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I am grateful I am alive and I am healthy. All for God’s glory! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Simple joys for today: 

  • Had a beautiful view of these at the parking lot of Saudi German Hospital. First time I saw this tree that blooms with purple-colored flowers. I saw this kind of tree in the Philippines but it has orange- colored flowers. I don’t know the name or kind of this tree. It’s so lovely and calming to my eyes. 
  • Watched two episodes of The Liar and His Lover. I liked this kdrama OST, and I downloaded it, then played it on loop. It gave me good vibes. 
  • Ate Lheslie accompanied me to file my dataflow at SGH, though it’s expensive and the staff insisted that it would be a waste to file my dataflow for technician.. I still gave in and paid him. Thanks to Ate Lhes for accompanying me. When we went home, she cooked food for dinner while I’m taking a nap. I woke up with karamba! Thanks for cooking delicious pinoy dish.
  • Ate Angelica, finally got hooked again with Korean Drama. She’s watching Scarlet Heart Ryo!! That dramaaa was soooo goood! All feels!!

Now, I will be preparing for my first night duty. I’m the charge nurse tonight, I didn’t sleep enough but I’m in good mood. I hope we’re not be busy later. *fightinggggg! *aja, self!

Goodnight, friends!

Always be grateful! 🌷





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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