am grateful I am alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory! 🙌🏼

Today’s simple joys:

  • Woke up in a good mood!
  • Survived my evening duty, together with me was two Saudi Staff that I’m the charge nurse. Thank you Ate Cheryl for helping me with Medication List and to Sister Elizabeth for waiting and accompanying me to go home late.
  • Went home safe even we walked around 2440H.
  • Ate Cheryl waited for me and she prepared dinner too. I was able to vent out all my toxic rants to her. It feels so good that someone’s ready to listen and understand you. Thank you, besh! Hihi. And for the chicken, pepsi, rice, plus one of my fave, watermelon 🍉!!! 
  • The thought that my friends remembered me and talked about me.. I hope they do really miss me, coz I miss bonding with these two, Hazel and Grace. 
  • CBAHI rounds in our hospital done in the morning. Hoping for a good feedback. 
  • Celebrated 2nd Sunday Easter Mass thru listening to Sambuhay channel.
  • Lord, may your mercy last and endure forever and ever! Alleluiah! Thank you everytime and everyday. Help me not to doubt on your love and purpose, strengthen my trust upon you.

Goodnight, friends!
Always be grateful 🌷




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