My friend, Graceeyy, was so hype! I can feel her love for V from KSA to Manila. Haha. I’m not sure if it’s her first time to attend an exhibit for the sake of fangirling to the nth level from other artists before? Coz for me, it will be my first time! I didn’t hesistate when she invited me to go with her though I read that it will be just for an hour stay that will cost 800php, hehe I know it will be a fun experience too, so yep, I gave in. She’s been waiting for this event in Manila, and waiting for my reply too. Even if she doesn’t have an idea when is my exact date of arrival in PH, she still wanted me to go with her, so all our pre-registration and payment were secured in an instant blink! Thank you, Grace! (Treat mo na lang kaya sakin to, gurl? Joke! Dami ko na utang sayo ✌🏼) 

We will attend the day 2, it’s on July 30! V is not my bias but no one can’t resist his existence too! Like, hello! (*insert krissy voice here. Haha.) Good thing, this event too is with collaboration for team Suga! Whoa! Gummy smile overload snaps!

I’m getting excited for this exhibit – fangirling experience with Grace! See you real soon, girl! 
Simple joys – fangirling together! ☺️





(Credits to Artidote)

Self, slow down and take it easy.  Yes you have your own race but take a deep breath and follow your intuition. Remember that going back home is not a sign of giving up easily. You’re not a quitter. You finished your contract. But if staying longer does not make you really fulfilled and happy, then just leave. Let Go and Let God. I know you will go places someday. Hold on to your hopes and dreams. 




Lost and broken.

What will happen?

The world cries.

Victim dies.

This is lethal,

Killing is illegal.

How to end,

For souls to mend.

When it will cease,

World needs peace.

Hope and humanity.

Save us, Almighty.

~ Short poem from my sad heart to all that is happening to our world. πŸ˜”

My prayers is with you all, brave and vulnerable souls, devastated home, family, and friends. Let’s just love, not make war. 




Ate Cheryl, Grace, and I, went at Saudi Council Commission and in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So thankful that these two sisters accompanied me even if their from night duty!!! How’s sweet, I am touched. I gained two sisters with a kindest heart. I’m emo haha. But I really appreciate them on how they made me feel happy here abroad. Okay, cut off the drama, and let me share some of my snaps!!! We enjoyed having our photops here, even though I have my evening duty at 1500H and for the both of them without sleep. 🀣

Been really in love with flowers, as much as I love chocolates hihi ✌🏼

Always be grateful 🌷




(Snap taken inside Abha Palace Hotel)

In KSA, you will see almost all places with these stuff!! The Lamp, moon, some with stars too. I don’t know yet what’s these stuff symbolizes but I hope I will find it out anytime soon. Seeing KSA with all these designs was very adorable, a little bit touch of joy that this country is not only plain and black but rich in culture and tradition. 




Ramadan Kareem! β˜ͺ️

(Snap taken beside Saudi Council in Abha) 

As my first time to celebrate Ramadan in a Muslim country, it’s a must to follow their rules with regards on their fasting to give respect on their culture and religion. They will eat and drink at 1830H – 0400H, after that they will be on fasting, while they have fasting “Som”, we’re not allowed to show that we are eating or drinking in any public place. I always have a bottled water with me all the time, but now I just leave it at home or in my bag. Coz even that bottled water that your holding may be a disrespectful act towards them.