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I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy! All for God’s glory! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Today’s simple joys:

  • Survived our very tiring shift, successfully transferred my elective CS case, and prepared my newly admitted patient, thanks for all your help, sister Anusha. 
  • Sister Sivapriya waited for me until I finished all my works/files. She don’t want to let me walk alone. Aww. Even we went home at 1725H. Too late already.
  • Elevated my sore legs high on the wall while relaxing my mind and heart thru Brother Bo’s Latest Full Tank Episodes related to yesterday and today’s Gospel from Luke. Trust God even if your plans didn’t go well, and use all your scars as part of your growing and healing.
  • Pampered myself with whole body bath and scrub, then green tea mask for my face. 
  • Laundry, done!
  • Cooked rice, corned beef and hotdog for Ate Cheryl, Grace and Lheslie. 
  • Listened to my fave OPM playlist to keep me awake.

Still I got morning duties tomorrow, hoping for a benign shift coz it’s again weekend in KSA. Goodnight, friends! Thank you Lord for guiding and supporting me and my family.

Always be grateful 🌷





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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