Another addition to my blue facial skin care kit!! 🔹

Stumbled upon this thru an online magazine article that I forgot the link. Just now, I’ve searched this on google and saw there Twitter page, it has positive feedbacks  so far. Second time of impulsive buying without doing research and reading reviews for this product. First time I bought was that Seaweed alcohol-free toner!! It’s quite expensive but I liked it so far. After using this toner, my face felt clean and refreshed plus this cool effect on skin. Back to this water gel, it’s smooth and has nice smell too, its consistency is also great on my face!!! Then, I fell in love for its moisturizing effect. I do really hope for a more promising and positive outcome on my face with this product. 

I’ve just found myself blogging about skin care, friends! Adult life really hits on me now. Hehe. 👌🏼




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