While everyone’s doing an amazing tasks everyday, some were good at pretending and simply striving to live, either of the two, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is how you battle on what’s inside your mind. How you choose what to feel and think. It’s very competitive to live and survive these years because of social media. You don’t even know what mask to wear just to attract attention on your daily posts. You don’t even feel true to yourself. You feel you are lacking. You feel inferior. You feel depressed. It’s not easy to survive alone. 
Good thing, there were a lot of courageous and inspiring people who makes mental health a priority. Who braves to share real stories with purest content and intent. 
Grateful to the fact that one of those people is my friend. I’ve been proud of this woman ever since I met her. I feel her real-est thoughts and emotions. Follow my friend’s site:

Art and Mental Health

Let’s altogether heal and fight this battle!

* sorry for this late post, and I salute WordPress team for this feature of helping us to choose date of publication of our posts!!! 🙂