660 – b a l i k b a y a n ðŸ‡µðŸ‡­

Last eleven months I departed PH, it rained. When I arrived after eleven months, it’s raining too. Just a coincedence, or maybe it’s just a rainy season in our country. Hehe. But I’m very grateful to God, for blessing me the gift of courage, endurance, and faith that I was able to conquer everything by myself. I went out and go back alone after eleven months!!!!! 

I got teary-eyed when we landed. They were clapping inside the plane. “Mabuhay” Okaaaay, I got toooo emotional when that line I heard from the crew. Ughhhhh. I was just so happy that I’m really at home! Manila!!!!!! I survived!! I’m cleared! I’m healthy! I’m at peace! Huhu! I just had flashback of memories for all that I’ve been through in KSA. I deserved a real tap on myself for coming back alive, strong, and healthy. Thank You Lord!! 💖

~ First time that I did on my flight was applying a face mask haha (good thing, I’m on the window side and the two men beside me were sleeping), and I wrote my journal entries there even the plane was flying. 

(Haha! I just had to put these stickers!!! But what influenced me to put this on? Maybe because I was influenced by Ms. Liah’s  or Joan Kim’s vlog on Youtube (skincare is lifeu even in flight) mode haha), I watched it a week before my flight, and I have a pimple that’s starting to grow.. and I stayed at the airport for almost six hours so, my face needs to breath and have some moisture so tadaaaah hahaha!!! I just wanted to try it, that’s all, sorry for the lengthy explanation there haha ~ my pimple still grew red the other day, but that’s it, my pimple just sit on my face for two days!!! Yeyy!)

(Yep! I need to release my thoughts and feels on my almost 10 hours flight? So, yes to journaling even in flight mode!!!)

I just had a nap by the way. I fell asleep while watching Table 19 😫

And I took snaps of the skies 😍😍😍😍 *priceless view everrrrrr!!!!!! All I want to say was Lord, Thank You for everything!!! I owe my life to you. Allow me to serve you more. 

My balikbayan experience: 

  • Arrived too early for my flight at King Khalid Airport. I have excess baggage allowance but they were not strict!!! Huhu thank you!!! Checked-in early. Listened to my playlist while waiting and reminiscing. Took a nap too. All by myself waiting in vain. Yeppp. Strong and independent version 2.0 charrrr!
  • Departed 0730H at RUH. 
  • Arrived 2210H at PH.
  • Free wifi saved the night. Coz I only got piso balance on my free sim. Hehe and I sent it to my dad’s non-working service number, very nice noh. 
  • Long line in immigration. As in. 🙄
  • Siksikan mga ateng, while getting our luggages. Singit kung singit ang mga ateng, bes. While I just patiently waited for my luggage, surfing the net and umapak ako sa trolly ko para kitang-kita ko ung maleta ko. Grabe kasi sila sumingit kahit nasa harap ka na. Huhubelz. 😒
  • I handed over the package to Ate Marj’s mom. 
  • Fifteen minutes after, my dad saw me!!!!! And yes, reunion peg haha. Hugs & kisses. 
  • First time to ride our new Fortuner! *May inambag ako dito like woohoo! 
  • Went to NAIA 3 Arrival to fetch our cousins from Cebu! While waiting, I ate Cheezy chips! *kakamiss, chichirya is lifeu hehe. Of course pala, I saw my brother.. and ayun act normal lang. 
  • 2 am Hits!!! We all ate at Shakey’s. Ugh mojos, gravy, thin crust pizza, spag, carbonara, and chicken!!!! Spent almost 3k? But happy tummy, so okay!!! 
  • Lights offff – 4 am . . Feels good to be home. 

(My dad prepared my bed!!!!! Washed all our stuff toys and tadaaah! 💖)

Official Tambay Diaries # on the next blogposts. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

Always be grateful 🌷 





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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