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954 πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ’—

Small details are really important that I tend to miss every single time whenever I’m excited/ anxious/ having my “sabaw” moments. Huuuuu TT >< For instance, booking an international flight before that I even forgot to include my 2nd name (lol) and like today I called our HRD about my previous COE request and the details that I needed… I focused mainly on the compensation part that I neglected the need of HR email address. Then when I found out that my COE has no HR eadd, my gosh huuhuuu mental breakdown moment in the bus on my way to SM Megamall (ano ba naman yan selfff) good thing, I brought a chocolate with me to calm my thoughts down.

Lesson learned: Make sure to triple check all your docs/details before passing your requirements! (Less hassle & less expenses)


Here’s the link of the Korean Embassy (Phsite) : Updates/ Announcements & Visa Requirements ~


So yessss finallyyyyyy woooh clap clap ~ Grace and I passed our requirements here:

Travel Pro Agency (PH)

Paid P700 for the processing fee for our Korean visas (w/c is super fine w/ me). λŒ€λ°•!, a fast, hassle-free application = no long lines, accessible place, and friendly staff 5/5. The agent reviewed our requirements thoroughly and they were all accomodating esp with my COE concerns >< Thank you! πŸ€—


This is my first time to really submit the requirements I prepared to get a korean visa for Tourism only (wala ng atrasan and doubts, self!!!) We’ll be praying for the best!! Thru God’s grace and mercy, we’re claiming to get our approved single-entry visa nxt week then see you next month, Seoul!! Tourista feels & real fangirl mode SOON 😍😍


Always be grateful 🌷




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