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My friend, Graceeyy, was so hype! I can feel her love for V from KSA to Manila. Haha. I’m not sure if it’s her first time to attend an exhibit for the sake of fangirling to the nth level from other artists before? Coz for me, it will be my first time! I didn’t hesistate when she invited me to go with her though I read that it will be just for an hour stay that will cost 800php, hehe I know it will be a fun experience too, so yep, I gave in. She’s been waiting for this event in Manila, and waiting for my reply too. Even if she doesn’t have an idea when is my exact date of arrival in PH, she still wanted me to go with her, so all our pre-registration and payment were secured in an instant blink! Thank you, Grace! (Treat mo na lang kaya sakin to, gurl? Joke! Dami ko na utang sayo ✌🏼) 

We will attend the day 2, it’s on July 30! V is not my bias but no one can’t resist his existence too! Like, hello! (*insert krissy voice here. Haha.) Good thing, this event too is with collaboration for team Suga! Whoa! Gummy smile overload snaps!

I’m getting excited for this exhibit – fangirling experience with Grace! See you real soon, girl! 
Simple joys – fangirling together! ☺️





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