 🌷



864 💌

I finally made a letter to papa and put it secretly in his bag this morning before I go to work.

Tbh, it’s been a very long timeeeeeee that I can’t even remember when was the last time I gave him a real heartfelt letter..

When I made that letter yesterday night, I was praying to God for wisdom so I can say what’s really on my mind and heart. I don’t know if I’ve chosen the right words and intentions. However, I felt inner peace within me.

I pray that he will enjoy there, be happy, forget all his pain and sufferings, find himself and hopefully learn to forgive.

While I’m at work, dad called me to say that he already read the letter I gave him, he almost cried and don’t want to leave anymore.. but I stressed to him that he needs this break and he can comeback when he is really ready to go home..

I need to be strong mentally, emotionally and spirituality. I will not give up my family. Despite their flaws and brokenness, I will love them.

“Faith does not take away the pain, but gives meaning to it.”

Always be grateful 🌷