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974 💜 (ISeoulU)

Hi friends!

I had so much fun in South Korea and I am still dreaming of being there huuuu ㅠ but hello back to reality Monday 🤣

Of course, I will share my Seoul Trip here day by day. I miss everything about my trip waaah.I love i loved itttt !!!!

Just hang in there.

  • Edit photos
  • Edit videos
  • Draw
  • Journal + Tracker
  • Transpo in Seoul ☆ wanjeon daebak 😙

Always be grateful 🌷




I'm a precious daughter and servant of God with immense dreams and strong faith. Also, a full-time Virtual Assistant, newbie Online seller, Nurse at heart, BTS' ARMY, and a lifelong learner. Deals with everything about life. Moves towards God's graciousness with gratitude and optimism. I love writing, drawing, listening to music, storytelling, traveling, watching k-dramas/netflix, reading books, dancing, teaching kids, fangirling and so many more!! ✌

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