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Got so sleepy while trying to update my blog last night, my progress was just so slow. I decided not to attend the Feast this morning because I am so sleepy. I felt disappointed with myself as I woke up. I just said a prayer to God and ask for forgiveness. Then, I started to watched Vlogs on Youtube which I enjoyed. While watching, my friend, grace, texted me out of boredom. haha. she said she wanted to visit me at my crib. Both of us have lazy genes by the way, I don’t want to go out, and same with this girl too. haha. so at the end, both of us just spent our Sunday at our own respective caves. haha.

I tried to continue blogging while eating chocolate cookies and pringles. Huhu. It’s been four days that I’m having a cheat day!!!!!! Ughhhhhh.

While I’m busy blogging, my dad asked for my help *several times to fix our karaoke system. After we both figured out and fixed it, I told my dad that I will only sing one song hahaha. but it’s a  lie!!!!! I’ve sang more than ten songs hahahaha! I’m happy to sing for my dad, my number one hahaha. My brother joined us also and he even brought a box of donuts!!!! *okay, RIP diet!!!! I’m just hyped to sing again yesterday with my family hehe. at 1730H my brother scolded me already to stop and prepare fast because we’re attending mass then will have a jog after at Camp Crame, together with his girlfriend’s family. * actually I didn’t know at first that I will be attending mass together with them all.. I only thought that I will only meet his girlfriend, Kam. Oh yeah my brother was so great. My inner introvert self and shyness were shaking. However, I’m very thankful because of Kam’s family. They were welcoming and kind. I prayed and gratefully thanked God for giving my brother this wonderful gift, Kam. Kam was like an angel brought from heaven to my brother’s life and also to us now. We’re one family. I do really hope they will never ever break and hurt each other. I witnessed how my brother had mature. He can’t even resist me when I have favors. Like whoaaa!!! “walang lagnat at walng sakit pero ang bait!!!!” haha. I’m happy that I was able to bond well with my brother ever since I went home from KSA. Thank you Lord!


We ate a lot, thereafter we burned a lot too. Jog around Crame. *it was my first time to celebrate mass and jog around Crame.

(Sharing to all of you a snap on how I ended my last to the last songs hahaha, I sang Ocean Deep hehehe)

Goodnight. Blessed Sunday, indeed!




Always be grateful ❀








Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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