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Good morning, it’s Friday the 13th 🌸
Today, I’m an hour early for our Final Coaching class at Niner P. Campa branch. I’m still sleepy, yet I’m thankful again for my dad who’s been my best supporter ever. I’m not late (yey!) and I have a smooth ride compare to my experience yesterday. Hopefully, I can learn a lot from this class that after this, I will be more hyped to practice and study smarter. 

I’m back to socializing with my girl tribe on messenger. I didn’t went online for a day hehe just because blah, but I’m happy to be reconnected with them. It’s my day 5 of no social media and korean related thing.. and I don’t know with myself that I am missing the latter more! πŸ˜‹

Have a nice day, friends!

Take care! 

Always be grateful 🌷