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770 : 24y on 24th ~ย 

Before I end this day, as me being my 24 year old self, I would really want to praise God for everything! โค๏ธ

Praise God that I am alive and I can continue to serve you, my family and all your creations. I know that life is full of uncertainties, inequality, imbalance, trials, and negativity, however, I will stand firm and will continue to stay strong for You are always with me amidst of these.

I am glad to be imperfect and full of flaws as I welcome my 25th year tomorrow.. because there will be more room for improvement, for me to grow, learn, and look forward again in my life. 


Thank you Lord for todayโ€™s simple joys:

  • Momโ€™s cheesecake for my birthday! ๐Ÿ’›
  • Made burger sandwich with TLC and cream cheese spread for my parents, with complementary orange drinks.
  • Peaceful bonding with family
  • 4th night of praying the rosary with mama
  • BTS shared tonight their BTS RUN ep24!!


Goodnight, universe!
Always be grateful๐ŸŒท