745 ~ September-ender 🙌🏻

I’m feeling extra kind today and I don’t know why.. Hihi my inner soul is in bliss and delight despite this gloomy weather.

This morning, I woke up early, had breakfast with Papa, then took a bath, and we went at Niner. I thought, I’m gonna be late again for reservation, but lo and behold, I got the second slot for coaching in writing later. After second failed attempts, yey!! When we went home, my first agenda was to clean my room, our living and dining area. Hehe.. but I remembered that I’m gonna return the broken army bomb to its owner this week. She had refunded P1500 already, **I hope she pays me P400 next month as her promise. I covered the army bomb and the box with each bubble wrap. Good thing, I didn’t throw our bubble wraps before (from Althea). I kept her free 4 photocards with me, and gave her new set of photocards (Jungkook, V, Jimin, Rapmon, Jin), and also a short letter. Hihi. After I prepared my parcel, I booked via Xend courier for parcel pick-up today.

(1st layer: bubble wrap. *I forgot to snap a photo of my final wrap btw, I put 2nd layer of bubble wrap, then covered it with pieces of pink japanese paper)

My first Xend experience, so far – so good! 👍🏼 The Xend man staff came faster than I expected because I booked at around 1100H and he came at 1400H, (despite of the rain). Good thing, I have my scrap materials for packing this lightstick because he just put it in Xend pouch, then sealed it. For P110, transaction done easily and hassle-free! *Plus, affordable. I hope there will be no problem anymore from the packaging or shipping thing. Please. 🤞🏼
On the afternoon, while I’m listening at The School of Greatness on podcasts app, I cleaned my room, changed my bedsheets (yeyyy!), and decluttered some of my things. Then, took a bath again, and Papa drove me to Niner Santolan for coaching. I’m late again. (Haaay, self). I waited there until Mam Nadine called my name. I watched Temperature of Love’ episode 3 while waiting. Haha. So, I had my coaching session, got 6.5 for both task1&2. (Keep pushing, self!! Huhu don’t give up quickly). I decided to stick to my plan to go at Sta.Lucia Mall instead of going home because “me-time”. I went straight at Cinema 5 new building, hehe but bro, I was wrong, the feast’ Walk in 2 the light event was held at their old building, Cinema 5 😅.  It’s always moving and ispirational to attend and feels God’s love altogether in one home. 

Right after the feast, I roamed around the mall because I’m craving for J. Co’s avocado frappe. However, there’s no J.co there. 😅 I had my dinner at Rob’s Subway and did journaling until 2040H. Meanwhile, one woman approached me and she’s selling Otap Biscuits, she said she needed to fund her studies. And you knew what I did. Going to the tricycle station, I saw a mother with her child sitting on the street, it’s raining and cold, I looked at them, and they needed something, the mother asked for money because they wanted to go home, so I asked her if I can give her food instead, she nodded, and I gave her the Otap Biscuits. I brought home Bibingka (rice cake) to my Papa because he waited for me alone in our house, its my simple way of rewarding him and making him happy tonight.

I can’t believe how my actions and words were like involuntary today, saying “take care” many times to people without hesitations. 

It’s a beautiful life!!! Hope you all spent your Saturday by simply being kind to yourself or to others. Thank you, September!!! 💕

Most esp. Thank you Lord!!!! What a powerful name it is ❤️ all glory and praise to You 🙌🏻

Goodnight, universe!

Always be grateful 🌷





It’s not yet October, but I made my study plan already! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Here it is: 

I made a mistake at first, I copied dates for September, I realized that I’m wrong when I wrote 29 on Friday, haha!!! So I put tape, then it turned out cuter than before!!!! 

Hoping to have a more focused progress this time! **fighting!!!

Posted on my wall! *Go go go, self! 

I’m supposed to start watching While You were Sleeping (k-drama) tonight (I know its a superb series, mainly Lee Jong Suk & Suzy’s acting wooh but I’m torn of watching it continuously until its completed or just start watching now) hehe so instead I made this study plan. Hehe! I got motivated after listening to all speaking recordings today. And another move that I made this evening was I registered at passportUsa interview on Oct9-11. I will just wait for them to contact me as regard with my schedule. 

Thank you Lord!! Productive day, indeed!! ☺️

Always be grateful 🌷




What an inspiring documentary movie that I’ve watched tonight. **oops. I didn’t finish my writing task 1&2. 

Title: My beautiful broken brain

It’s too late for me to make a movie review but I hope everyone would find time to watch this kind of film. 

To Miss Lotje Sodderland, you are beyond amazing and persevering woman. I’m emotionally moved with your journey towards like having a new brain – new life. 

Thank you! 💐
Goodnight, universe 😘




Today, I ate a lot of chocolates. My taste bud was happy but I’m feeling guilty tonight as I reflect on why I didn’t control myself. Okay, my true weakness was revealed. Haha!

Meanwhile, I cleaned up my phone storage, and all of my photos was transferred on my icloud account but the drawback was, almost everything was deleted permanently in my album. I don’t know if I should be glad, but my memory is not shaking anymore. I can store pictures, videos, music, k-dramas again. hehehe.

So tonight, I will just continue to study and finish another writing task 1 and 2.


Goodnight, friends!





Wow, September is so near to bid goodbye to us, and its so fast huhu!!! I don’t know how to start my reflections for this month. Looking back, I can’t remember my expenses haha, but anyway I enjoyed a lot and I don’t know how to end my September. I’m quite anxious and excited for my birthday month which is days from now. I will set another goals again and I’m thinking to start tracking my outgoings.

Today, I went outside of my cave to meet my sister’s boyfriend at Farmer’s Cubao. Even if I’m feeling lazy, I still arrived early at our meeting place. I kill time by watching Girl’s Generation 1979, episode 6,  and ate alone at KFC. When I saw Kim, he gave me the paper bag full of my sister’s gifts for us. It’s heavy but I carried it all the way to Santolan, near our home. My sister is very thoughtful and for that I’m really grateful to have her. I loved all the bags, short and chocolates she had bought for me ❤ ❤ Thank you, sis! ILY!!! ❤

On the afternoon, I went at Niner Santolan to ask for slot reservation next month. The staff replied, still same day reservation, but I argued a little to him as regard to reserving a slot. Then, I checked their post on my phone, and his right.. okay I’m embarrassed. Haha. After, I stayed at Eco Earth Cafe to study. I bought Cookies and cream frappe, finished watching episode 6, and then started to complete my essay.

On the evening, I spent at home watching GirlBoss series which I finished, and then started watching first two episodes of Temperature of Love (oops k-drama). And, of course, scrolled for some updates of BTS hihi. It’s been a week that I’m still streaming on Spotify and Youtube! I really loved their kind of music, their upbeat songs gave me good vibes all day. hihi so happy that they made it on Billboard Top 100 at #5 spot!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! And also, they won at MBC show champion yesterday night! ARMYS are proud of you, always. ❤


Goodnight, friends!


Always be grateful 🌷









My task 1 answer. Feel free to correct my work, friends. I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance! 🙂




The pie chart gives information on UAE government spending in 2000. The total budget was AED 315 billion.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

» Write at least 150 words.

Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 58

The chart illustrates how UAE government spent their budget in 2000. The allocation fund was AED 315 billion.

Overall, UAE had spent the budget money in 2000 on Social Security as the largest, while the least expenditure was on Transport services.

To start of, the UAE government funded AED 100 billion on Social Security, which had the biggest allocation over Health and personal social services, wherein AED 53 billion was provided, and AED 38 billion on Education. Meanwhile, both AED 23 billion was spent on Debt interest and other expenditure, almost same budget was put on Defense with just AED 1 billion difference from the two.

Moreover, smaller portions were spent by the UAE government with AED 2 billion variation each, AED 17 billion for Law and order, AED 15 billion for Housing heritage and environment, and AED 13 billion was allocated on Industry, agriculture and employment. Then, the remaining AED 9 billion, which was the lowest budget for UAE Transport.


Total: 158 words (IDP Format)


I wanted to share my third essay, although I am still lacking huhu but I’m hoping someone could help me correct my work, even though I already consulted this from my teacher last week.. hehe. Thanks in advance.


Task 2: People have different expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.

Write about the disadvantages of each viewpoint?

(Open-ended type of question)


Almost all individual wanted to work for their dream job as soon as they graduated They have various expectations for jobs. However, due to their search for attaining one’s job satisfaction, this can have drawbacks with their career.

Firstly, for some employees who do prefer staying on same job for the same institution, they tend to work on routines every single day that in the long run, they will have loose the drive to give exemplary performances, in comparison to their attitude before as a newly hired worker. Sometimes, they lack in enthusiasm to be punctual and to excel on their job. Then eventually, they will be reluctant to work overtime or during holidays and they tend to give excuses to their boss due to lack of commitment and being tired from day-to-day job, which their poor habits and attitudes will not be beneficial for their personal and professional growth.

On the other hand, for people who shift jobs frequently, they easily got bored and impatient if they feel that they are not satisfied with their stay in the institution. They hinder themselves to grow and succeed on their positions. If they have been committed and passionate enough in one’s company, it will reflect good in their resume. But they refused to work and not renew their contract, that sometimes it will be questionable during job interviews on why they change jobs frequently, that can be a disadvantage if one has proved guilty with these sentiments.

In a nutshell, from each viewpoint, they have both downsides to a person, if one choose to stay on the same job and company permanently, or if one prefer to change jobs from time to time.


Total: 286 words