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Hello August!

Time flies really fast. Thirteen days to go and I’m already one month here in PH.Β Still tambay with no definite plans in life. I want to do a lot of things as I told you on my previous post way back when I’m still in KSA. My mind kept on changing from time to time. I am getting swayed from time to time. Like before I said, I will pursue thisΒ Zumba, as my exercise for me to get fit. But, only one session I’ve attended till now.




Today, I step outside my cave and decided to visit my workplace before. I’m shy and a bit embarrassed to go alone.. I’m so thankful to Owdie who accompanied me even if she’s off!! Thank you chingu loves ❀ hihi. Jasmin, Owdie and I were reunited again after almost Β year. I treated them some Japanese dish for lunch. Bitin catch-up as always. Missed these girls. I’m really happy to see them grow in UERM, experience-wise. Proud of both of you. I know being a staff nurse in UERM is hard and challenging, but you gotta keep on working hard. No pain, no gain. Struggling yet learning. I’ve been there and there’s so much to learn.


Before I left the hospital, I followed up my Union Backpay, visited OB ward, asked for a good ortho-surgeon, and prayed at the chapel. I was able to gave my colleagues someΒ pasalubong, Β and I’m thankful for those who appreciated it. I can’t stop myself from thinking a lot of flashbacks and memories to this place and people I’m with before.


Sometimes, the things that matter to you last year, doesn’t bother to you now. It will just remain as a memory.


I’m grateful for all those staff that I saw, and esp. to Owdie and Jasmin! It’s a good day, 1/31!


Hope you had a good day too, to start this month with smile and positivism.












Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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